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    Behaviour In Organizations 10ed

    £55.79 £61.99

    Changing Conversations in Organizations: A Complexity Approach to Change

    £47.69 £52.99
    Focuses on the essential uncertainty of participating in evolving events as they happen and considers the creative possibilities of such participation from a complexity perspective.

    Designing Organisations: Why it matters and ways to do it well

    £15.29 £16.99
    A new approach to structuring a business to support strategy and maximise efficiency.

    Digital Transformation at Scale: Why The Strategy is Delivery

    £13.49 £14.99
    This revised, expanded second edition of Digital Transformation at Scale is a guide to building a digital institution. It explains how a growing band of reformers in businesses and governments around the world have helped their organizations pivot to this new way of working, and what lessons others can learn from their experience.

    Elgar Introduction to Organizational Discourse Analysis

    £27.86 £30.95
    This book offers a succinct but comprehensive introduction to the vast field of organizational discourse analysis, the approach that studies organization as a linguistic phenomenon, and offers an original approach to investigate the relationship between materiality and discourse.

    Essentials of Organisational Behaviour

    £55.79 £61.99

    Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization

    £20.70 £23.00

    Exploring Corporate Strategy

    £45.52 £50.58

    Information Management : The Organizational Dimension

    £58.10 £100.00
    Companion volume to 'Information Management: The Strategic Dimension' which brings together analyses of the key areas of Information Management and with chapters by leading international academics and consultants. This volume focuses on the managerial and organisational issues. Originally published in 1996.

    Inside organizations

    £14.39 £15.99
    Presents an anthology of twenty-one ideas which can change the way people see their world and help them to organize it better. This title contains anecdotes, commentary and questions which challenge the reader and help them apply each idea to their particular situation whether they work in a large corporation, a school, a hospital or a restaurant.

    Inside Organizations: Exploring Organizational Experiences

    £26.99 £29.99
    With a strong emphasis on reflectivity and reflexivity, this book provides placement students with a guide to critically studying an organization from the inside, and is particularly suited to those needing to do a reflective journal or essay as part of their studies.

    International Organizations

    £26.99 £29.99

    Introducing Organizational Behaviour

    £52.19 £57.99

    Key Concepts in Organization Theory

    £29.69 £32.99
    Contains an A-Z list of all the key terms a student studying organization theory needs to understand, along with clear definitions, discussions of each area and further reading.

    Learning by design

    £23.09 £32.99
    This book advances a design--based approach for the investigation and creation of sustainable organizations. The learning--by--design framework is utilized to examine learning in six successful companies in different industries and national settings and provides a roadmap for improving systematic learning in organizations.

    Making Sense of Change Management: A Complete Guide to the Models, Tools and Techniques of Organizational Change

    £33.29 £36.99
    Master the models, tools and techniques of successful change management with this definitive text.

    Management and Organisational Behaviour 2ed

    £42.69 £60.99
    Offers a comprehensive discussion of behavioural skills and the workings of organisations. This book takes a functional approach, integrating theory and practice to promote critical awareness and equip students to deal with real-world management situations.

    Managing Change, Creativity and Innovation

    £45.89 £50.99

    Managing Creativity

    £22.39 £31.99
    The creative industries are a growing economic as well as cultural force. This book investigates their organizational dynamics and shows how companies structure their work processes to incorporate creative employees' needs for autonomy while at the same time controlling and coordinating their output.

    Managing Organizational Change 3ed

    £49.49 £54.99

    Mullins: OB in the Workplace 12ed

    £51.29 £56.99
    A comprehensive textbook, completely refreshed to engage students through real life case studies and develop their critical thinking. A new title to reflect the focus on organisational behaviour and written specifically for undergraduate first year students.

    Organisational Behaviour : Individuals, Groups and Organisation 4ed

    £48.59 £53.99
    Ian Brooks presents a succinct, focused and rigorous introduction to organisational behaviour, offering coverage of the main theories, and linking these theories to the practicalities of organisational problems.

    Organisational Behaviour: An Introduction 2ed

    £49.49 £54.99

    Organisations in action

    £16.09 £24.99
    This book provides an examination of organisations from both postmodern and new organisational economic perspectives in so doing it offers a ground-breaking critique of prevailing modernist theories of organisations.

    Organisational Behaviour

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