Operating Department Practice

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Alexander's Care of the Patient in Surgery 14ed

Hardback, 07/06/2010, £75.99
Includes information on perioperative nursing. This title offers step-by-step instructions for over 400 surgical interventions as well as many minimally invasive surgical procedures. It features more than 1,000 full-color illustrations and photos that depict procedures and methods, as well as surgical anatomy and instrumentation.

Berry & Kohn's Operating Room Technique 12ed

Hardback, 27/02/2012, £72.99
Covers the nuts and bolts of surgical techniques in a step-by-step format that enables learners to effectively apply basic principles to clinical practice. This title features full-color design, a chapter on spinal surgery, Patient and Team Safety boxes, perioperative flash cards, teaching supplements for instructors, and more.

Textbook of Anaesthesia

Paperback, 27/07/2001, £62.99
Aimed at residents taking the Fellowship examination of the Royal College of Anaesthetists and/or similar type exams. This book is suitable for exams such as the Diploma of Anaesthesiology of the European Academy of Aneaesthesiology.

Understanding Anaesthesia 4ed

Paperback, 06/01/2002, £47.99
Incorporates developments in practice and arrival of new drugs, and reflects the changes and developments in intensive care as it has developed into a separate specialty. This work also includes: techniques and procedures; equipment and review of technical features; changes resulting from new European regulations; and more.

Perioperative Practice

Paperback, 30/05/2002, £31.99
This title concerns biological processes which can be disrupted by a major surgical procedure. Using the concept of homeostasis as a framework, the authors look at issues common to all surgical procedures such as the influence of anaesthesia on the nervous system or perioperative pain management.

Caring For The Perioperative Patient 2ed

Paperback, 13/04/2010, £24.99
* New edition of a successful text for perioperative practitioners and students * Emphasises holistic patient centred care * Focused on key skills and knowledge required by practitioners * Explores the evidence-base for safe and effective practice .


Hardback, 17/05/2005, £41.99
Focuses on the principles of perioperative care in a variety of different surgical environments. The content mirrors the dynamics of modern perioperative practice by focusing on surgical interventions in various environments in which it is practised, including A&E departments, clinics, intensive care units, and at the site of serious accidents.

Psychology of Medicine and Surgery: A Guide for Psychologists, Counsellors, Nurses and Doctors

7, 19/04/2000, £47.50
Clinical psychologists and counsellors increasingly work with doctors, nurses, and medical therapists to implement psychological measures that increase the effectiveness, or mediate the ill effects, of medical treatment. This is a clear and concise guide to the body of knowledge in this field and to best practice in the clinical context.

Working In The Operating Department

Paperback, 06/10/1997, £37.99
Provides an introduction to the scientific principles and clinical practice of working in an operating department. This book covers the basic sciences, physics, electronics and clinical practice in anaesthesia, recovery, and surgery. It covers acid-base and electrolyte balance, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and the management of chronic pain.

Textbook of Anaesthesia

Paperback, 06/12/2006, £32.99
This work covers the full range of clinical practice, from anaesthetic equipment and pre-operative assessment through to post-operative care, local anaesthesia, anaesthesia for individual specialities, intensive care and management of chronic pain.

Manual of Perioperative Care: An Essential Guide

Paperback, 14/09/2012, £42.50
Manual of Perioperative Care is a comprehensive manual of principles of care designed to support the clinical practice of perioperative practitioners, whether they are nurses or operating department practitioners.

Essentials of Anaesthetic Equipment 4ed

Paperback, 19/04/2013, £44.99
Provides an introduction to anaesthetic equipment and its use in clinical practice. Suitable for all those who work with anaesthetic equipment, including anaesthetists studying for the FRCA examinations, nurses and operating department practitioners, it reflects equipment and training requirements.

Fundamentals of Operating Department Practice

Paperback, 30/01/1999, £54.00
It clarifies the underlying principles needed for an understanding of anaesthetic and surgical practice.

Clinical Pocket Reference Operating Department Practice 2ed

Bound, 24/12/2013, £10.99
This Clinical Pocket Reference provides key data and information to support the ODP as he or she provides a high standard of care to the patient during the perioperative journey.

Complete Recovery Room Book

Paperback, 27/02/2014, £40.99
The care a patient receives immediately after surgery is crucial to minimizing the risk of complications and maximising a safe recovery. Now in its fifth edition, this popular book has established itself as the definitive guide on how to set up, equip, staff, and administer an acute care unit and how to cope to any situation or emergency.
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