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Professional Values in Nursing

Paperback, 23/07/2014, £34.99
This comprehensive and practical guide explores professional values in nursing, helping you to develop safe, compassionate, person-centred and evidence-based nursing practice.

Student Nurse Handbook 3ed

Paperback, 30/04/2013, £12.99
Covering a range of topics, from helping understand what tutors and mentors expect, how to plan work, and coping with stress, this title helps to support undergraduates across all aspects of student life.

Foundations of Nursing Practice: Fundamentals of Nursing Practice 2ed

Paperback, 22/01/2013, £31.99
Explains how and why sensitive, safe, evidence-based holistic nursing care is carried out, including topics common to all fields of practice. This title covers core nursing skills that are emphasised to reflect the importance of clinical skills as well as the underpinning theory.

Contexts of Nursing: An Introduction 5ed

Paperback, 23/06/2017, £40.99

Examining Trust in Healthcare: A Multidisciplinary Perspective

Paperback, 03/11/2010, £36.99
On the part of the patient, healthcare demands unconditional trust inthe professional. means of strengthening public trust in the healthcare system and itsworkforceDistinctive in its breadth and coverage, Examining Trust in Healthcareprovides a multidisciplinary perspective of a key element of patientcare.

Communication in Nursing and Healthcare: A Guide for Compassionate Practice

Paperback, 18/10/2016, £26.99
This book uses real student experiences and stories from patients to help students develop their communication skills throughout the three years of training, with a focus on how to develop person-centredness and compassionate and collaborative care.

Nursing and Working with Other People

Paperback, 22/08/2008, £16.00
A core book for the nursing common foundation programme, addressing the theme of working with other professionals.

Handbook of Clinical Supervision: Your Questions Answered

7, 01/02/1998, £17.50
This handbook presents information for supervisors, supervisees and managers who are involved in implementing clinical supervision. Over 50 questions are identified and each self-contained answer can be read in five minutes.

Fundamentals of Nursing: Caring and Clinical Judgment 2ed

Hardback, 02/09/2003, £53.99
Provides comprehensive coverage of nursing concepts and skills for RN students. Each chapter begins with a case study and an overview of key nursing diagnoses, and presents assessment, planning, interventions, and evaluation within the context of the client in the case study and these diagnoses.

Essential Communication Skills for Nursing and Midwifery 2ed

15/06/2010, £23.09
Allows you to make notes, add highlights, and study efficiently. This book enables readers to communicate effectively and with confidence in their professional practice. It focuses on the communication skills needed for the development of effective professional and therapeutic relationships.

Coping and Thriving in Nursing: An Essential Guide to Practice

Paperback, 14/07/2018, £28.99
A unique guide to coping and thriving in the NHS today, with practical, practice-focused and evidence-based advice to support students and qualified nurses to build their resilience and manage stress and conflict, as well as nurture their wellbeing.

Theoretical Basis for Nursing 5ed

Paperback, 01/02/2018, £56.00

150 ECG Cases 5ed

Paperback, 02/04/2019, £24.99

Communication Skills for your Nursing Degree

Paperback, 08/01/2019, £15.99
For those undertaking a nursing degree within higher education, this book provides study support and skills development for both oral and written communication in the context of nursing and healthcare in HE.

Communication Skills for your Education Degree

Paperback, 28/06/2019, £15.99
For those undertaking an education or teaching degree within higher education, this book provides study support and skills development for both oral and written communication in the context of education and teaching.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Nursing 4ed

Paperback, 08/12/2018, £23.99
This new edition introduces the underpinning theory and concepts required for the development of first class communication and interpersonal skills in nursing. By providing a simple to read overview of the central topics students are able to quickly gain a solid, evidence-based grounding in the subject.

Cultural Competence in Caring for Muslim Patients

Paperback, 07/05/2014, £38.99
To meet the care needs of today's diverse patient community, healthcare professionals must learn to care in environments comprising different worldviews, communication styles and expectations.

Ethics and Nursing Practice: A Case Study Approach

Paperback, 24/06/2016, £31.99
Ethics is integral to good nursing practice, and has been a mandatory part of the professional nursing curriculum for some time. This book aims to unpack the necessary theory, to stimulate reflection in and around practice and, crucially, to increase nurses' confidence in promoting and sustaining ethical practice in health and social care services.

Ethics From the Ground Up: Emerging debates, changing practices and new voices in healthcare

Paperback, 24/09/2018, £31.99
Rather than describing abstract ideas and applying them to situations, this authoritative new book uses the everyday situations that occur in health and care as its starting point to examine how we can use our understanding of the moral implications of these to improve practice, relationships and decisions making.

Memorizing Medicine 2ed

Paperback, 17/12/2019, £32.99
Only Paul Bentley's name appears in the previous edition.

Clinical Pocket Reference for Nurses 4ed

S, 09/08/2019, £14.99
Essential knowledge resource for students needing to implement new clinical skills, and an update for practitioners and NQNs. Follows the patient pathway from assessment to delivery of nursing care. Meets the new NMC practice and proficiency standards 2018/19, including enhanced guidance on sepsis, mental health, and palliative care.

Courage to Care: A Call for Compassion

Hardback, 17/09/2020, £16.99
A vital and timely book about inspirational nurses, and the bravery of patients and families, from the bestselling author of The Language of Kindness Nurses have never been more important.

Symptom Sorter 6ed

Paperback, 14/05/2020, £31.99
Across its six editions, Symptom Sorter has excelled in redressing the balance between symptoms and diagnoses to become the essential handbook to accompany the consultation in primary care.

Mixed Methods Research for Nursing and the Health Sciences

Paperback, 02/01/2009, £51.00
Mixed methods research combines quantitative and qualitative research methods in a single study. The use of mixed methods research is increasingly popular in nursing and health sciences research. This growth in popularity has been driven by the increasing complexity of research problems relating to human health and wellbeing.

Respiratory Care: Essential Clinical Skills for Nurses

Paperback, 04/01/2006, £34.75
A guide to care of patients with respiratory illness. It explores the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system, examines assessment of respiratory function, and addresses management of asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchitis, lung cancer and respiratory infections including TB and pneumonia.

Communication Disorders

Paperback, 29/10/2013, £36.99
The full range of developmental and acquired communication disorders are examined by analyzing their clinical features and explaining how therapists assess and treat them. Clinical linguistic data are given throughout, and a comprehensive companion website containing colour photographs, audio and video files and self-test questions, is provided.

Essentials of Nursing Practice 3ED

Paperback, 20/04/2022, £36.99
A complete resource covering the key subjects nursing students need to know. It addresses all fields of practice and all settings, with a wealth of activities designed to encourage critical thinking, reflection and evidence-based practice.

Delivering Person-Centred Care in Nursing 2ed

Paperback, 28/02/2022, £21.99
Through the use of varied case studies, this book explains and demonstrates how nurses can transform the ideals of person-centred care into reality for patients throughout their healthcare journey, in a variety of settings.

Numeracy and Clinical Calculations for Nurses 2ed

Paperback, 15/06/2020, £13.99
Numeracy and Clinical Calculations for Nurses is a bestselling introduction for student nurses which guides the reader from the basics through to core clinical calculations. The second edition features even more worked examples and practice tests to help you develop your proficiency and accuracy.

A Handbook for Student Nurses, third edition: Introducing Key Issues Relevant for Practice

Paperback, 09/08/2021, £15.99
A Handbook for Student Nurses is widely recommended in institutions across the UK and is essential reading for new student nurses. The third edition is in full colour and provides the core background knowledge that pre-reg students need as a foundation for their learning.

Genetics, revised edition: A Guide for Students and Practitioners of Nursing and Health Care

Paperback, 08/07/2013, £19.99
An introduction to the theory of genetics for nursing and health care students. This book offers an introduction to genetics and uses common genetic conditions and disorders as case studies to help students apply theory to practice.

Research and Evidence-Based Practice: For Nursing, Health and Social Care Students

Paperback, 25/01/2019, £15.99
Research and Evidence-Based Practice is an introductory textbook that aims to help nursing, health and social care students understand the principles of research. The book shows students how research provides evidence for practice and helps them to develop their own evidence-based practice.

The Care Process: Assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation in healthcare

Paperback, 31/08/2019, £15.99
An accessible introductory textbook that covers the four stages of the care process. The book uses clear explanations, scenarios, activities and an overarching case study that runs through every chapter and is ideal for nursing, health and social care students.

Care Planning: A guide for nurses

Paperback, 03/09/2018, £34.99
This clear textbook explains the importance of holistic, individualised care planning for nursing from a professional and clinical perspective. It guides the reader step by step through the stages of assessing patients, diagnosing problems, planning goals and interventions, and evaluating progress.

Communication Skills in Nursing, Health and Social Care

Paperback, 23/04/2020, £29.99
Presented in a unique and easy-to-use dictionary format, this practical guide will help students and practitioners understand and apply the principles of effective communication.

Skills for Helping Professionals 4ed

Paperback, 02/03/2016, £81.00
This book aims to help students understand the nature of helping relationships and the specific skills involved in initiating and maintaining a helping relationship.

Minidictionary for Nurses 8ed

Paperback, 18/05/2017, £5.99
This bestselling dictionary provides detailed coverage of the ever-expanding vocabulary of the nursing professions in an authoritative and accessible way. It is a must-have for all nurses, nursing students, and medical practitioners, including midwives and health visitors.

Nursing Care Planning Made Incredibly Easy!

Paperback, 01/07/2010, £28.95
Starting with the nursing process, this book provides the foundations for writing practical care plans, walks students through the care planning process, builds the critical thinking skills needed to individualize care, and offers tips on incorporating evidence-based standards and rationales into nursing interventions.

Clinical Skills for Student Nurses: Theory, Practice and Reflection

Paperback, 01/03/2008, £24.99
Clinical Skills for Student Nurses is a comprehensive learning resource for student nurses in the UK. This textbook is based on the NMC Essential Skills Clusters and covers all the key clinical skills required for effective and efficient practice in UK healthcare.

Successful Practice Learning for Nursing Students

Paperback, 01/06/2011, £26.99
An essential guide for student nurses on how to prepare for, and get the most out of, practice learning experiences.

Professional Skills in Nursing: A Guide for the Common Foundation Programme

Paperback, 21/10/2009, £35.99
Introduces students to the basic skills they need in the first year of pre-reg nursing training.

Person-Centred Practice in Nursing and Health Care: Theory and Practice 2ed

Paperback, 05/08/2016, £32.95
Person-centred Practice in Nursing and Health Care is a comprehensive and practical resource for all nurses and healthcare practitioners who want to develop person-centred ways of working.

Dictionary of Biomedicine

Paperback, 29/07/2010, £14.99
This dictionary includes 10,000 A-Z entries on all areas of biomedicine. It also covers terms from related areas, including anatomy, genetics, pathology, pharmacology, and clinical medicine. Fully cross-referenced and with web links, this is a clear and authoritative guide to an increasingly important area of medicine.

Clinical Placement: A Nursing Survival Guide 2ed

Paperback, 29/01/2009, £11.99
Useful for nursing students and those that support them throughout their clinical learning journey, this book says that nursing students experience feelings of stress, alienation, and disempowerment as a consequence of problems they encounter while on clinical placement. It is designed to facilitate a smoother transition through this phase.
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