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    Nikky Smedley

    Nikki Smedley: Over the Hills and Far Away

    Come and join the woman who played LaaLaa in the original Teletubbies in her latest guise as creator and teller of funny and fantastic stories.

    Hear who springs from Jamie’s MONSTER TREE, meet INCAPABILITY BROWN, the greatest inventorentorator in the world and learn how TOM copes with everyone forgetting his birthday.

    It’s a real storytelling treat, with plenty of opportunity for the children to join in and help with the tall tales. Nikki Smedley is the author of Over the Hills and Far Away, and one-time Teletubby. Nikki Smedley lives in Dungeness, Kent.

    This event is suitable for 4-7 year olds (and big kids too!).

    Click here for more info about Nikki.


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    Create, Perform, Teach!: An Early Years Practitioner's Guide to Developing Your Creativity and Performance Skills

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    Packed with tips and simple activities, this practical guide helps early years practitioners to develop their creativity and performance skills to engage children more effectively. It includes advice on using storytelling, role play, sensory play, puppetry, nonverbal play, photography and much more.

    Over the Hills and Far Away: My Life as a Teletubby

    £17.00 £19.99
    Revealing what it was like to be Laa-Laa and experience the astonishing success of the Teletubbies phenomenon, Nikky Smedley's enchanting story is as warm and funny as the programmes themselves.

    Nikky Smedley

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