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Shock and Awe: Glam Rock and its Legacy, from the Seventies to the Twenty-First Century

Paperback, 06/07/2017, £11.99
Explores most decadent of genres on both sides of the Atlantic. This title charts the retro future sounds, outrageous styles and gender-fluid sexual politics that came to define the first half of the seventies. It also brings right up to date with a final chapter on glam in hip hop, Lady Gaga, and the aftershocks of David Bowie's death.

Opera for Everybody: The Story of English National Opera

Paperback, 03/08/2017, £20.00
Traces the development of ENO from its earliest origins in the darkest Victorian slums of the Cut, where it was conceived as a vehicle of social reform, through two world wars, and via Sadler's Wells to its great glory days at the Coliseum and beyond. This book provides a vivid cultural history of this unique institution's 150 years.

Psychedelia and Other Colours

Paperback, 03/08/2017, £20.00
Fifty years on from the psychedelic summer of love, the author, an acclaimed music writer explores what was really going on during those heady times. In America, he traces the multi-media history of the Light shows, Happenings, Be-Ins and Acid tests, and illustrates the thriving avant-garde scene that existed long before the Grateful Dead.

Future of the Music Business: How to Succeed with the New Digital Technologies

09/09/2011, £26.00
Technologies are revolutionizing the music business. This title provides a legal and business road map for success in today's music business by setting forth a summary of the rules pertaining to the traditional music business, including music licensing, as well as the laws governing online distribution of music and video.

Folk Song in England

Hardback, 17/08/2017, £25.00
In Victorian times, England was famously dubbed the land without music - but one of the musical discoveries of the early twentieth century was that England had a vital heritage of folk song and music. This book investigates the wider social history of traditional song in England, and draws on a wide range of sources to answer these questions.

Rock Bottom: A Music Writer's Journey into Madness

Hardback, 31/08/2017, £16.99
A tale of loving, living and surviving rock music

Universal Sense: How Hearing Shapes the Mind

Hardback, 04/07/2013, £20.00

Everybody Loves Our Town: A History of Grunge

Paperback, 07/09/2017, £9.99
Grunge, also known as the 'Seattle Sound', emerged from the Pacific north-west in the early part of the 1980s. With the unexpected success of Nirvana's single 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' in 1991, grunge became a household word overnight and launched an American music movement on a par with punk and hip-hop. This book tells the whole story.

Art of Punk

Hardback, 10/09/2012, £19.95
This is the first ever comprehensive review of punk art/design ever published.

Ruth and Martin's Album Club

Hardback, 07/09/2017, £14.99
The concept behind the Ruth and Martin's Album Club blog is simple: Make people listen to a classic album they've never heard before. What follows are delightful, humorous and insightful contributions from each guest as they have an album forced upon them and - for better or worse - they discover some of the world's favourite music.

Absolutely on Music: Conversations with Seiji Ozawa

Paperback, 23/11/2017, £10.99
Before turning his hand to writing, he ran a jazz club in Tokyo, and the aesthetic and emotional power of music permeates every one of his much-loved books. Now, in Absolutely on Music, Murakami fulfills a personal dream, sitting down with his friend, acclaimed conductor Seiji Ozawa, to talk about their shared interest.

Mozart's Starling

Hardback, 11/07/2017, £14.99
A charming story of Mozart and his pet starling, along with a natural history of the bird.

BBC Proms 2016: The Official Guide

Paperback, 13/04/2016, £7.00
Whether you're a first-time visitor or an experienced prommer, this book helps you to plan your summer of music and discover in depth what lies behind the Proms - from the composers to the performers to how the events are broadcast. It includes full listings for every concert and event.

Book of Hip Hop Cover Art

Paperback, 18/03/2004, £16.99
Emery brings together the greatest examples of Hip Hop and Rap sleeve artwork to provide a chronological history of the visual expression of this innovative, energetic and always surprising music.

Adventures on the Wheels of Steel

Paperback, 01/10/2001, £10.00
A sweeping history of the rise of the DJ industry - from the amateur DJ in the local village hall, through the pioneering DJ's of the 60s and 70s, to the superclub DJ's of the late 1990s.

Sonic Wonderland: A Scientific Odyssey of Sound

Hardback, 16/01/2014, £20.00
As an acoustic engineer, the author has spent his career eradicating unwanted noises - echoes in concert halls, clamour in classrooms. Until the day he heard something so astonishing that he had an epiphany. This title tells the story of his investigation into the mysteries of these Sonic Wonders of the World.

How Music Got Free: What Happens When an Entire Generation Commits the Same Crime?

Hardback, 18/06/2015, £20.00
Features the story of obsession, music and obscene money. This book is about of visionaries and criminals, tycoons and audiophiles with golden ears. It's about the greatest pirate in history, the most powerful executive in the music business, and an illegal website six times the size of iTunes.

BBC Proms Guide 2012

Paperback, 20/04/2012, £6.50
The official, fully illustrated guide to the BBC Proms 2012, with complete listings, booking information and exclusive articles on the season's highlights, anniversary composers, new music and other Proms events, including Proms in the Park.

Interactive Fender Bible

Hardback, 02/11/2007, £16.95

YEAR OF WONDER: Classical Music for Every Day

Hardback, 05/10/2017, £20.00
Classical music for everyone - an inspirational piece of music for every day of the year, celebrating composers from the medieval era to the present day.

Fundamentals of Sonic Art & Sound Design

Paperback, 25/06/2007, £22.95
Introduces, describes and begins the process of defining the subject of sonic arts, and provides a starting point for those who have an interest in the creative uses of sound. This book explores the worlds of sonic arts and sound design through their history and development, and looks at the state of these extraordinarily diverse genres.

American Popular Music

Paperback, 26/01/2006, £32.50
Presents a historical survey of Rock and Roll music in America, from the emergence of the style in the mid-1950's into the 21st century. Encouraging readers to become more critically aware listeners of rock music, this text is suitable for introductory courses in the history of rock and roll.

Desert Island Discs: Flotsam & Jetsam: Fascinating Facts, Figures and Miscellany from One of BBC Radio 4's Best-loved Programmes

Hardback, 07/11/2013, £7.99
Taking the reader through seven decades of entertainment, this book features a range of facts, figures and miscellany - including who chose what, and why. It reveals much about the castaways' drives and motivations, their influences and, of course, their lives.

John Lennon Letters

Hardback, 09/10/2012, £25.00
First ever collection of the letters of John Lennon, an international publishing event.

Third Coast - A Southern Thing

7, 03/05/2007, £9.99
Looks at a regional phenomenon that has exploded into a worldwide sensation: Dirty South Hip-Hop. This book deals with the phenomenon of Southern hip-hop as a matter of cultural history, and explains the character and significance of down South rapping to fans as well as outsiders.

Energy Flash

Paperback, 21/08/1998, £12.99
Tells the story of rave culture and explores the origins of this dance music, chronicling the ways in which its reverberations have influenced 1990s pop. Examining the music as well as the drugs, this book includes how Chicago house and Detroit techno catalyzed the "Madchester" ferment of 1988-90.

Norton Recorded Anthology of Western Music Volume 1

Video, 08/05/2009, £65.99
The newly expanded recorded anthology features updated recordings from some of the best performers and ensembles working today alongside classic recordings by great artists.

Norton Recorded Anthology of Western Music Volume 2

Paperback, 08/05/2009, £55.99
The newly expanded recorded anthology features updated recordings from some of the best performers and ensembles working today alongside classic recordings by great artists.

Norton Recorded Anthology of Western Music Volume 3

Video, 08/05/2009, £29.99
The newly expanded recorded anthology features updated recordings from some of the best performers and ensembles working today alongside classic recordings by great artists.

How Soon is Now?: The Madmen and Mavericks who made Independent Music 1975-2005

Paperback, 02/11/2017, £12.99
'If you look at all the people involved - Ivo, Tony Wilson, McGee, Geoff Travis, myself - nobody had a clue about running a record company, and that was the best thing about it.' Daniel Miller, Mute RecordsOne of the most tangible aftershocks of punk was its prompt to individuals: do it yourself.

Electric Eden

Paperback, 05/08/2010, £17.99
Documents one of the great untold stories of British music over the past century. This title surveys the visionary, topographic and esoteric impulses that have driven the margins of British visionary folk music from Vaughan Williams and Holst to The Incredible String Band, Nick Drake, John Martyn and Aphex Twin.

Schubert's Winter Journey: Anatomy of an Obsession

Hardback, 18/12/2014, £20.00
A study of Schubert's Winterreise - as heard on BBC Radio 4.

Time by the Sea

Hardback, 06/06/2013, £15.99
Published to coincide with the centenary of Benjamin Britten's birth, this is a tale of music and painting, unforgettable words and fears. It describes the first steps of an East Anglian journey, an intimate appraisal of a vivid and memorable time. It is about the author's life in Aldeburgh during the 1950s.

What Does This Button Do?

Hardback, 19/10/2017, £20.00
`I was spotty, wore an anorak, had biro-engraved flared blue jeans with "purple" and "Sabbath" written on the thighs, and rode an ear-splittingly uncool moped. Oh yes, and I wanted to be a drummer...'

People's Songs

Hardback, 06/06/2013, £20.00
Beginning with Vera Lynn's 'We'll Meet Again', a song that reassured a nation parted from their loved ones by the turmoil of war, and culminating with the manic energy of 'Bonkers', Dizzee Rascal's anthem for the push and rush of the 21st century inner city, this title takes a tour of our island's pop music, and asks what it means to us.

Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys

Paperback, 22/05/2014, £14.99
In 1970, Viv Albertine knew she wanted to be in a band, but had never seen a woman play electric guitar. This book states the story of life on the frontiers, and a candid account of what happened post-punk, taking in a career in film, IVF, illness, divorce - and making music again, twenty-five years later. It is a remarkable memoir.

Girl in a Band

Hardback, 24/02/2015, £14.99
There are few artists who inspire such reverence as the author. In this book, she tells with complete openness the story of her family, her work in the visual arts, her move to New York City, the men in her life, her marriage, her relationship with her daughter, her music and her band.

Desert Island Discs: 70 Years of Castaways

Hardback, 13/09/2012, £25.00
BBC Radio 4 is much more than a radio programme. It is a unique and enduringly popular take on our lives and times. This book presents in rich detail the colourful and absorbing story of an extraordinary institution. It tells the story of one of "BBC Radio 4's" favourite programmes that is chronicled through a special selection of castaways.

Story of Music

Hardback, 10/01/2013, £20.00
Music is an intrinsic part of everyday life, and yet the history of its development from single notes to multi-layered orchestration can seem bewilderingly specialised and complex. This title focuses on what changed when and why, picking out the discoveries that revolutionised man-made sound.

Creation Records Story

Paperback, 04/10/2001, £14.99
Founded by Alan McGee in 1983, Creation Records achieved notoriety as the home to a variety of anti-Establishment acts. Containing interviews with Creation musicians, employees, supporters and detractors, this is the inside story of Creation Records - and of British music since the 1980s.

Background noise:Perspectives on sound art

Paperback, 01/06/2006, £19.99
The rise of a prominent auditory culture reveals the degree to which sound art is lending definition to the 21st century. This book sets out a historical overview, while at the same time shaping that history according to what sound art reveals - the dynamics of art to operate spatially through media of reproduction and broadcast.

Shebop II

Paperback, 04/07/2002, £16.99
This is the story of women as creators and innovators, aiming to provide a history of women in rock, pop and soul - on stage, on camera and working behind the scenes in a male - dominated industry. It includes interviews with artists and coverage of phenomenons such as Girlpower.

Reelin' In The Years

Paperback, 12/05/2011, £12.99
BBC Radio2 DJ Mark Radcliffe looks back at the soundtrack of his lifetime, choosing one single that defined each of his years

How Music Works

Hardback, 13/09/2012, £22.00
From the frontman of Talking Heads comes David Byrne's magnum opus on the subject of music.

Beethoven's Symphonies: An Artistic Vision

Paperback, 28/02/2017, £14.99
An exploration of the unswerving artistic vision underlying Beethoven's symphonies, from a leading scholar of the composer's works.

Lou Reed: A Life

Hardback, 05/10/2017, £25.00
The essential biography of the Velvet Underground singer and New York legend


Paperback, 14/12/2017, £9.99
The story of the composition, first performances and cultural afterlife of one of the best-loved and most widely performed works in the entire history of music.

Hold Tight: Black Masculinity, Millennials and the Meaning of Grime

Paperback, 06/07/2017, £9.99
HOLD TIGHT is a book about being black, British and born after 1980. It's also about Grime. Celebrating over fifty key songs that make up Grime's DNA, Jeffrey Boakye explores the meaning of the music and why it has such resonance in the UK. Insightful and very funny HOLD TIGHT rolls deep, giving a context to Grime that hasn't been given before.
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