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The Invention of Sicily: A Mediterranean History

Hardback, 13/07/2021, £16.99
A rich and fascinating cultural history of the Mediterranean's enigmatic heart

Midnight in Cairo: The Female Stars of Egypt's Roaring `20s

Hardback, 06/05/2021, £20.00
The fascinating story of the women of Cairo's decadent interwar nightlife and entertainment industry, which celebrates these feminist cultural icons' triumphs, presenting a unique view of the rise of Arab feminism.

Free World: Art and Thought in the Cold War

Hardback, 02/09/2021, £30.00
Longlisted for the 2021 National Book Award for Nonfiction The Cold War was not just a contest of power. It was also about ideas, in the broadest sense - economic and political, artistic and personal.

The Vietnam War: 1956-75

Paperback, 20/01/2022, £11.99

The Franco-Prussian War: 1870-71

Paperback, 20/01/2022, £11.99

The British Government and the Falkland Islands, 1974-79

Paperback, 01/01/2014, £99.99
Drawing on recently declassified government files, private papers and interviews, this book argues that through a combination of preventative diplomacy and robust defence planning, the Labour government of 1974-79 succeeded in maintaining peace, avoiding the fate of its Tory successors.

The British Government And The Falkland Islands, 1974-79

Hardback, 01/09/2014, £99.99
Drawing on recently declassified government files, private papers and interviews, this book argues that through a combination of preventative diplomacy and robust defence planning, the Labour government of 1974-79 succeeded in maintaining peace, avoiding the fate of its Tory successors.

Philip Skippon and the British Civil Wars: The "Christian Centurion"

Paperback, 13/12/2021, £36.99
This book examines the career of Philip Skippon, commander of the infantry in parliament's New Model Army during the British Civil War, to elucidate new conclusions on historical debates surrounding the Civil Wars and understand how military events impacted upon broader themes.

Sustainable Utopias: The Art and Politics of Hope in Germany

Hardback, 25/02/2022, £31.95
Jennifer Allen details a German utopian movement that arose against capitalist triumphalism at the end of the Cold War. Describing public art and history projects, alongside novel community-centered political institutions, Allen shows how activists invited ordinary people to build a radically new society free from alienation and disenfranchisement.

Consociational Theory: McGarry and O'Leary and the Northern Ireland conflict

Paperback, 20/05/2011, £38.99
Consociational theory explains how democratic stability is possible in culturally or ethnically segmented political systems. It is one of the most important theories in Comparative Politics and one of the most contested. This volume brings together the leading proponents and opponents of consociational theory and conflict resolution.

The Black Joke: The True Story of One British Ship's Battle Against the Slave Trade

Hardback, 03/02/2022, £25.00
A groundbreaking history of the Black Joke, the most famous member of the British Royal Navy's anti-slavery squadron, and the long fight to end the transatlantic slave trade.

Muslims and the Making of Modern Europe

Hardback, 27/01/2022, £26.99
Drawing upon Muslim Europe's own voices, institutions, and experiences, this compelling work reframes the debates on European secularism, the historic role of Shari'a law in diverse European states, Muslims and Nazis, Muslims and Communists, and the contributions of Muslims to Europe today.

Winston Churchill: His Times, His Crimes

Hardback, 10/05/2022, £25.00
The life and crimes of the last, great Imperialist

1930s Childhood: From Conker Fights to Coal Fires

Paperback, 10/02/2022, £9.99
Nostalgic book takes you back to a different age, remembering what life was like for those growing up in the 1930s.

The Queen: 70 Glorious Years

Hardback, 03/02/2022, £24.95

The Duke: 100 Chapters in the Life of Prince Philip

Paperback, 26/11/2021, £8.99
A sparkling celebration of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, now updated with reflections on his funeral and legacy in his centenary year

Scottish Steam 1948-1966: The Railway Photographs of Andrew Grant Forsyth

Paperback, 18/06/2021, £17.99
Showcasing this stunning collection of photographs taken on visits to Scotland nearly every year between 1948 and 1966

Remembering Steam: The End of British Rail Steam in Photographs

Paperback, 03/06/2021, £20.00
Commemorating the anniversary of the end of steam railway traction in Britain

East and North Eastern Steam - Former LNER Territory 1947-1958: The Railway Photographs of Andrew Grant Forsyth

Paperback, 26/11/2021, £19.99
Showcasing the changing scene of locomotive power across the former LNER territories from Newcastle to North London

L M S & L N E R Steam Locomotives: The Post War Era

Hardback, 15/07/2021, £25.00
Many of the photographs selected are rare and unusual for a variety of reasons which should appeal to railway historians and steam enthusiasts alike.

Britain Alone: The Path from Suez to Brexit

Paperback, 20/01/2022, £10.99
A magisterial and profoundly perceptive survey of Britain's post-war role on the global stage, from Suez to Brexit. 'The fullest long-run political and diplomatic narrative yet of Britain's fateful, tragi-comic road to Brexit.' DAVID KYNASTON 'An instant classic .

My Own Worst Enemy: Scenes of a Childhood

Hardback, 24/02/2022, £14.99
My Own Worst Enemy is an honest and moving memoir of a working-class childhood in 1960s Sheffield, and the relationship between a touchy, overbearing bully of a father and a son whose acceptance to grammar school puts him on another track entirely.

Elizabeth & Margaret: The Intimate World of the Windsor Sisters

Paperback, 03/02/2022, £9.99
A captivating and unique biography of Queen Elizabeth II and her sister Margaret, told by the internationally renowned royal biographer Andrew Morton.

Death, Disease & Dissection: The Life of a Surgeon Apothecary 1750 - 1850

Paperback, 30/10/2017, £12.99
Reveals the colourful world of medicine at this time and offers a picture the daily life of an apothecary from the making of pills and the mixing of potions to tooth drawing and blood-letting.

Prince Philip Revealed: A Man of His Century

Paperback, 31/03/2022, £9.99
The first major and comprehensive biography of Prince Philip in the 21st century

Queen of Our Times: The Life of Elizabeth II

Hardback, 17/03/2022, £20.00
An insightful biography, based on exclusive research, of Queen Elizabeth II, bringing us the full story of one of our greatest and best-loved monarchs as she celebrates her Platinum Jubilee.

1922: Scenes from a Turbulent Year

Paperback, 28/03/2022, £9.99
1922 was a year of great turbulence and upheaval. Its events reverberated throughout the rest of the twentieth century and still affect us today, 100 years later. In a sequence of vividly written sketches, Nick Rennison conjures up all the drama and diversity of an extraordinary year....

Eve of Destruction: The inside story of our dangerous nuclear world

Paperback, 03/03/2022, £10.99
Leading military historian, John Hughes-Wilson exposes just how close we have come to genuine nuclear disaster, military and civilian, on many occasions.

The Human Factor: Gorbachev, Reagan, and Thatcher and the End of the Cold War

Paperback, 24/03/2022, £12.99
The Human Factor tells the dramatic story about the part played by political leaders - particularly the three very different personalities of Gorbachev, Reagan and Thatcher - in ending the standoff that threatened the future of all humanity.

Abyss: The Cuban Missile Crisis 1962

Hardback, 29/09/2022, £30.00
From the #1 bestselling historian Max Hastings 'the heart-stopping story of the missile crisis' Daily Telegraph

Endless Flight: The Life of Joseph Roth

Hardback, 06/10/2022, £25.00
The first English language biography of the great European writer Joseph Roth, exploring his genius and his tragic life story, lived in the shadow of war.

Born in Blackness: Africa, Africans, and the Making of the Modern World, 1471 to the Second World War

Paperback, 25/10/2022, £14.99
Revealing the central yet intentionally obliterated role of Africa in the creation of modernity, Born in Blackness vitally reframes our understanding of world history

Tangled Souls: Love and Scandal Among the Victorian Aristocracy

Hardback, 17/02/2022, £20.00
The glittering, poignant and sometimes shocking story of the love affair between two members of the Souls, the group of unconventional aristocrats at the heart of late Victorian society

Scandal at Dolphin Square: A Notorious History

Hardback, 24/02/2022, £20.00
The first book to tell the scandal-filled story of Dolphin Square, the UK's most notorious address

Magnificent Women and Flying Machines: The First 200 Years of British Women in the Sky

Hardback, 01/11/2021, £20.00
Balloons, parachutes, aeroplanes, gliders, airships -the extraordinary personal tales of the women who led the way in early British aviation!

Thorns in the Crown: The Story of the Coronation and what it Meant for Britain

Hardback, 06/01/2022, £20.00
The first book to explore the challenges facing the Royal Family on the eve of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation

Understanding J. Bruce Ismay: The True Story of the Man They Called 'The Coward of Titanic'

Paperback, 07/04/2022, £15.99
An insight into the man at the heart of the world's most infamous maritime disaster

Cold War Kent

Paperback, 15/09/2021, £15.99
A fascinating, illustrated exploration of Kent's military sites and installations from the Cold War.

Frontline Ukraine: Crisis in the Borderlands

Paperback, 07/04/2022, £14.99

Russian Politics and Society

Paperback, 17/08/2020, £32.99
Fully revised and updated to reflect the considerable changes in Russia over the last decade, the fifth edition of this classic text builds on the strengths of previous editions to provide a comprehensive and sophisticated analysis of Russian politics and society.