Modern Foreign Languages

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Teaching Modern Foreign Languages in Secondary Schools

Paperback, 21/02/2002, £33.99
As well as illustrating concepts and ideas, this book provides a critical examination of some of the key issues surrounding the learning of modern foreign languages in the secondary school, complementing the OU's Aspects of... series.

First Thousand Words in French

Paperback, 08/12/1995, £6.99
This volume is designed to encourage early language learning and word recognition in French, while keeping children entertained. The illustrations are presented in everyday scenes so that each object is easily identifiable.

First 100 Words in French

Paperback, 27/04/2001, £4.99
This large format picture book of first words in French invites very young children into the lively, humorous scenes of family life.

Spanish for Beginners

Paperback, 31/08/2001, £11.99
This title has been revised, with Internet links offering opportunities to hear the language spoken by a native speaker. Grammar is clearly explained, and puzzles provide plenty of practice. This title is part of a series providing a thorough grounding in useful, basic foreign language skills.


Paperback, 01/10/2001, £12.00

French Club Book 1

Paperback, 05/03/2009, £9.99
A refreshingly fun, activity-based approach to French for 7-9 year olds.

Collins Chinese Dictionary

Paperback, 01/02/2011, £13.99
With its clear layout, this invaluable book offers the learner of Chinese or English the essential two-in-one reference: an up-to-date dictionary and a user-friendly language supplement in one handy volume.

Chantez Plus Fort!

12/05/2002, £39.46
Chantez Plus Fort! book and CD set contains 20 easy-to-learn French songs written to help children to learn French. The songs introduce and reinforce key vocabulary for popular topics, such as: greetings; names and ages; time, days of the week, and months; shapes, colours and sizes; family and pets; food and drink; and weather.

100+ fun ideas for practising MFL

Paperback, 14/09/2006, £14.50
Contains 137 fun activities for developing oracy and literacy foreign language skills. The tried and tested activities in this book can be used to with almost any language. The inherent rationale behind each activity is that it is enjoyable, interactive and allows for as many children as possible at one time to communicate.

Teaching Languages in the Primary School

Paperback, 19/01/2015, £25.99
Fully-updated in line with the new National Curriculum and Teachers' Standards, this Second Edition provides a coherent overview of teaching and learning languages, combining practical strategies for use in the classroom informed by theory and research.

Revise GCSE German

7, 01/01/2005, £14.99
This ultimate study guide with in-depth GCSE course coverage is all you need for exam success. Revise GCSE German has everything you need to achieve the GCSE grade you want. It is written by GCSE examiners to boost learning and focus revision. This guide covers the current Year 11 GCSE curriculum that will be examined in 2010.

Interconnecting Worlds: Teacher Partnerships for Bilingual Learning

Paperback, 02/11/2012, £18.99
Describes two innovative action research projects in east London, one on how mainstream and complementary teachers can work together as equal partners to support teaching and learning; the other on the working partnerships formed between teachers from primary schools and those from Bengali, Somali or Russian schools.

Teaching Modern Foreign Languages: A Handbook for Teachers

Paperback, 01/07/2001, £35.99
Designed for all trainee and newly qualified teachers, teacher trainers and mentors, this volume provides a contemporary handbook for the teaching of modern foreign languages, covering Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 in line with current DfEE and TTA guidelines.

Modern Foreign Languages in the Primary School

7, 01/08/2001, £39.99
An overview of the place of modern languages in the primary school in the 21st century. It is written for anyone with an active role in teaching languages in schools today, either at primary or secondary levels. It discusses the practical issues involved in teaching MFL to primary students.

Resources for Teaching French 14-16

Paperback, 12/01/2010, £31.99
Offers teachers with suggestions for classroom activities aimed at children aged 14-16 studying French. This user-friendly manual features activities, teaching strategies and schemes informed by ideas about teaching and learning and the curriculum, designed to assist busy teachers.

Teaching Modern Foreign Languages in the Primary School

Paperback, 15/06/2008, £37.99
Advises modern foreign language trainee and qualified teachers on how to teach MFL at primary level. This book uses numerous ideas and approaches that are reinforced with activities, methods for developing understanding, assessment techniques, and how to ensure continuity and transition into secondary school.

Issues in Modern Foreign Languages Teaching

Paperback, 23/11/2000, £32.99
Building on their learning about the teaching of MFL in ITT courses and PGCE courses, this book encourages students and teachers to consider and reflect on issues so that they can make reasoned and informed judgements about their teaching.

Aspects of Teaching Secondary Modern Foreign Languages: Perspectives o

Paperback, 11/04/2002, £33.99
This practical book accompanies the OU's Teaching Modern Foreign Languages in Secondary Schools. Both texts are designed around the Open University's Flexible PGCE course but are of great value to those undertaking similar language PGCEs.

Modern Foreign Languages

Paperback, 05/04/2006, £30.99
Covering the training standards for NQTs and the Induction Standards and also exploring issues to do with subject knowledge in learning to teach, this is a guide for teachers of foreign languages. It aims to provide assistance to subject specialists by helping them find ways of thinking about their specialism.

Learning to Teach Foreign Languages in the Secondary School 4ed

Paperback, 05/12/2013, £32.99
Previously published as: Learning to teach modern foreign languages in the secondary school, 3rd ed, 2009.

Reflective Teaching in Second Language Classrooms

Paperback, 25/03/1994, £33.99
This text introduces techniques for teachers to explore their classroom experiences and for critical reflection on teaching practices.

Teaching Modern Languages

Paperback, 02/12/1993, £32.99
This reader draws together recent and newly commissioned papers to show how the communicative method of language teaching has developed, what its research justification is and how it can be most effectively used in the classroom.

Global Issues

Paperback, 07/10/2004, £33.50
Focuses on real-world issues to encourage communication skills, reflection, and critical thinking.

Uncovering CLIL

Paperback, 31/03/2008, £29.65
Uncovering CLIL examines language and content teaching, and reveals how the two can go hand in hand, giving examples of how to use CLIL at primary, secondary and vocational levels.

Debates in Modern Languages Education

Paperback, 10/12/2013, £33.99

Practice of Foreign Language Teaching

Paperback, 05/04/2000, £30.99
Taking into account developments in language teaching, this updated text addresses the wide range of approaches to language teaching and significant aspects of methodology for National Curriculum Key Stages 3 and 4. Additional chapters cover ICT and modern languages in the sixth form.

Sing and Learn Italian!

Hardback, 01/12/2005, £9.95

French Festivals and Traditions

Paperback, 08/07/2009, £18.50
French Festivals and Traditions, KS2 is an invaluable and time-saving resource for teachers, providing intercultural ideas for every month of the year. Ideas vary from making cards and writing poems, to playing games and cooking traditional recipes.
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