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    Michael Wood

    Michael Wood: In the Search of the Dark Ages

    Wednesday 1 November, 5.45pm

    Canterbury Cathedral Lodge

    Tickets £14 (Incl. £1.50 booking fee)

    Michael Wood illuminates the Dark Ages – the fascinating and mysterious centuries between the Romans and the Norman Conquest of 1066. From Hadrian, a Libyan refugee from the Arab conquests (and arguably the most important person of African origin in British history), to Queen Boadicea, to the Saxon, Viking and Norman Kings who laid the political foundations of England – Wood argues that as shadowy and brutal as the era was, it was also a richly exciting and formative period in the history of Britain.

    Books will be sold at the talks and online by the bookshop at Canterbury Christ Church University. For more information visit 

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    In Search of the Dark Ages

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    Michael Wood

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