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Mental Health Awareness Week

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Lost Words

Hardback, 02/10/2017, £20.00

Salt Path

Paperback, 31/01/2019, £9.99

Genesis: On the Deep Origin of Societies

Paperback, 27/02/2020, £9.99

Nightingale: Notes on a songbird

Hardback, 16/04/2020, £14.99
Come to the forest, sit by the fireside and listen to intoxicating song, as Sam Lee tells the story of the nightingale. Every year, as darkness falls upon woodlands, the nightingale heralds the arrival of Spring.

Bird Therapy

Paperback, 16/04/2020, £9.99
A guide to how birdwatching can improve your wellbeing, featuring an introduction from Chris Packham

Diary of a Young Naturalist

Hardback, 21/05/2020, £16.00
Diary of a Young Naturalist chronicles the turning of 15-year-old Dara McAnulty's world. From spring and through a year in his home patch in Northern Ireland, Dara spent the seasons writing. Diagnosed with autism at age five these vivid diary entries portray his perspective as a teenager juggling exams and friendship alongside a campaigning life.

Lost Spells

Hardback, 01/10/2020, £14.99
The follow-up to the internationally bestselling sensation The Lost Words, The Lost Spells is a beautiful collection of poems and illustrations that evokes the magic of the everyday natural world.

My Garden World: the natural year

Hardback, 20/09/2018, £20.00
A year at home in the country with Monty Don - the UK's favourite gardener, dog owner, writer and broadcaster - on a personal journey through the natural year, season by season, month by month.

Life on Our Planet: My Witness Statement and Vision for the Future

Hardback, 15/10/2020, £20.00
It is the story of how we came to make this, our greatest mistake - and how, if we act now, we can yet put it right.We have one final chance to create the perfect home for ourselves and restore the wonderful world we inherited.' All we need is the will do so.

Back to Nature: Conversations with the Wild

Hardback, 12/11/2020, £20.00
Optimistic field notes from the new normal for nature

English Pastoral: An Inheritance

Hardback, 03/09/2020, £20.00

Vesper Flights

Hardback, 27/08/2020, £16.99

Stubborn Light of Things: A Nature Diary

Hardback, 05/11/2020, £14.99
'A writer of great gifts.' - Robert Macfarlane I now live a richly connected year, marked by seasonal events: the first snowdrop in my garden, cut and brought inside;

Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds and Shape Our Futures

Hardback, 03/09/2020, £20.00
reveals a world that's both more extraordinary and more delicate than could be imagined' Daily Mail 'The lives of fungi alone are fascinating, but the questions and wider implications that Sheldrake teases out from them are often truly astounding ...

Rewild Your Garden: Create a Haven for Birds, Bees and Butterflies

Hardback, 20/08/2020, £15.00
A beautifully illustrated, practical book for any gardener who cares about protecting wildlife and gardening for a sustainable future.

Liquid Gold: Bees and the Pursuit of Midlife Honey

Paperback, 04/03/2021, £9.99
Two men decide to become beekeepers, learning about nature and about themselves in the process

A Walk from the Wild Edge

Hardback, 18/03/2021, £16.99

Elegy For a River: Whiskers, Claws and Conservation's Last, Wild Hope

Hardback, 25/03/2021, £14.99
He studied four main species - two native and endangered, two invasive and endangering - beginning with water voles. He wanted to put things right. This book is about whether it worked, and what he learnt - and about what those lessons mean, not just for water voles but for all the world's wildlife.

Greenery: Journeying with the Spring from Southern Africa to the Arctic

Paperback, 25/03/2021, £9.99
In the light of these happy coincidences, Greenery recounts how Tim Dee tries to travel with the season and its migratory birds, making remarkable journeys to keep in step with the very best days of the year, the time of buds and blossoms and leafing, the time of song and nests and eggs.

Wild Silence

Paperback, 27/05/2021, £9.99

Diary of a Young Naturalist

Paperback, 29/04/2021, £9.99


Paperback, 08/04/2021, £9.99
THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER 'Memoir of the year' - Vogue 'A wondrous, sensuous memoir of salt-stung survival .

Gardening for Bumblebees: A Practical Guide to Creating a Paradise for Pollinators

Hardback, 01/04/2021, £16.99
From the Sunday Times bestselling author of A Sting In The Tale comes this practical guide to creating a paradise for pollinators. There are twenty six different species of bumblebees to be found in the UK, of around 250 species worldwide.

A Most Remarkable Creature: The Hidden Life and Epic Journey of the World's Smartest Bird of Prey

Hardback, 22/04/2021, £25.00
An enthralling account of a modern voyage of discovery as we meet the clever, social birds of prey called caracaras, which puzzled Darwin, fascinate modern-day falconers, and carry secrets of our planet's deep past in their family history. 'Captivating ...
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