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    Maria Hayward

    Professor Maria Hayward: Dressing, undressing and cross-dressing: Nell Gwyn's life in (and out of) clothes

    Saturday 29 April, 4.30 - 5.30pm, OS.0.19, Mabb Lovell court lecture room, Old Sessions House


    Nell Gwyn gained fame and notoriety as an actress on the Restoration stage and a royal mistress. This talk explores her relationship with clothing and material goods including household furnishings and her use of her carriage and sedan chair and how she used them to create a space for herself in London society. Her clothing, as royal servant, actress and mistress, mark her rise from humble origins to a rival to the king's other mistresses.


    Maria Hayward is Professor of Early Modern History at the University of Southampton, and she has a particular interest in early modern textiles and clothing, especially in the context of the Tudor and Stuart courts. Her recent research focuses on the clothing of Charles II, and she has completed the prize-winning Stuart Style: Monarchy, Dress and the Scottish Male Elite, which drew on archival sources in England and Scotland. Currently, she is writing a book on Catherine of Braganza as part of her interest in early modern queenship.

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    Dress at the Court of King Henry VIII

    £58.49 £64.99
    Henry VIII used his wardrobe, and that of his family and household, as a way of expressing his wealth and magnificence. This book encompasses the first detailed study of male and female dress worn at the court of Henry VIII (1509-47) and covers the dress of the King and his immediate family, the royal household and the broader court circle. Henry

    Stuart Style: Monarchy, Dress and the Scottish Male Elite

    £42.75 £47.50

    Maria Hayward

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