Late Medieval History

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Genghis Khan

Paperback, 01/03/2005, £10.99
A biography of the legendary Mongol emperor and warlord.

Hundred Years War Volume 1 Trial by Battle

Paperback, 23/08/1999, £22.00
Details the long and violent endeavour of the English to dismember Europe's strongest state, a succession of wars that is one of the seminal chapters in European history. Beginning with the funeral of Charles IV of France in 1328, this book follows the Hundred Years War up to the surrender of Calais in 1347.

Hundred Years War

Paperback, 04/10/2012, £22.00
When Edward III died, in 1377, he was succeeded by a vulnerable child, who was destined to grow into an unstable adult presiding over a divided nation. Meanwhile France entered upon one of the most glittering periods of her medieval history. This book presents a tale of contrasting fortunes.

Isabella: She-Wolf of France, Queen of England

Paperback, 02/08/2012, £11.99
In Newgate Street, in the city of London, stand the meagre ruins of Christ Church. On the same site once stood a royal mausoleum set to rival Westminster Abbey in the fourteenth century. Among the many crowned heads buried there was Isabella of France, Edward II's queen. This title presents her portrait.

Lancaster and York: The Wars of the Roses

Paperback, 02/07/2009, £11.99
The war between the houses of Lancaster and York for the throne of England was characterised by treachery, deceit and at St Albans, Blore Hill and Towton, some of the bloodiest and dramatic battles on England's soil. This title presents an account that focuses on the human side of history, on the people and personalities involved in the conflict.

Devil and Demonism in Early Modern England

Paperback, 07/09/2009, £32.99
An original and powerful examination of the concept of the Devil in early modern England.

History Of The English People 1000-1154

Paperback, 26/02/2009, £7.99
Henry of Huntingdon's History is a major source for events in England and Normandy during his lifetime, including the Battle of Hastings, the reigns of William II, Henry I, and Stephen, written with panache and passion and embellished with anecdotes such as Henry's death from a surfeit of lampreys, and Cnut and the waves.

Mary I: The Daughter of Time

Hardback, 27/10/2016, £12.99

Custom and Commercialisation in English Rural Society: Revisiting Tawney and Postan: 14

Paperback, 01/06/2016, £18.99
Inspired by the works of Tawney and Postan, this volume examines their relevance to historians today, distinguishing between their contrasting approaches to the pre-industrial economy and exploring the development of agriculture and rural industry; changes in land and property rights; and competition over resources in the English countryside.

Governing by Virtue: Lord Burghley and the Management of Elizabethan England

Hardback, 15/10/2015, £80.00
Governing by Virtue asks how a monarchy with no police force, no standing army, and little bureaucracy could rule England in the second half of the sixteenth century. Queen Elizabeth was the supreme ruler, but her chief manager Lord Burghley depended heavily on the virtue and honour of the ruling classes to keep the peace and defend the realm.

Great Wardrobe Accounts of Henry VII and Henry VIII

Hardback, 19/07/2012, £40.00
Accounts providing details of the quantities and cost of clothing and other items manufactured for the first Tudor kings.

King John and Religion (Studies in the History of Medieval Religion)

Hardback, 18/06/2015, £60.00
A study of the personal religion of King John, presenting a more complex picture of his actions and attitude.

Cult of St Thomas Becket in the Plantagenet World, c.1170-c.1220

Hardback, 22/11/2016, £60.00
The extraordinary growth and development of the cult of St Thomas Becket is investigated here, with a particular focus on its material culture.

Regency in Sixteenth Century Scotland

Hardback, 19/02/2015, £60.00
A study of the actions and responsibilities of those taking temporary power during the minority of a monarch.

Six Wives of Henry VIII

Paperback, 22/11/2007, £10.99
One of the most powerful monarchs in British history, Henry VIII ruled England in unprecedented splendour. This biography brings Henry's six wives to life, revealing each as a distinct and compelling personality in her own right.

Mary Queen of Scots: And the Murder of Lord Darnley

Paperback, 03/07/2008, £11.99
On the night of 10 February 1567, an explosion devastated the Edinburgh residence of Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley, second husband of Mary, Queen of Scots. Those arriving at the scene of devastation found, in the garden, the naked corpses of Darnley and his valet. Neither had died in the explosion, but both bodies bore marks of strangulation.

Henry VIII: King and Court

Paperback, 18/09/2008, £10.99
Tells the biography of Henry VIII that is set against the cultural, social and political background of his court - the most spectacular court ever seen in England - and the splendour of his many sumptuous palaces.

Children of England: The Heirs of King Henry VIII 1547-1558

Paperback, 02/10/2008, £10.99
When Henry VIII died in 1547, he left three highly intelligent children to succeed him in turn, to be followed, if their lines failed, by the descendants of his sister, Mary Tudor.

Lost Tudor Princess: A Life of Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox

Paperback, 25/02/2016, £10.99
Royal Tudor blood ran in her veins. Some thought Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox, should be queen of England. She ranked high at the court of her uncle, Henry VIII, and was lady of honour to five of his wives. Beautiful and tempestuous, she created scandal - twice - by falling in love with unsuitable men.

Medieval Europe

Hardback, 15/10/2016, £25.00
A spirited and thought-provoking history of the vast changes that transformed Europe during the 1,000-year span of the Middle Ages

Katherine Swynford: The Story of John of Gaunt and His Scandalous Duchess

Paperback, 07/08/2008, £12.99
Katherine Swynford was first the mistress, and later the wife, of John of Gaunt, the Duke of Lancaster. This book rescues Katherine from the footnotes of history, highlighting her key dynastic position within the English monarchy.

Jacobean Grand Tour: Early Stuart Travellers in Europe

Hardback, 18/12/2013, £30.00
The cultural, political and specifically religious experiences of these adventurers had an effect on British history that is impossible to overestimate, with the influence most strongly evident in the art, architecture and furniture styles of the Jacobean period.

Realm Divided: A Year in the Life of Plantagenet England

Paperback, 07/04/2016, £8.99
A vivid, in-the-round portrait of English society in the year of Magna Carta.

Magna Carta: The Making and Legacy of the Great Charter

Hardback, 04/12/2014, £14.99
A beautifully produced account of the signing, impact and legacy of Magna Carta, a document that became one the most influential statements in the history of democracy.

Foremost Man of the Kingdom: John de Vere, Thirteenth Earl of Oxford (1442-1513)

Paperback, 19/03/2015, £17.99
First book to deal with de Vere's life and extraordinary career, during the Wars of the Roses and beyond.

Bloodied Banners: Martial Display on the Medieval Battlefield

Paperback, 21/05/2015, £17.99
Groundbreaking reassessment of the role played by armour, weapons and heraldry in medieval warfare, showing their cultural as well as military significance.

Richard III and the Princes in the Tower

Paperback, 07/08/2014, £10.99
Tells the story of the death, in sinister circumstances, of the boy-king Edward V and his younger brother Richard, Duke of York, is one of the most fascinating murder mysteries in English history. This book presents a tale with profound moral and social consequences, rich in drama, intrigue, treason, scandal and violence.

Black Prince: The King That Never Was

Hardback, 13/07/2017, £30.00
A major new biography of the Black Prince: hero of the battles of Crecy and Poitiers and England's greatest medieval warrior.

Fifteenth Century XII: Society in an Age of Plague

Hardback, 15/08/2013, £60.00
Essays address plague and disease in the fifteenth century, as manifested throughout Europe.

London's News Press and the Thirty Years War

Paperback, 18/09/2014, £25.00
A topical subject offering interesting parallels between the news revolution in the age of James I and Charles I and our internet age. An important contribution to the history of print and books.

King's Grave

Paperback, 03/07/2014, £12.99
The real life, death and remarkable discovery of history's most controversial monarch.

Eleanor of Castile

Hardback, 11/09/2014, £25.00
The untold story of the remarkable woman behind England's greatest medieval king, Edward I.

Richard III: The King in the Car Park

Paperback, 12/02/2015, £9.99
Has history gone full circle? Was Richard III really as evil as Shakespeare would have us believe?

Tudors: A History of England Volume II

Paperback, 04/07/2013, £12.99
The second volume of Peter Ackroyd's masterful history of England: the Tudors

Atlantic World and Virginia, 1550-1624

Paperback, 15/09/2007, £47.50
In response to the global turn in scholarship on colonial and early modern history, this work provides a fresh perspective on the wider context of the encounter between the inhabitants of precolonial Virginia and the English. It offers an interdisciplinary consideration of developments in Native America, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.

Family and Kinship in England, 1450-1800

Paperback, 28/06/2016, £27.99
"First edition published by Pearson Education, 2001"--Title page verso.

Medieval Suffolk: An Economic and Social History, 1200-1500

Paperback, 18/02/2010, £16.99
The first volume in what will become the definitive history of Suffolk looks at how the county survived the three most tumultuous events of the period, the Great Famine, the Black Death and the Peasants' Revolt, to emerge as one of the richest English regions.

Elizabethan World

Paperback, 25/07/2013, £54.99
This lavishly illustrated, multi-disciplinary volume approaches the Elizabethan world thematically. It conveys a vivid picture of how politics, religion, science, popular culture, the world of work and social practices fit together in an exciting world of change.

Hundred Years War: Cursed Kings: Volume 4

Paperback, 07/07/2016, £22.00
In the early fifteenth century, France had gone from being the strongest and most populous nation state of medieval Europe to suffering a complete internal collapse and a partial conquest by a foreign power. This book tells the story of the destruction of France by the madness of its king and the greed and violence of his family.

Great and Glorious Adventure: A Military History of the Hundred Years War

Hardback, 04/07/2013, £30.00
In this succinct history of a conflict that raged for over a century, Gordon Corrigan reveals the horrors of battle and the machinations of power that have shaped a millennium of Anglo-French relationships.

Great and Glorious Adventure: A Military History of the Hundred Years War

Hardback, 07/08/2014, £14.99
In this succinct history of a conflict that raged for over a century, Gordon Corrigan reveals the horrors of battle and the machinations of power that have shaped a millennium of Anglo-French relationships.

Magna Carta Uncovered

Hardback, 30/10/2014, £25.00
The authors bring their unrivalled interpretative skills to uncover the original meaning of the liberties enshrined in Magna Carta, and to trace their development in later centuries up to the drafting of the Constitution of the United States.

Urban Bodies: Communal Health in Late Medieval English Towns and Cities

Hardback, 17/10/2013, £60.00
The idea of English medieval towns and cities as filthy, muddy and insanitary is here overturned in a pioneering new study.

Edward IV (Penguin Monarchs): The Summer King

Hardback, 28/07/2016, £12.99
In 1461 Edward earl of March, a handsome eighteen-year old of massive charisma and ability, usurped the English throne from his vacant Lancastrian predecessor Henry VI. The years that followed witnessed a period of rule that has been described as a golden age. Yet, the author argues that Edward was a man of limited vision.

Christendom Destroyed: Europe 1517 -1648

Hardback, 03/07/2014, £30.00
A study of 16th and 17th century Europe and the fundamental changes which led to the collapse of Christendom and established the geographical and political frameworks of Western Europe as we know it. From peasants to princes, no one was untouched by the spiritual and intellectual upheaval of this era.

Anthony Munday and civic culture: Theatre, history and power in early modern London 1580-1633

Paperback, 23/04/2009, £15.99
This in-depth study of the important but neglected writer Anthony Munday fills a long-standing gap in our knowledge and understanding of London and its culture in the early modern period. It will be of interest to historians, literary scholars and cultural geographers. -- .

Cooke Sisters: Education, Piety and Politics in Early Modern England

Paperback, 01/01/2016, £17.99
A study of five remarkable sixteenth-century women. Part of the select group of Tudor women allowed access to formal humanist education, the Cooke sisters were also well-connected through their marriages to influential Elizabethan politicians.



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