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    Kenneth Fincham

    Professor Kenneth Fincham: Power, patronage and puritans at the court of James I: the strange case of Bishop Bayly of Bangor

    Saturday 29 April, 6 - 7pm, OS.0.19, Mabb Lovell court lecture room, Old Sessions House


    In 1621 James I quarrelled violently with one of his bishops, Lewes Bayly, and sent him to gaol. Rather bizarrely, Bayly was both the author of one of the best-selling books of protestant devotion, The Practice of Piety, but also a controversial bishop, constantly in trouble with his clergy, his parishioners and even his king. An exploration of his career provides a remarkable insight into the court of James I: heated debates, factional intrigue and the challenge of giving counsel to the king, all centred on a turbulent bishop who was determined to speak truth to power.


    Kenneth Fincham is Professor of Early Modern History at the University of Kent and specialises in religion and politics in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Britain. His new project is a study of ‘Revolution and the Creation of Anglicanism, c.1620-c.1750.’

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    Further Correspondence of William Laud

    £60.00 £70.00
    The correspondence of William Laud, archbishop of Canterbury from 1633 to 1645, provides revealing insights into his mind, methods and activities, especially in the 1630s, as he sought to remodel the church and the clerical estate in the three kingdoms.

    Prelate as Pastor: The Episcopate of James I

    £59.00 £75.00
    This study of the 66 bishops of James I, with analysis of the early 17th-century episcopate, reveals much about the Jacobean church, the doctrinal division of the period and the origins of Laudian government in the 1630s, hence offering a new perspective on early Stuart religious history.

    Religious Politics in Post-Reformation England

    £67.50 £75.00
    New scrutinies of the most important political and religious debates of the post-Reformation period.

    Visitation Articles and Injunctions of the Early Stuart Church: I. 1603-25

    £54.00 £60.00
    `An invaluable source for ecclesiastical history... promises to be a highly important record series.' ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW

    Visitation Articles and Injunctions of the Early Stuart Church: II. 1625-1642

    £54.00 £60.00
    Texts expressing concerns and priorities of the church during the reign of Charles I.

    Kenneth Fincham

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