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International Law

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International Law 2ed

Paperback, 13/04/2017, £33.99
The second edition of this landmark textbook in the teaching of international law, from one of the world's leading international lawyers.

Brownlie's Principles of Public International Law 9ed

Paperback, 17/07/2019, £54.99
Serving as a single volume introduction to the field as a whole, this ninth edition of Brownlie's Principles of International Law seeks to present international law as a system that is based on, and helps structure, relations among states and other entities at the international level.

Information Technology Law: The Law and Society 4ed

Paperback, 18/07/2019, £49.99
Information Technology Law takes a unique socio-legal approach to examining the interaction between the law and other elements of the information society. Murray discusses relevant issues such as governance, free expression, and crime with enthusiasm, and looks forward to future challenges presented by developing technologies.

Global Justice and Social Conflict: The Foundations of Liberal Order and International Law

Paperback, 08/10/2019, £34.99
Global Justice and Social Conflict offers a ground-breaking historical and theoretical reappraisal of the ideas that underpin and sustain the global liberal order, international law and neoliberal rationality.

Law Express: International Law

Paperback, 27/06/2018, £12.99

Comparative International Law

Hardback, 30/01/2018, £96.00
"The chapters of this volume were presented at the twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth Sokol Colloquia on Private International Law, held at the University of Virginia School of Law in September 2014 and September 2015." -- Acknowledgments, p. [xi].

Method and Culture of Comparative Law

Paperback, 03/12/2015, £36.99

Rebalancing International Investment Agreements in Favour of Host States

Hardback, 27/09/2018, £65.00
Investment is a critical source of economic growth. The pivotal question is therefore: how to improve and enhance investment? To facilitate this, International Investment Agreements can be a key factor to support foreign direct investment creating an additional level of security for foreign investors.

International Law 3ed

Paperback, 20/05/2021, £39.99
International Law presents a student-focused approach to the subject; clearly written with non-native English-speaking students in mind, a range of learning features highlight the areas of debate and encourage students to engage critically with key disputes.

internationalisation of Copyright Law: Books, Buccaneers and the Black Flag in the Nineteenth Century

Paperback, 12/11/2009, £40.99
A comprehensive account of the internationalisation of literary copyright, focusing on nineteenth century international copyright law as it affected Europe, the British colonies (particularly Canada), America, and the UK. Explores the history of international copyright law, and looks at how this history is relevant today.

Blackstone's International Law Documents 15ed

Paperback, 22/07/2021, £14.99
Celebrating over 30 years as the market-leading series, Blackstone's Statutes have an unrivalled tradition of trust and quality. With a rock-solid reputation for accuracy, reliability, and authority, they remain first-choice for students and lecturers, providing a careful selection of all the up-to-date legislation needed for exams and course use.

International Law Concentrate 5ed: Law Revision and Study Guide

Paperback, 06/08/2021, £12.99
International Law Concentrate is written and designed to help you succeed. Accurate and reliable, Concentrate guides go above and beyond, not only consolidating your learning but focusing your revision and maximising your potential.

International Law 5ed

Paperback, 06/07/2018, £42.99
Evans' International Law is widely celebrated as an outstanding collection of interesting and diverse writings from the leading scholars in the field. Bringing together a broad range of perspectives on all the key issues in international law, it is a unique and invaluable resource for students and practitioners alike.

Investment Treaty Regime and Public Interest Regulation in Africa

Hardback, 11/08/2022, £95.00
The Investment Treaty Regime and Public Interest Regulation in Africa is a legal, normative, and principled framework for rethinking the making and reform of investment treaties, and investment disputes settlement.

Core Documents on International Law 2022-23

Paperback, 11/08/2022, £12.99

International Law 7ed

Paperback, 18/09/2014, £41.99
The definitive textbook on international law, updated to reflect all case law and treaty developments.

International Society, Global Polity: An Introduction to International Political Theory

Paperback, 11/12/2014, £32.99
Moving from conventional accounts of the society of states to non-state-centric understandings of global politics, this book presents readers with a state-of-the-art overview of international political theory.

Politics of International Law

Paperback, 10/06/2011, £49.99
These essays examine political and humanitarian intervention, collective security, protection of human rights and the 'fight against impunity'.

Cambridge Companion to International Law

Paperback, 26/01/2012, £33.99
A concise, intellectually rigorous and politically and theoretically informed introduction to the context, grammar, techniques and projects of international law.

Law Express: International Law 3ed

Paperback, 01/08/2016, £12.99

Collier's Conflict of Laws 4ed

Paperback, 06/06/2013, £43.99
Updated and refreshed version of this classic text for a new generation of students.

Evolution of International Security Studies

Paperback, 27/08/2009, £27.99
The first intellectual history of International Security Studies since 1945, providing an unparalleled survey for students and scholars.

International Law 6ed

Paperback, 13/11/2008, £44.99
Engaging and authoritative, this is the classic textbook on international law.

Law Express: International Law (Revision Guide)

Paperback, 02/08/2012, £11.99
The Law Express series is designed to help you revise effectively. This book is your guide to understanding essential concepts, remembering and applying key legislation and making your answers stand out!

Textbook on International Law 7ed

Paperback, 18/04/2013, £47.99
The seventh edition of Textbook on International Law offers students new to the subject a concise and focused introduction to the essential topics of an international law course. Dixon brings the subject to life with the use of topical examples to illustrate key concepts.
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