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    Humphries, Andrew

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    Childhood in Edwardian Fiction: Worlds Enough and Time

    £40.49 £44.99
    The first book-length look at childhood in Edwardian fiction, this book challenges assumptions that the Edwardian period was simply a continuation of the Victorian or the start of the Modern. Exploring both classics and popular fiction, the authors provide a a compelling picture of the Edwardian fictional cult of childhood.

    Transport in British Fiction: Technologies of Movement, 1840-1940

    £40.00 £89.99
    Transport in British Fiction is the first essay collection devoted to transport and its various types-horse, train, tram, cab, omnibus, bicycle, ship, car, air and space-as represented in British fiction across a century of unprecedented technological change that was as destabilizing as it was progressive.

    Humphries, Andrew

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