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    How We Break: Navigating the Wear and Tear of Living

    £22.50 £25.00

    Hunger Strike: The Anorectic's Struggle as a Metaphor for Our Age

    £17.99 £19.99
    This book examines the anorectic's struggle. It provides the background for the case studies and vignettes, and suggests a new treatment protocol for anorexia. The book also provides an explanation for the increase of anorexia, and eating problems of all kinds, in women.

    Interviewing for Radio 2ed

    £32.39 £35.99
    Interviewing for Radio critically analyses previously broadcast interviews and together with advice from radio professionals explains the preparation, organization and communication required to produce a successful radio broadcast.

    Introduction to Clinical Health Psychology

    £23.09 £32.99
    The book integrates psychological theory with the practice of health and clinical psychology in the hospital and in the broader context of health care. It considers both clinical interventions and those of a non-clinical nature that also impact on patients and health-care workers.

    Introduction to Health Psychology 4ed

    £40.49 £44.99
    This edition retains the highly praised approach of previous editions, with each chapter providing an overview of the theory and research before moving on to explore applications and intervention practice. The primary goals of health psychologists are to describe, predict and then to intervene and this book continues to reflect that process.

    Introduction to Psychology for Health Carers

    £16.09 £22.99
    Series Information An interactive approach to learning, this series provides everything a student needs for Foundation studies across healthcare disciplines. Written by an appropriate specialist in a non-technical style. Key features of the text demonstrate how theory has a practical application, as well as testing student's knowledge.

    It's All in Your Head: True Stories of Imaginary Illness

    £9.89 £10.99
    As many as a third of people visiting their GP have symptoms that are medically unexplained. In most, an emotional root is suspected. We accept our hearts can flutter with excitement and our brows can sweat with nerves, but in the very real world of psychosomatic illness, the author finds the secrets we are all capable of keeping from ourselves.

    Key Concepts in Radio Studies

    £32.39 £35.99
    An easy to use guide to radio theory and the relatively new field of 'Radio Studies', one of the most important growth areas in British and American Media Studies at present.

    Key Concepts in Substance Misuse

    £26.99 £29.99
    Offers a complete overview of the issues associated with substance misuse from an interdisciplinary perspective. This book begins by providing a reference guide to the different psychoactive substances, looking at the biological and psychological impact of their use.

    Languishing: How to Feel Alive Again in a World That Wears Us Down

    £18.00 £20.00

    Life, Love and the Archers: Recollections, Reviews and Other Prose

    £8.99 £9.99
    A book for anyone who's ever fallen in love, tried to give up smoking, or consoled themselves that they'll never be quite as old as Mick Jagger. 'funny, fearless and unflinchingly truthful' Times Literary Supplement - Books of the Years 2014 'thought-provoking and inspiring' Independent on Sunday - Books of the Year 2014

    Night Terrors: Troubled Sleep and the Stories We Tell About It

    £9.89 £10.99

    On Giving Up

    £17.09 £18.99

    Pieces of Sound

    £21.59 £23.99
    A cultural history of German radio broascasting from the 1930s until the present day.

    Programme Making for Radio

    £32.39 £35.99
    Offers trainee radio broadcasters and their instructors, guidelines to techniques applied to the making of radio shows, explaining how radio programmes are made and the conventions and techniques required to produce them. This book describes how these methods are applied through the use of a behind-the-scenes glimpse at industry practices.

    Psychodynamic Psychology: Classical Theory and Contemporary Research

    £29.39 £43.99
    Psychodynamic tackles issues central to human experience including how our relationship with our parents affects our adult relationships, why men and women are different and why we dream. This title provides a review of the major psychodynamic theories and their practical applications.

    Psychological care for ill and injured people

    £19.59 £27.99
    Examines the importance of psychological care for ill and injured people. This book gives practical advice to develop health professionals' personal clinical practice by providing a guide to the organization of psychological care and 'coaching' in the essential skills. It is suitable for health care professionals who have regular patient contact.

    Psychology for nurses and health care professionals

    £48.99 £69.99
    This is an up-to-date presentation of areas of psychology relevant to health care students, nurses and health care professionals (health visitors, physiotherapists, midwives, speech therapists and others).

    Psychonauts: Drugs and the Making of the Modern Mind

    £18.00 £20.00
    A provocative and original history of the scientists and writers, artists and philosophers who took drugs to explore the hidden regions of the mind

    Radio Drama: Theory and Practice

    £32.39 £35.99
    Radio Drama brings together the practical skills needed for radio drama, such as directing, writing and sound design, with media history and communication theory.

    Radio Head: Up and Down the Dial of British Radio

    £11.69 £12.99
    The hilarious and revealing account of the author's month as a Radio Head: listening to a different radio station each day, all day, for thirty days.

    Radio in Context 2ed

    £29.69 £32.99
    This revised and updated new edition of a core text for radio studies offers students a critical introduction to the field; it blends theory and practical guidance, covers the most important radio genres, and addresses key changes in the landscape of radio production since publication of the first edition in 2004.

    Radio in the Global Age

    £17.09 £18.99
    Radio in the Global Age offers a fresh, up--to--date, and wide--ranging introduction to the role of radio in contemporary society. It places radio, for the first time, in a global context, and pays special attention to the impact of the Internet, digitalization and globalization on the political--economy of radio.

    Radio Journalism

    £33.29 £36.99
    A witty and engaging introduction to the theory, key developments and contemporary debates within radio journalism.

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