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Harriet Kersey

Dr Harriet Kersey

Isabella de Forz, countess and lady of the Isle: rebellion, power and politics 

Time and Date: Saturday 30 April, 10:00 - 11:00

Ticket price: £10 in person/ £9 online

Location: Powell Pg09: CT1 1QU/ Online 

Biographical note

Dr Harriet Kersey completed her PhD in 2018, under the supervision of Professor Louise Wilkinson and Dr Leonie Hicks. Her research interests are in thirteenth-century England, women’s history - particularly in relation to female inheritance and landholding - political and social history. Harriet currently works in the university’s Research Office and is co-editor of ‘Rebellion in Medieval Europe’ volume due to be published in 2023. She is also a coordinator of the Noblewomen Network alongside Professor Wilkinson and Dr Charlotte Pickard. 

Event details

Isabella (d. 1293), suo jure countess of Devon and lady of the Isle of Wight, was one of the most influential and powerful women of her day. The countess lived during the thirteenth century, a period which saw multiple foreign wars and bitter civil wars, including the period of baronial rebellion and reform (1258-1263) during the reign of Henry III. There are multiple myths surrounding the life of Isabella de Forz, but this paper will go behind these stories to explore just how important a role Isabella played in English political and social life during her lifetime. We will discuss how Isabella went from being a daughter of an earl with little hope of inheriting to being a wealthy heiress, and explore Isabella’s sometimes fractious interactions with the Crown during the reigns of both King Henry III and Edward I. 

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