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    Goodrum, Michael

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    Drawing the Past, Volume 1: Comics and the Historical Imagination in the United States

    £31.46 £34.95
    Provides a map of current approaches to comics and their engagement with historical representation. The first section of the book explores the existence, shape, and influence of comics as a medium; the second section concerns the question of trauma; the final section delves into ways in which comics add to the mythology of the US.

    Drawing the Past, Volume 2: Comics and the Historical Imagination in the World

    £31.46 £34.95
    Examines the many ways in which history worldwide has been explored and (re)represented through comics and how history is a complex construction of imagination, reality, and manipulation. The book contends that comics are a form of mediation between sources (both primary and secondary) and the reader.

    Firefly Revisited: Essays on Joss Whedon's Classic Series

    £35.95 £85.00
    A short lived series created by Joss Whedon, Firefly nonetheless developed such a loyal following that Whedon was compelled to write and direct a big screen sequel in 2005. The show continues to generate a life of its own in books and comic books. This collection of twelve essays focuses on a number of themes including colonialism, race, gender, and politics.

    Gender and the Superhero Narrative

    £31.46 £34.95
    Presents ten essays that explore the point where social justice meets the Justice League. Ranging from comics to video games, Netflix, and cosplay, this volume builds a platform for important voices in comics research, engaging with controversy and community to provide deeper insight and thus inspire change.

    Printing Terror: American Horror Comics as Cold War Commentary and Critique

    £76.50 £85.00
    Printing Terror argues that horror comics of the Cold War primarily concern white male victimhood and the monstrosity of the gendered and/or racialised other. -- .

    Superheroes and American Self Image: From War to Watergate

    £55.00 £140.00
    Structured around key political events in the US between 1938 and 1975, this book combines analyses of visual and textual discourse, including comic-book letters pages, to come to a more complete picture of the relationship between comic-books as documents and the people who read and created them.

    Superheroes and American Self Image: From War to Watergate

    £40.49 £44.99

    Goodrum, Michael

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