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How Novels Work

Paperback, 15/12/2007, £7.99
This book draws on the author's column in The Guardian, 'Elements of Fiction'. Using examples from well-known recent novels, it examines the techniques by which fiction works. It will widen the vocabulary of anyone interested in contemporary fiction, not least by showing where it has elements in common with classic novels of the past.

Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer

Hardback, 07/02/2008, £12.99
Tools Not Rules': here are 50 essential ones that writers of all kinds can use every day.

On Writing

Paperback, 06/03/2014, £10.99
Useful for readers and aspiring writers, this book contains what they need to know about the complexities of researching, writing and publishing fiction. It features essays on character, voice, writers' workshops and writers' health.

Writing the Breakout Novel: Winning Advice from a Top Agent and His Best-selling Client

Paperback, 24/10/2002, £13.99
A breakout novel is one that rises out of its category - such as romance, mystery or thriller - and hits the bestseller lists. This title explains the elements that all breakout novels share and provides tips on how to write a breakout novel.

Criticism: Ideas in Profile

Paperback, 08/09/2016, £8.99
The next introduction in the IDEAS IN PROFILE series: a snappy but serious introduction to criticism

On Writing

Paperback, 04/08/2016, £9.99
The never-before-published letters of Charles Bukowski on the art of writing

Rooms of One's Own: 50 Places That Made Literary History

Hardback, 01/06/2017, £12.99
Visit the historic places where great works of literature were written

Writer's Toolbox: Creative Games and Exercises for Inspiring the 'Write' Side of Your Brain

Paperback, 27/04/2007, £21.99
Features a 64 page booklet with exercises and instructions that focus on a 'right brain' approach to writing. This kit includes sixty exercise sticks that get stories off the ground, as well as 60 cards fueling creative descriptions, and four spinner palettes, which can ignite unexpected plot twists. It is suitable for the aspiring writer.

How Writing Works: A Field Guide to Effective Writing

Paperback, 26/10/2016, £16.99
Are you worried about your grip on grammar? Know you need to write better to get through uni or progress in your career? Or do you want to write professionally? We can all improve our writing: grammar guru Roslyn Petelin shows us how in How Writing Works.

Writing Routes: A Resource Handbook of Therapeutic Writing

Paperback, 15/11/2010, £18.99
Writing Routes is an essential roadmap for anybody setting out on the journey of self-discovery through words. Seventy contributors from a variety of different backgrounds and circumstances explain how they came to write a particular piece and why, how they found ways of transforming their experience into writing, and how it was beneficial to them.

Your Creative Writing Masterclass

Paperback, 12/01/2012, £14.99
In Your Creative Writing Masterclass you'll find ideas, techniques and encouragement from the most admired and respected contemporary and classic authors.

Best British Short Stories 2013

Paperback, 15/04/2013, £9.99
The third in a landmark series of annual anthologies, The Best British Short Stories 2013 brings you the best of short fiction, by British writers, first published in 2012.

Any Ideas?: Tips and Techniques to Help You Think Creatively

Paperback, 16/03/2017, £8.99
Whatever your goals, the ideas and techniques in this book can help you to unleash your imagination, overcome challenges and realize your most ambitions dreams - in short it will help you think outside the box!

Writing Works: A Resource Handbook for Therapeutic Writing Workshops and Activities

Paperback, 07/08/2006, £16.99
Writing Works is a guide for writers or therapists working with groups or individuals and is full of practical advice on everything from the equipment needed to run a session to ideas for themes, all backed up by the theory that underpins the methods explained. Practitioners contribute detailed accounts of organizing writing workshops for clients.

Five-minute Writer

Paperback, 13/01/2009, £9.99
Suitable for writers, this title includes chapters that offers a writing-related discussion, followed by a five-minute exercise. Five minutes a day spent on an exercise is one of the most effective methods there is to expand your potential and develop self-discipline.

Freeman's: The Best New Writing on Arrival

Paperback, 15/10/2015, £10.99
A new anthology from renowned literary critic John Freeman, Freeman's: The Best New Writing on Arrival features never-before-published stories by Haruki Murakami, Louise Erdrich, Dave Eggers, Etgar Keret, Lydia Davis, David Mitchell, and others.

Road to Somewhere: A Creative Writing Companion 2ed

Paperback, 13/12/2013, £22.99
An inspiring, stimulating new edition of this writer's companion and practical guide to the craft of fiction, scriptwriting, poetry and more experimental forms of writing. Updated and revised throughout, the text now contains new chapters on writing for digital media, flash fiction, memoir, and taking your writing out into the world.

Inside the Writers' Room: Conversations with American TV Writers

Paperback, 13/12/2013, £22.99
US television drama has gained recognition for its sophisticated narrative form, and the role of the writer has been central to this. Here television writers share their experiences and practices of writing for highly successful shows such as The Sopranos, Seinfeld, Cheers, Sex and the City, The Wire, Mad Men, The Big C and Boardwalk Empire.

Creative Writing : A Workbook with Readings

Paperback, 26/01/2005, £34.99
Intended for aspiring writers, this coursebook covers creative process and 'going public', as well as the popular genres of fiction, poetry, and life writing. It includes sections, which offer advice and exercises, as well as extracts for study, taken from works by a range of writers, from Virginia Woolf to Patricia Highsmith.

Comedy Rules

Paperback, 05/04/2012, £10.99
Features coverage that ranges from inspiration, collaboration and the Seven Deadly Sins to the perils of unmotivated comic business, pitching screenplays in LA, sexist jokes and lunch with the Inland Revenue. This title offers journey into the world of comedy.

Release the Bats: Writing Your Way Out of it

Hardback, 07/07/2016, £12.99
When the author burst onto the scene in 2003, he arrived with no particular literary education. Part biography, part reflection and part practical guide, this book explores the mysteries of why and how we tell stories, and the craft of writing fiction. It also reveals everything that the author learned the hard way.

Story Cubes


Historical Novel

Paperback, 23/09/2009, £17.99
The historical novel is not only an immensely popular genre, but also one that raises fascinating questions about the nature of key foundational concepts such as fact and fiction, history, reading and writing. This guide offers an introduction to both the genre and the critical debates around it.

Adweek Copywriting Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Powerful Advertising and Marketing Copy from One of America's Top Copywriters

Paperback, 02/01/2007, £18.99
The Adweek Copywriting Handbook covers every aspect of the copywriting process in simple and easy-to-understand steps for young advertising professionals and old pros alike. Starting at the very beginning of the process, the book shows copywriters how to get prepared to write on a product before moving on to the act of writing itself.


Paperback, 21/07/1997, £1.99

Weatherland: Writers and Artists Under English Skies

Hardback, 14/09/2015, £24.95
The story of English culture over a thousand years can be told as the story of changing ideas about the weather. Writers and artists across the centuries, looking up at the same skies and walking in the same brisk air, have felt very different things. This book is a celebration of English air and a life-story of those who have lived in it.

Cambridge Companion to Crime Fiction

Paperback, 06/11/2003, £24.99
This Companion covers British and American crime fiction from the eighteenth century to the end of the twentieth.

Shop Talk

Paperback, 01/10/2002, £9.99
In a sequence of intimate conversations with some of the most influential and insightful writers of the twentieth century, the author explores the importance of region, politics and history in their work and that of their predecessors.

Literature Machine

Paperback, 02/10/1997, £10.99
'This brilliant collection of essays should be a feast for his admirers, as well as for those who approach his dazzling oeuvre for the first time-Calvino is not only constantly and supremely intelligent; he is constantly and supremely faithful to his narrative imagination' Guardian

Handbook Of Creative Writing

Paperback, 15/04/2014, £24.99
Suitable for tutors, students and other creative writing professionals, this edition includes 54 chapters that cover the three central pillars of writing creatively: theories of creativity, the craft of writing and creative writing as a business.

Teach Yourself Get Started in Creative Writing

Paperback, 28/03/2014, £10.99
A new edition to one of our most popular Creative Writing titles, written to help new writers find confidence, inspiration and creativity.

Idea Writers: Copywriting in a New Media and Marketing Era

Paperback, 14/12/2010, £22.99
The Idea Writersguides both new and experienced copywriters through the process of creating compelling messages that sell. It shows readers what it's like to work in the fast-paced world of an agency while providing practical adviceplusdetails oncreatingaward-winning multimedia ad campaigns.

Uncreative Writing

Paperback, 12/08/2011, £20.00

Alternative Scriptwriting

Paperback, 13/03/2013, £30.99

Writing The Short Film

Paperback, 13/11/2004, £32.99
The short film is a unique narrative art form that, while lending itself to experimentation, requires tremendous discipline in following traditional filmic considerations. This book takes the student and novice screenwriter through the storytelling process and teaches them how to create a dramatic narrative that is at once short and complete.

Sense of Style: The Thinking Person's Guide to Writing in the 21st Century

Paperback, 03/09/2015, £9.99
What is the secret of good prose? Does writing well even matter in an age of instant communication? Should we care? This book tells about the modern art of writing, and shows us why we all need a sense of style.

Studying the Novel 7ed

Paperback, 03/11/2016, £21.99
"Updated throughout to explore the impact of digital resources, e-reading and growing interest in world literature, this is a comprehensive introduction to the study of the novel in all its forms"--

Teaching Creative Writing: Ideas, Exercises, Resources and Lesson Plans for Teachers of Creative-writing Classes

Hardback, 03/04/2014, £12.99
An indispensable resource for anyone teaching creative writing.
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