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They Don't Know What's Wrong

Paperback, 16/11/2001, £7.99
A collection of GP-defying mystery syndromes, along with their symptoms and cures. Starting with general aches and pains and then concentrating on specific parts of the body, each symptom is described, then a series of cures is suggested, with discussion of possible causes of the syndrome.

Abdominal Stomas and their Skin Disorders

Hardback, 15/02/2001, £80.00
This handbook bridges the gap between the colorectal surgeon, the stoma nurse and the dermatologist

Sexuality and Health Care: A Human Dilemma

Paperback, 31/10/1998, £19.99
This text examines sexual health from a range of perspectives. Issues examined include: politics and sexual relations; culture and ethnicity; midwifery and child health; mental health; paediatrics; purchasers and providers; sexuality and terminal care; and ethics and law.

Heart Health

7, 01/03/2004, £14.99
Dr Graham Jackson offers practical advice on managing a heart condition while also being able to live a full and active life. He offers medical advice on exercise, diet and smoking, and shows how to significantly reduce chances of a heart attack.

Textbook of Family Medicine 2ed

7, 03/07/1997, £28.99
Defines and conceptualizes the field of family medicine. This book focuses on the patient-centered clinical method, illness narratives, the biological basis of family medicine, health promotion, the concept of risk, and the contribution of evidence-based medicine.

Parkinson's Disease Treatment Book

Hardback, 29/09/2005, £27.50
The definitive guide for patients and their families, written by reknowned expert J. Eric Ahlskog.


Paperback, 25/06/2004, £21.99
The blossoming of sexual subcultures in the last hundred years has seen the development of a vast new sexual terminology. And as academic research has grasped the challenge of understanding sexuality in the modern world, it has generated its own analytical vocabulary to accompany it.

Your Guide to Asthma

7, 29/07/2005, £9.99
Providing all the necessary facts, guidance and support, this book is will enable the reader to make informed choices and regain control of their life. Written by two of the world's leading experts in this field, this book is the comprehensive guide to dealing with asthma in everyday life.

Respiratory Medicine: An Illustrated Colour Text

Paperback, 11/10/2002, £28.99
Many undergraduates rely upon the coverage of the respiratory medicine available in large textbooks of medicine such as "Kumar", "Davidson" and "Souhami". This book has the advantages of the "ICT" series, and offers coverage of the subject.

Raising Healthy Eaters

7, 06/10/2004, £9.99
From a pediatrician who specializes in childhood obesity, 100 healthy eating tips for parents of children of all ages.

Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom

Paperback, 05/01/2004, £12.99
From Dr Phil McGraw, the author of "Self Matters", "Relationship Rescue" and "Life Strategies", comes a powerful and no-nonsense programme for losing weight and keeping it off.

100 Questions and Answers about Migraine

Paperback, 25/04/2005, £12.99
The only book to provide the doctor's and patient's view. It gives you authoritative, practical answers to your questions about treatment options, coping strategies, sources of support and much more.

Qualitative Methods for Health Research 4ed

Paperback, 22/03/2018, £37.99
"A thoughtful, thorough and readable account of the history and current practice of qualitative research in health." - Louise Keogh, Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne

ABC of Diabetes

Paperback, 25/09/2015, £35.95
ABC of Diabetes provides primary care practitioners with a practical guide to all aspects of diabetes including the aetiology, diagnosis and management of Types 1 and 2 diabetes, detection and prevention, and the organization of care and support.

Meaning of Pain: What it is, why we feel it, and how to overcome it

Paperback, 16/05/2019, £12.99
In this fascinating book, Nick Potter, experienced osteopath, takes us on a journey into biology, evolution and contemporary social behaviour and anthropology to examine our relationship with pain.

Patient Safety: An Essential Guide

Paperback, 04/12/2013, £31.99
With a range of coaching tips, activities, scenarios and reflective exercises, this book enables you to translate current research on patient safety in to everyday good practice, by increasing understanding of the key concepts and helping you to develop strategies to minimise the risk of patient harm.

Oxford Handbook of Urology 4ed

Paperback, 15/04/2019, £34.99
This concise and comprehensive handbook covers all urology curriculum requirements up to and including the FRCS exam, and also provides bite-sized topics for all healthcare professionals working in the field of urology and emergency medicine. Fully updated to cover current guidelines.

An Introduction to Orthodontics 5ed

Paperback, 05/04/2019, £58.00
This is the essential orthodontics text for all staff involved in orthodontic treatment.

Principles of Endodontics 3ed

Paperback, 04/07/2019, £53.00
The Principles of Endodontics, Third Edition is a contemporary and easy to read guide on why and how safe and effective endodontic treatment is carried out. Fully illustrated, it is an ideal introduction to endodontics.

Splitting: The Inside Story on Headaches

Paperback, 10/06/2021, £10.99

Managing Your Migraine

Paperback, 26/08/2021, £9.99

Recovery: The Lost Art of Convalescence

Paperback, 13/01/2022, £5.99
A short, uplifting account of hope and healing by the author of Adventures in Human Being.

Busting the Diabetes Myth: The Natural Way to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes

Paperback, 06/01/2022, £14.99
An effective and evidence-based approach to guide people with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes towards a healthier future

Exploring the Dirty Side of Women's Health

Paperback, 01/09/2006, £46.99
Using the concept of pollution, this book highlights how women and health issues are categorised, and health workers and women are confined to roles and places defined as socially appropriate. It explores practices, such as childbirth and midwifery, social practices around breastfeeding, miscarriages and termination of pregnancy, and more.

Fast Facts: Hypertension 3ed

Paperback, 01/04/2006, £6.00
Hypertension remains the major treatable risk factor for premature cardiovascular disease, stroke, heart attack and heart failure. Since the last edition, several important clinical trials have been published and new guidelines on how to manage high blood pressure have also been produced.

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: The Evidence-Based 7 Step Recovery Program

Paperback, 07/07/2016, £16.99
The second, completely updated, edition of a proven, research-based approach to treating the devastating neurological condition multiple sclerosis, based on a combination of drug treatment and lifestyle modifications.

Integrating Complementary Therapies in Primary Care: A Practical Guide for Health Professionals

Paperback, 13/12/2001, £59.99
Offers clinicians, therapists, and other healthcare professionals, a realistic routemap of the key issues, as well as practical ways in which to ensure close working, appropriate referrals, advice and treatment decisions.

Generation extra large

7, 13/12/2004, £14.99
Poverty plays a key role, with kids growing up in neighborhoods where it's too dangerous to play and where unhealthy food is affordable and all too easy to get. But there is hope. Dedicated parents, educators, physicians, and community leaders are working to find creative, effective ways of helping our children slim down and stay healthy.

High blood pressure:diet against it

Paperback, 30/06/2000, £9.99
Unchecked, high blood pressure markedly increases the risk of stroke, heart attack and kidney disease. The author shows that high blood pressure can be prevented and controlled without the use of drugs. He provides guidance for combating the problem, including both general information and recipes, which offer genuine health improvement.

Handbook for Inter-Professional Practice in the Human Services: Learning to Work Together

Paperback, 14/09/2012, £36.99
This wide-ranging text incorporates contributions from a wide variety of professional perspectives, making it a key text in interprofessional training and study across the broad range of social care, health, education and criminal justice.

Story of Pain: From Prayer to Painkillers

Paperback, 09/02/2017, £10.99
The story of pain and suffering since the eighteenth century. Prize-winning historian Joanna Bourke charts how our understanding of pain (and how to cope with it) has changed completely over the last three centuries.

Global Pain Crisis: What Everyone Needs to Know

Paperback, 25/05/2017, £10.99
In The Global Pain Crisis: What Everyone Needs to Know (R), renowned health journalist Judy Foreman addresses the most important questions about chronic pain: what is it, who does it affect most, what works and what doesn't for pain relief in Western and alternative medicines, what are the risks and benefits for opioids and marijuana, and how can the chronic pain crisis be resolved for good?

Yoga Bible: Godsfield Bibles

Paperback, 06/07/2009, £14.99
Well-researched guide to the ancient art of yoga Includes advice on counter poses and easier options Beautifully presented and fully illustrated: over 170 postures illustrated in step-by-step sequence

Cerebral Palsy Handbook

7, 07/03/2002, £15.99
A guide to the practicalities of living with a child with cerebral palsy, written by an author whose own son was born with this disability. She highlights the positive and stresses the common parental wish to raise bright, confident, happy children, whatever the obstacles. Recommended by Scope.

Cerebral Palsy

7, 16/06/1988, £8.99

Women & health services

Paperback, 01/10/1998, £26.99
Over the years women's issues have begun to move higher up the health services agenda. However, there have been few attempts to set out the rationale for this, or to document the good practice initiatives that have resulted. This book undertakes both these tasks.

Sexuality, Sexual Health and Ageing

7, 01/12/2004, £28.99
Integrates theoretical insights into sexuality, sexual health and ageing and includes research findings from studies conducted with older people and the professionals that work with them. This book is suitable for students, researchers, practitioner and policymakers working within gerontology, sociology, psychology, and social work.

Sexuality and Patient Care

7, 11/11/1993, £21.50
This researched and practical book is an excellent resource for nurses and other health care professionals.

Action Plan for Menopause

Paperback, 01/04/2005, £13.99
Reduce menopausal symptoms, promote bone health and decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease. Based on latest research, this exercise-based plan will help you live more comfortably and take control of your diet, fitness level, and health. Learn the best and safest exercises; how diet, medication and exercise affect symptoms.

Hardship and health in women's lives

Paperback, 01/03/1993, £8.99
Examines the domestic circumstances and responsibilities of women caring for children in Britain in the context of social trends that are making poverty and hardship increasingly common experiences for mothers. The book is set against the social and intellectual trends of the last decade.

Management of Cerebal Palsy: A Transdisciplinary Approach

7, 05/04/2006, £21.99
Children with a debilitating condition like cerebral palsy receive treatment from a variety of specialised therapists at once. This book documents and builds on the experiences of a team of special educators in south India, who have been experimenting with a strategy for working with children with disabilities.

Sexual Disorders: Perspectives on Diagnosis and Treatment

Paperback, 13/01/2004, £20.50
This book will be of interest to mental health care professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers, who treat patients with sexual disorders.
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