Forensic Science

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Guide to Computer Forensics and Investigations (with DVD)

15/01/2015, £65.99
Combines all-encompassing topic coverage, authoritative information from seasoned experts, powerful instructor resources, and real-world student applications - delivering the comprehensive forensics resource.

Essential Forensic Biology 2ed

Hardback, 23/01/2009, £37.50
This book is an introduction to the application of biology in legal investigations.

Kirk's Fire Investigation 7ed

Paperback, 01/11/2013, £57.99

When the Dogs Don't Bark: A Forensic Scientist's Search for the Truth

Paperback, 09/01/2020, £9.99
Kathy Reichs meets Fragile Lives in this fascinating and compelling memoir by one of the world's leading forensic scientists, Professor Angela Gallop

Forensic Psychology: A Very Short Introduction

Paperback, 17/06/2010, £8.99
Lie detection, offender profiling, insanity in the law, the minds of serial killers, and many other topics that fill news and fiction are all aspects of the rapidly developing area of Forensic Psychology. David Canter shows how these often controversial topics bridge the gaps between academics and practitioners, behavioural sciences, and the law.

Forensic Science: A Very Short Introduction

Paperback, 25/02/2010, £8.99
Forensic science, with its connections to crime and detective work, is a subject of wide fascination. This Very Short Introduction looks at the nature of forensic science, how forensic scientists work, the different techniques involved, and the broader legal issues it raises.

Very British Murder

Paperback, 08/05/2014, £10.99
Tells the story of a national obsession. This title presents a tale of dark deeds and guilty pleasures, a riveting investigation into the British soul by one of our finest historians.

Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation 3ed

Paperback, 18/03/2016, £54.99
Criminal Investigations & Forensic Science

Silent Witnesses

Paperback, 03/07/2014, £9.99
Looks at the history of forensic science over the last two centuries, during which time a combination of remarkable intuition, painstaking observation and leaps in scientific knowledge have developed this fascinating branch of detection.

Digital Evidence and Computer Crime

Hardback, 13/06/2011, £50.00
Provides the knowledge necessary to uncover and use digital evidence effectively in any kind of investigation. This title teaches how computer networks function, how they can be involved in crimes, and how they can be used as a source of evidence. It includes chapters dedicated to networked Windows, and Unix, and Macintosh computers.

Henry Lee's Crime Scene Handbook

Hardback, 26/06/2001, £80.00
Outlines proven methods to help you collect and process physical evidence, analyze it, and understand its relevance to the case involved. This book evaluates the chemical and instrumental techniques, and covers areas such as forensic analysis of computers and advanced shooting scene reconstruction methods.

Forensic Psychology: Crime, Justice, Law, Interventions 2ed

Paperback, 03/02/2012, £41.99
* Extensively updated and expanded coverage, and new 2-colour design. * High profile editors working closely with contributors experienced at teaching. * Written specifically with the undergraduate student in mind, with a wealth of accompanying resources to aid teaching and learning.

Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime

Paperback, 05/02/2015, £9.99
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