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    Event Policy: From Theory to Strategy

    £42.29 £46.99
    As the event management field expands, there has been an emergence of a distinctive 'events' policy field of study and a need for more advanced texts that look at this subject with a multidisciplinary research and theoretical orientation. Events Policy: From Theory to Strategy is the first text to embrace this new direction in the field of events management.

    Events Design and Experience

    £34.29 £54.99
    Draws together the relationship between event design and the experience of consumers and participants. This book explores and analyses the event experience of the individual and how this can be controlled by design. It includes a review of the psychological processes of perception and interpretation and how meaning and experience can be analysed.

    Events Management

    £26.59 £37.99
    Written by a team of high profile, international authors, this exciting new text successfully combines theory and practice, making it a must-have for all students of Events Management.

    Events Management 3ed

    £44.09 £48.99
    Providing a complete A-Z of the principles and practices of planning, managing and staging events, this book: introduces the concepts of event planning and management; presents the study of events management within an academic environment; and contains learning objectives and review questions to consolidate learning.

    Events Management: Principles and Practice 3ed

    £47.70 £53.00
    An introductory overview of the fundamentals in managing events, preparing students for a future career in events management and hospitality.

    Festival and Events Management

    £55.79 £61.99
    Looking at the central role of events management in the cultural, tourism and arts industries, this title examines the following: events and cultural environments; managing the arts and leisure experience; and, marketing, policies and strategies of art and leisure management. It also provides illustrations of the event management operation.

    Key Concepts in Event Management

    £30.59 £33.99
    A comprehensive and illuminating account of event and festival management. Written with academic rigour yet highly accessible, Quinn is an astute judge of what students want and need to study in this field.

    Marketing Tourism, Events and Food: A Customer Based Approach

    £33.29 £36.99
    Targeted at second year undergraduate students through to master's level post-graduate, 'Marketing Tourism, Events and Food 2nd edition' takes the reader through a logical examination of key marketing debates, theories and approaches and encourages them to explore their own thoughts, ideas and opinions.

    Event Management

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