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Process Automation Handbook: A Guide to Theory and Practice

Paperback, 23/08/2016, £219.99
This book distils into a single coherent handbook all the essentials of process automation at a depth sufficient for most practical purposes. No other book covers the gap between the theory and practice of control systems so comprehensively.

Energy Conversion

Hardback, 22/06/2017, £200.00

Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering 7ed

Paperback, 16/11/2004, £62.99
Includes separate chapters that are devoted to each of the principle unit operations, grouped into 4 sections: fluid mechanics, heat transfer, mass transfer and equilibrium stages, and operations involving particulate solids. This book contains its balanced treatment of theory and engineering practice, with many practical, illustrative examples.

Felder's Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes 4ed

Paperback, 04/11/2016, £47.99
* This best selling text prepares students to formulate and solve material and energy balances in chemical process systems and lays the foundation for subsequent courses in chemical engineering. * The text provides a realistic, informative, and positive introduction to the practice of chemical engineering.

Principles Of Database Management: The Practical Guide To Storing, Managing And Analyzing Big And Small Data

Hardback, 12/07/2018, £54.99
A theory-practice focused text that teaches fundamentals of database management, design, modeling, Big Data, analytics, and more. Real-world examples, query walkthroughs, illustrations and case studies, make this perfect for introductory courses for advanced undergraduates or graduate students in information systems or computer science.


Hardback, 20/11/2006, £177.00
The long-awaited revision of a classic! This new edition presents a balanced introduction to transport phenomena, which is the foundation of its long-standing success. Topics include mass transport, momentum transport and energy transport, which are presented at three different scales: molecular, microscopic and macroscopic.
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