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Primer of Conservation Biology 5ed

Paperback, 11/04/2012, £88.99
Provides up-to-date coverage of Conservation Biology, including sustainable development, global warming, and strategies to save species on the verge of extinction. Many examples of successful conservation approaches, suggestions for a future agenda, and links between the field and other disciplines are presented.

Ecology: From Individuals to Ecosystems 4ed

Paperback, 05/07/2005, £47.99
This is the fourth edition of a book that has been widely acknowledged as the higher-level ecology text of choice throughout the world for almost twenty years. The latest revision has been the most extensive so far.

Introduction to Behavioural Ecology 4ed

Paperback, 02/03/2012, £43.75
* Covers the influence of natural selection on behaviour an animal s struggle to survive and reproduce by exploiting and competing for resources, avoiding predators, selecting mates and caring for offspring, and how animal societies reflect both cooperation and conflict among individuals.

We Made a Wildflower Meadow

Paperback, 12/09/2019, £12.99
Charmingly told, this is the story of how Yvette designed and planted a meadow and watched in wonder as it developed. It encourages us all to create similar wildlife habitats.

Sand County Almanac: And Sketches Here and There

Paperback, 26/03/2020, £9.99
With this spectacularly illustrated gift edition, a new generation of readers can walk beside one of America's most respected naturalists as he conveys the beauty of a marsh before sunrise or the wealth of history to be found in an ancient oak.

Nightingale: Notes on a songbird

Hardback, 16/04/2020, £14.99
Come to the forest, sit by the fireside and listen to intoxicating song, as Sam Lee tells the story of the nightingale. Every year, as darkness falls upon woodlands, the nightingale heralds the arrival of Spring.


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