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Early Years Play

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Developing Empathy in the Early Years: A Guide for Practitioners

Paperback, 19/10/2017, £17.99
This accessible, hands-on guide offers practical advice for those working with young children on developing their empathetic practice and fostering empathetic settings. It explains how to use simple teaching methods, games and stories to promote empathetic behaviour in children.

Introduction to Play

Paperback, 04/04/2022, £25.99
This textbook brings together all aspects of play in one place. Covering a wide range of types of play, play pioneers and their theories, play environments, and how play relates to young children's learning and development, the chapters also draw out tensions and challenges for those working with young children.

Relationship Worlds of Infants and Toddlers: Multiple Perspectives from Early Years Theory and Practice

Paperback, 01/09/2014, £29.99
Taking as its starting point that young children learn and develop in a network of relationships, this book emphasises that each relationship has its own specific features, functions and learning/teaching affordances (Thompson, 2005).

Thinking Children: Learning About Schemas

Paperback, 01/08/2008, £22.99
Aims to help trainee teachers develop an understanding of learning in the classroom, as well as helping them to develop practices, which can support learning. This book investigates the concept of learning, and book draws on evidence from interviews and observations, where both pupils and teachers reflect on what they understand by learning.

Parent Partnership in the Early Years

Paperback, 25/03/2004, £11.99
This "Classmate" gives practical advice on how working alongside parents can positively encourage learning, rewarding not only you and the parents but most importantly your pupils as well.

Reflective Playwork: For All Who Work Children

Paperback, 10/12/2009, £28.99
Presents an introduction to playwork values, principles and practice for those who work with children. This book recognizes that all have a need for play, and seeks to encourage the provision of time and space for all children to freely enjoy its benefits. It is suitable for playworkers and those who work with children.

Exploring Play for Early Childhd Studies

Paperback, 07/09/2012, £28.99
An accessible textbook for early childhood students exploring the key concepts, understandings and approaches to play. Essential reading for all modules on play.

50 Fantastic Things to Do with a Water Tray

Paperback, 25/10/2012, £10.99
This new series takes the very best ideas from the popular Featherstone Baby Books and turns them into a book jam packed with things you can do with babies, toddlers and pre-school children. Each actvity gives step-by-step instructions, tips and plenty of further ideas for children ready for more.

50 Fantastic Things to Do with a Sand Tray

Paperback, 25/10/2012, £10.99
The 50 Fantastic Things series is a no nonsense, ideas bank frills, just 50 examples of great ideas already in practice! Ideal for the busy practitioner they offer a 'dip in' approach to accessing ideas that they may not have thought of. Simple inspiring ideas is just what they need to reignite their enthusiasm.

Play, Learning and the Early Childhood Curriculum 3ed

Paperback, 18/03/2013, £30.99
A key text to help students examine the role and value of play in learning and childhood development, including contemporary research and international examples.

Learning Through Phonics

Paperback, 26/02/2003, £22.99
This series of books uses fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts, as well as phonics, as a basis to help young children in the early years to develop their literacy skills. Each book presents structured activities based around suggested focus texts.

Inside Role Play in Early Childhood Education: Researching Young Children's Perspectives

Paperback, 01/05/2007, £38.99
Based on research, and grounded in everyday classroom practice, this book explores important issues surrounding play in the early years curriculum. It presents children's views on, and response to their role-play environment, alongside examples of good classroom practice. It is useful for students on primary education undergraduate courses.

Reclaiming Childhood: Freedom and Play in an Age of Fear

Paperback, 05/01/2009, £24.99
Exposes the consequences on child development of both our low expectations of fellow human beings and our safety-obsessed culture. This book argues that we need to identify what the real problems are - and how much they matter.

Exploring writing & play in the early years

Paperback, 13/06/2003, £24.99
The second edition of this text shows how play and literacy can combine to help young children develop a more complete understanding of writing, as well as literacy more generally.

Inclusive play 2ed

Paperback, 20/04/2010, £33.99
Underpinned by theory, full of activities and ideas, this practical book helps early years practitioners promote inclusive play in their setting

Learning with Nature: Embedding Outdoor Practice

Paperback, 27/09/2014, £29.99
Focussing on children aged from 2-11, this book centres on outstanding outdoor practice and how children can learn and develop in natural environments.

We Don't Play with Guns Here: War, Weapon and Superhero Play in the Early Years

Paperback, 01/04/2003, £30.99
War, weapon and superhero play has been banned in many early childhood settings for over 30 years. This book explores the development and application of a zero tolerance approach through the eyes of children and practitioners.

Key Times for Play: The First Three Years

Paperback, 01/09/2003, £26.99
This book takes a broad look at the importance of play for children from birth to three and sets play within the framework of a child's whole development. The book combines theory and practice and is illustrated by many examples from direct observation of children.


Paperback, 01/10/2010, £24.99
This book departs from some of the ideas about play that are held dear by many in early childhood education.

Excellence of Play 4ed

Paperback, 01/12/2014, £31.99
This is a must-read book for all students studying early childhood at a range of levels and practitioners who are looking to deepen their understanding of play and playful practices.

Thinking about Play

7, 01/08/2010, £27.99
This book is aimed at promoting practitioners to reflect deeply on the play provision they make for children in classrooms and settings and to think through their own values related to play and playful pedagogies.

Encouraging Physical Development Through Movement-Play

Paperback, 28/05/2015, £31.99
Movement-play, encourages physical activity in a child-led manner for the benefit of children's health, learning and wellbeing. This book looks at the theory behind the importance of movement and how 'movement-play' works within settings along with practical advice on its implementation.

Role Play 3ed

Paperback, 03/05/2013, £16.99
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