Early Years Education

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How To Write Poems

Paperback, 21/09/2017, £9.99

Talk for Writing in the Early Years: How to teach story and rhyme, involving families 2-5 years: How to teach story and rhyme, involving families 2-5 years

Hardback, 16/02/2016, £31.15
This book shows early years settings how to set up the 'Talk for Writing' approach and how to involve parents, carers and other family members.

Supporting Children's Health and Wellbeing

Paperback, 04/05/2017, £24.99
This book helps early years students and practitioners gain an understanding of issues relating to children's health, examining possible ways in which health can impact upon young children's early childhood education and care.

Listening to Young Children, Expanded Third Edition: A Guide to Understanding and Using the Mosaic Approach

Paperback, 21/06/2017, £18.99
This fully updated expanded book explains how to use the Mosaic approach, a practice that instils the importance of listening to children's life experiences. It shows how to use it in a variety of settings, outlines the future directions of the approach, offers case studies and also covers working with vulnerable children.

Early Years Teaching and Learning 3ed

Paperback, 09/06/2018, £23.99
This must-have text bears in mind the various pathways to achieve EYTS and includes leadership activities to carry out within the role, making it an ideal resource for trainees to take them through their course straight into practice.

Teaching Early Years: Theory and Practice

Paperback, 21/11/2017, £25.99
This book takes a genuine theory and practice approach and looks at the main areas of global early years curricula, dedicating a chapter to each. It also includes discussion of key elements of early years education such as play, assessment and SEND.

Early Years Teacher's Book: Achieving Early Years Teacher Status

Paperback, 14/04/2018, £24.99
This is a clear, comprehensive, systematic and practical guide to achieving Early Years Teacher Status and meeting the EYT Standards and requirements.

Assessing Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care: Sustained Shared Thinking and Emotional Well-Being (SSTEW) Scale for 2-5-Year-Olds Provision

01/03/2015, £19.99
Based on high-quality pedagogy and developed for the use of teaching staff and managers, the Sustained Shared Thinking and Emotional Well-being (SSTEW) Scale can be used alongside other environment scales (including ECERS-E, ECERS-R or ITERS-R) to give a more complete picture of what high-quality early childhood education and care can look like.

Sleepy Time Playsongs: Baby's Restful Day in Songs and Pictures

07/06/2004, £9.99
Parents and carers of young children will find a relaxing dayful of gentle play for babies and toddlers in this full colour picture songbook. Eight double-spread pictures tell baby's day from start to finish - waking, dressing, going out, in the park, bathtime, massage and bedtime.

Introduction to Early Childhood

Paperback, 23/04/2014, £26.99
This popular text explores all the major themes in early years education and care, providing a real insight into the changing world of Early Childhood.

Communication, Language and Literacy

Paperback, 11/11/2010, £27.99
A guide to communication, language and literacy in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) that promotes a holistic approach with examples of good practice. It is suitable for trainee and qualified early years professionals.

Contemporary Issues in the Early Years 6ed

Paperback, 23/10/2013, £27.99
A critical overview of key issues and areas within early years for those training or working in the sector, focused on policy and practice.

Early Childhood Education:History,Philosophy and experience 2ed

Paperback, 07/01/2014, £25.99
This well-loved book by high-profile authors provides an accessible introduction to the history of early childhood education, featuring a series of 'conversations' with key figures and pioneers.

Developmental Psychology and Early Childhood Education: A Guide for Students and Practitioners

Paperback, 01/12/2011, £25.99
Beautifully written text that discusses key issues surrounding developmental psychology in the early years

Critical Companion to Early Childhood

Paperback, 17/11/2014, £26.99
Covering all the key topics and concepts of early childhood, this book teaches students to think critically and encourages questioning and evaluation.

50 Fantastic Things to Do with a Water Tray

Paperback, 25/10/2012, £10.99
This new series takes the very best ideas from the popular Featherstone Baby Books and turns them into a book jam packed with things you can do with babies, toddlers and pre-school children. Each actvity gives step-by-step instructions, tips and plenty of further ideas for children ready for more.

50 Fantastic Things to Do with a Sand Tray

Paperback, 25/10/2012, £10.99
The 50 Fantastic Things series is a no nonsense, ideas bank frills, just 50 examples of great ideas already in practice! Ideal for the busy practitioner they offer a 'dip in' approach to accessing ideas that they may not have thought of. Simple inspiring ideas is just what they need to reignite their enthusiasm.

Early Childhood Education 5ed

Paperback, 26/06/2015, £27.99
Suitable for a wide range of Early Years and Childcare qualifications, this new edition of Tina Bruce's classic text will help build students' practical skills by drawing on the history of Early Years and the most recent educational theories

We Don't Play with Guns Here: War, Weapon and Superhero Play in the Early Years

Paperback, 01/04/2003, £27.99
War, weapon and superhero play has been banned in many early childhood settings for over 30 years. This book explores the development and application of a zero tolerance approach through the eyes of children and practitioners.

Observing Young Children

Paperback, 13/11/2014, £21.99
By examining the historic background of observing and planning, and describing examples of good practice in different group settings, this book will help to monitor a child's progress - what is needed now and to work out what is needed next.

Early Years Practice: For Educators and Teachers

Paperback, 14/01/2016, £23.99
With a strong focus on practice this is a guide for anyone becoming Early Years Teacher or Educator.

Little Book of Maths Outdoors

Paperback, 26/09/2013, £8.99
This is a unique book that supports the current thinking behind outdoor learning. It features over 40 ideas for outdoor activities that support mathematics in the early years and the specific areas of learning in the revised EYFS. All the ideas are tried and tested by Terry and this book will prove to be popular in the early years and well into Key stage 1.


Paperback, 07/01/2016, £24.99
Do you need good leaders to achieve good quality or does good quality create good leadership? This book explores the meanings and understandings of quality and leadership that are present in early years services and how to lead in order to develop and achieve quality in your early years setting.

Communication and Interaction in the Early Years

Paperback, 07/12/2015, £24.99
The role of the adult in the development of young children's communications skills through interaction is vital and this book will help you understand this and improve your practice.

Effective Assessment in the Early Years Foundation Stage 2ed

Paperback, 14/07/2016, £25.99
This exciting new edition supports early years practitioners with step-by-step guidance and explanation of the role of assessment in the revised EYFS and now includes coverage of The Baseline Assessment.

Early Childhood Education : Society and Culture 2ed

Paperback, 18/11/2008, £30.99
By bringing together international perspectives on new research and innovative thinking, this new edition provides an exceptional overview for practitioners to use to reflect on how best to educate and care for young children

Early Childhood: A Guide for Students 2ed

Paperback, 18/12/2009, £27.99
This popular book covers all the topics needed for an early childhood course and has been fully revised in light of the latest policy developments. It now also includes new chapters on key issues such as early years professional status (EYPS) and personal, social and emotional development.

Essentials of Literacy from 0-7: A Whole-child Approach to Communication, Language and Literacy 2ed

Paperback, 18/03/2011, £26.99
By advocating the need for practitioners to be reflective when teaching the 0-7 age range, this book presents a gentle method of developing literacy. Now featuring age-appropriate activities, more case studies and examples, and further reading suggestions, this is a must-read book when helping children to thrive.

Understanding Early Years Theory in Practice

Paperback, 13/09/2006, £33.49
Filled with practical examples and real-life case studies to help students relate theory to practice, this text features all the major theorists and theories covered in early years courses, along with tips on where to find out more.

Learning in the Early Years 3-7 2ed

Paperback, 26/06/2007, £34.99
Explains how to meet the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) document and how this relates to the National Curriculum and the Primary National Strategy: Framework for teaching for literacy and mathematics. This book offers informative guidance on planning learning and teaching opportunities across the curriculum.

Introduction to Steiner education: Waldorf school

Paperback, 10/05/2004, £10.99
This is a basic introduction to Steiner education.

You are Your Child's First Teacher

Paperback, 31/05/2006, £14.99
Practical, down-to-earth advice advocating allowing children to develop at their own pace

Play and Practice in the Early Years Sector

Paperback, 30/11/2010, £28.99
Play is an underlying theme of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) but it is often a challenge for practitioners to provide a play-based curriculum. This book provides guidance on how practitioners can focus on play and meet the requirements of the EYFS.

Children's Rights In Practice

Paperback, 11/04/2011, £30.99
Helping readers to understand what good practice entails, this book provides clear guidance on the rights of young people today. Covering education, social care and welfare, and health this book allows readers to put policy into practice in their setting.

Learning in Early Childhood

Paperback, 04/11/2011, £28.99
Providing a detailed rationale for an holistic approach to learning in the early years, this book explains the theoretical context and highlights the research evidence that supports implementing this method.

Autism and Early Years Practice

Paperback, 18/11/2009, £29.99
This new edition of an acclaimed text explores the key features of autism and the reality of the world for children with autism, in order to increase understanding and awareness for early years students and practitioners.

Reflective Practice in the Early Years

Paperback, 29/10/2009, £29.99
Early years practitioners are increasingly being asked to undertake a variety of personal and professional development activities and this book helps them to do so by reflecting critically on what they do.

Exploring Time and Place Through Play (Foundation Stage KS1)

Paperback, 15/05/2004, £24.99
Focusing on different aspects of play and relating them to various contexts such as places we visit and past times, this book is packed with activities that enable the child to make sense of the world that they live in and relate it to their own experiences in order to enhance their personal development.

Supporting Pedagogy and Practice in Early Years Settings

Paperback, 02/07/2010, £24.99
A core text for EYPS that supports candidates in their understanding of pedagogy and practice and in delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Early Years Foundation Stage: Theory and Practice 3ed

Paperback, 16/03/2016, £24.99
EYFS programme leaders have called The Early Years Foundation Stage 'their whole programme in a nutshell'.

Early Childhood Studies: An Introduction to the Study of Children's Lives and Children's Worlds 4ed

Paperback, 13/07/2015, £24.99
This comprehensive, up-to-date core text covers all aspects of the early childhood studies course. Throughout, key theories and research findings are highlighted and explored to help readers make links between theory and early years practice.

Interacting or Interfering? Improving Interactions in the Early Years

Paperback, 01/01/2016, £23.99
Offers practical guidance on developing high quality interactions to better scaffold children's learning and development.

From Children's Services to Children's Spaces

Paperback, 30/05/2002, £34.99
At the turn of the millennium, attitudes and actions towards children are increasingly contradictory and complex. This work explores these apparent contradictions and complexities through a critique of the concept of children's services.

Unequal Childhoods: Young Children's Lives in Poor Countries

Paperback, 24/02/2005, £33.99
Using case studies from Kazakhstan, Swaziland, Himalayan India and Brazil, this book discusses how poverty is recognized and defined, and how political and economic conditions undermine or even prematurely end the lives of millions of young children.
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