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Early Years Education

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5+ Simple Maths

Paperback, 21/02/2022, £9.99

3+ Letters & Numbers

Paperback, 21/02/2022, £9.99

Planning in the Moment with Young Children: A Practical Guide for Early Years Practitioners and Parents

Paperback, 05/02/2018, £20.99
This book embraces the concept of planning in the moment and emphasizes the critical role of the adult in promoting child-led learning, giving early years practitioners the confidence and insight to work and plan in the moment, and enabling the children in their care to live, learn, play and develop in the here and now.

Introduction to Early Childhood Studies 4ed

Paperback, 01/12/2017, £26.99
This is an exciting new edition of a core text that draws on a range of interwoven themes within the field of early childhood studies, clearly showing how these themes are reflected and played out in different contexts.

Annals of Child Development

Hardback, 01/02/1990, £32.50
First published in 1988. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Play in Early Childhood Education: Learning in Diverse Contexts

Paperback, 10/11/2016, £41.99
The topic of play is fundamental to understanding how children grow and learn. Play in Early Childhood Education Second Edition is an essential introduction to the theories behind this play and how it relates to children's development and learning. It enables students and educators to understand the complex learning theories, professional practice and selected government policies that focus on children's play and early learning. This user-friendly text also tackles the rapidly changing contexts where children are raised and educated, demonstrating diverse approaches to play-based learning and considering new insights and possibilities.Features: Includes a wide range of real life case examples; teaching examples; and reflections covering the birth to 8 years age range to illustrate theory in practiceExpert author team of early childhood academicsCross-cultural contexts - examines the power of play in facilitating young children's development and learning in many diverse contexts including Australia, Cambodia, Finland, Tanzania, Singapore and Hong Kong. New to this edition: Revised to take account of recent significant national policy changes in early childhood in Australia (and in other selected countries) which focus on the interpretation and implementation of Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Standard - students will see direct links between play and these policy documents.Chapters have been re-organised and re-named to better match course content and to assist students' navigation, and understanding of key topic areas, including: developing early childhood curriculumassessing children including the use of learning storiesinquiry based learningICT and its use with young childrenfacilitating leadership in young childrenworking with infants and toddlersplay

Reflective Practice and Early Years Professionalism Linking Theory & Practice

Paperback, 27/08/2010, £22.99
Comprehensive guide to reflective practice for students and practitioners in the child care sector.

Supporting Children's Health and Wellbeing

Paperback, 04/05/2017, £28.99
This book helps early years students and practitioners gain an understanding of issues relating to children's health, examining possible ways in which health can impact upon young children's early childhood education and care.

Listening to Young Children, Expanded Third Edition: A Guide to Understanding and Using the Mosaic Approach

Paperback, 21/06/2017, £19.99
This fully updated expanded book explains how to use the Mosaic approach, a practice that instils the importance of listening to children's life experiences. It shows how to use it in a variety of settings, outlines the future directions of the approach, offers case studies and also covers working with vulnerable children.

Observing and Developing Schematic Behaviour in Young Children: A Professional's Guide for Supporting Children's Learning, Play and Development

Paperback, 21/07/2017, £15.99
Making schemas understandable to those working with or looking after young children, this book describes schematic behaviours with case studies and provides ideas of how to use this information to extend children's learning and development.

Plan Appropriate Curriculum for Under Five 2ed

Paperback, 22/03/2003, £24.99
The foundation stage has a fundamental role in the laying of foundations for children's learning. In this new edition, the author uses a wide range of material, including research evidence, to offer an additional dimension to work currently taking place in the foundation stage.

Working with Children in the Early Years £16.99

Paperback, 14/12/2002, £16.99
By offering practitioners working in a variety of early years settings the opportunity to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills, this book builds on the increased government interest in and support for early years provision.

Principles and Practice in the Foundation Stage (Professional Workbook

Paperback, 24/06/2003, £15.00
Designed to be of help to all trainee and qualified teachers working within the Foundation Stage, this title should help to identify strengths and areas for further development. A mixture of theory and practical tasks should help you to attain QTS, and develop your skills as a practitioner.

Like Bees, Not Butterflies

Paperback, 04/09/2008, £18.99
Why is it that, when children play, some behave like butterflies,flitting around among the flowers of the activities on offer, landingfor a moment before moving on to the next attractive flower (activity)while others behave with the single minded concentration of bees?

Practical Guide to Gender Diversity and Sexuality in Early Y

Paperback, 19/10/2017, £15.99
An easy-to-read and practical guide for early years professionals on how to discuss gender diversity and sexuality with very young children, looking at ways to include new practice while extending successful current practice.

ICT in the Early Years

Paperback, 25/03/2004, £10.99
Teachers are currently faced with a dilemma - does ICT in the classroom benefit young children or does it cause them to develop into anti-social adults with poor communication skills? Mark O'Hara looks at the pros and cons of ICT and shows how it can be used to excellent effect in the classroom.

Early Years Teaching and Learning 3ed

Paperback, 09/06/2018, £26.99
This must-have text bears in mind the various pathways to achieve EYTS and includes leadership activities to carry out within the role, making it an ideal resource for trainees to take them through their course straight into practice.

Teaching Early Years: Theory and Practice

Paperback, 21/11/2017, £29.99
This book takes a genuine theory and practice approach and looks at the main areas of global early years curricula, dedicating a chapter to each. It also includes discussion of key elements of early years education such as play, assessment and SEND.

Early Years Teacher's Book: Achieving Early Years Teacher Status

Paperback, 14/04/2018, £28.99
This is a clear, comprehensive, systematic and practical guide to achieving Early Years Teacher Status and meeting the EYT Standards and requirements.

Storytelling and Story-Reading in Early Years: How to Tell and Read Stories to Young Children

Paperback, 21/03/2018, £15.99
Stories play a crucial role in young children's social and literacy development. This guide gives professionals the skills to plan and run the best possible storytelling and reading sessions for children, from how to use props and voices, to how to cater for mixed ability learning groups. Includes stories, rhymes and activities for ages 2-5.

Supporting Toddlers' Wellbeing in Early Years Settings: Strategies and Tools for Practitioners and Teachers

Paperback, 19/04/2018, £18.99
There's a lack of training for practitioners supporting toddlers at what is a very pivotal age for development. This book fills this gap as the go-to guide for improving toddlers' mental and physical development by providing strategies and tools to support toddlers' overall wellbeing. Includes case studies/examples of good practice across Europe.

Mathematics in Early Years Education 4ed

Paperback, 09/10/2017, £28.99
This fourth edition has been fully updated to include the latest debates around ICT, teacher-led and child-led activities, misconceptions and assessment and provides a complete introduction to mathematics in the early years.

Early Childhood Studies: Principles and Practice 2ed

Paperback, 15/02/2018, £36.99
This fully updated new edition offers a comprehensive, accessible, yet rigorous introduction to the study of Early Childhood that will will add value to any Early Childhood Studies course at both foundation and degree level. It is an indispensable resource for Early Years' students and professionals, whatever their level of expertise.

Child Centred Planning in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Paperback, 28/06/2019, £26.99
This practical text supports early years students and practitioners to build confidence in planning for learning across all stages of the EYFS and in the many different contexts in which it is delivered.

How To Write Poems

Paperback, 21/09/2017, £9.99

Challenge and Change for the Early Years Workforce: Working With Children from Birth to 8

Hardback, 27/11/2014, £125.00
The early years sector is going through a period of unprecedented change. This has resulted in significant challenges for the early years workforce and it is crucial that settings, teams, leaders and individual practitioners respond to these if they wish to continue to provide the best care and education for young children.

Supporting Abused and Neglected Children in the Early Years: Practice, policy and provision

Paperback, 30/09/2018, £25.99
Based on findings from a TACTYC research study, this book provides early years practitioners and students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills, enabling them respond and support children who have experienced abuse or neglect.

Universal Approaches to Support Children's Physical and Cognitive Development in the Early Years

Paperback, 25/09/2020, £32.99
This book has been designed to provide practical strategies and approaches to support the motor and coordination development of children within an educational setting. It demonstrates how professionals can positively impact on children's educational progress, outcomes and social participation.

Learning without Fear: A practical toolkit for developing growth mindset in the early years and primary classroom

Paperback, 15/06/2019, £19.99
In Learning without Fear: A practical toolkit for developing growth mindset in the early years and primary classroom, Julia Stead and Ruchi Sabharwal provide teachers of this age group with a colourful collection of strategies and resources designed to nurture young learners' resilience and learning capabilities.

Early Years Foundation Stage: Theory and Practice 4ed

Paperback, 24/03/2021, £25.99
This book provides students with a comprehensive and critical look at the EYFS curriculum.

Studying Babies and Toddlers: Relationships in Cultural Contexts

Hardback, 23/02/2017, £109.99
Employing visual methodologies to help bring the chapters to life, the varied research studies presented concern babies' and toddlers' relationships and cultural contexts.

Studying Babies and Toddlers: Relationships in Cultural Contexts

Paperback, 15/07/2018, £109.99
Employing visual methodologies to help bring the chapters to life, the varied research studies presented concern babies' and toddlers' relationships and cultural contexts.

Whose Childhood Is It?: The Roles of Children, Adults and Policy Makers

Paperback, 02/06/2009, £36.99
A textbook that promotes thoughtful engagement with key issues and theories that inform an understanding of childhood development. It intends to turn readers away from our collective tendency to simplify the experiences of young children and replace this with an understanding of the social dynamic that constitutes childhood.

Sound Beginnings

Paperback, 30/06/2006, £26.99
Describes how children learn and develop best in good Early Years practice. This work encourages the practitioner to focus on the child, and shows how to create the sound beginnings that every child needs to flourish and develop in the early years. It is useful for reflective practitioners in the Early Years.

Challenge and Change for the Early Years Workforce: Working With Children from Birth to 8

Paperback, 25/11/2014, £34.99
The early years sector is going through a period of unprecedented change. This has resulted in significant challenges for the early years workforce and it is crucial that settings, teams, leaders and individual practitioners respond to these if they wish to continue to provide the best care and education for young children.

Key Issues in Early Years Education 2ed

Paperback, 14/07/2009, £28.99
Investigates the key issues in early years education. This title provides a blend of real life examples and theory, and examines how children explore, express and represent their worlds. It also looks at adults learning something new and considers the similarities and differences that might exist between them and children.

Working with the Under Threes

Paperback, 01/12/1997, £25.99
The books incorporate the views of a wide range of people with a wealth of experience in the early years field as both practitioners and trainers. They are intended as an accessible, informative and challenging resource for all those involved in the care and education of children under three.

Working with the Under Threes

Paperback, 01/12/1997, £25.99
Working with the under threes places a special responsibility on adults to both recognise and respond appropriately to their changing needs. This book focuses on adults working with children in a range of contexts. It explores opportunities which allow adults to respond children's needs, with reference to the development of child's self concept.

Sleepy Time Playsongs: Baby's Restful Day in Songs and Pictures

07/06/2004, £9.99
Parents and carers of young children will find a relaxing dayful of gentle play for babies and toddlers in this full colour picture songbook. Eight double-spread pictures tell baby's day from start to finish - waking, dressing, going out, in the park, bathtime, massage and bedtime.

Assessing Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care: Sustained Shared Thinking and Emotional Well-Being (SSTEW) Scale for 2-5-Year-Olds Provision

01/03/2015, £19.99
Based on high-quality pedagogy and developed for the use of teaching staff and managers, the Sustained Shared Thinking and Emotional Well-being (SSTEW) Scale can be used alongside other environment scales (including ECERS-E, ECERS-R or ITERS-R) to give a more complete picture of what high-quality early childhood education and care can look like.

Experiencing Reggio Emilia

Paperback, 01/07/2001, £25.99
The most important consideration in early education is the way in which young children learn. Their transferable skills of communication, collaboration and investigation can underpin various aspects of learning. This book focuses on these elements in a group of pre-schools in an area of Northern Italy.

Leading & Managing In The Early Years

Paperback, 16/05/2011, £33.99
This new edition integrates leadership and management practice with a real understanding of early years settings.
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