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    How is the Internet Changing the Way You Think?

    £13.49 £14.99
    A lively and eclectic sequence of more than 150 concise and intellectually challenging essays in which the world's leading thinkers reflect on how the internet has changed their modes of thought.

    Human Computer Interaction

    £47.69 £52.99
    Human-Computer Interaction is important as a means of achieving competitive IT product designs. Providing coverage for a one semester course, the examples and activities are useful exam preparation tools for computing students on an introductory HCI course.

    Human Rights, Robot Wrongs: Being Human in the Age of AI

    £11.69 £12.99
    A highly topical manifesto about what it means to be human in the age of AI by a leading barrister.

    Human-Centered AI

    £19.34 £21.49
    In Human-Centered AI, Professor Ben Shneiderman provides an optimistic realist's guide to how artificial intelligence can be used to augment and enhance humans' lives.

    Hypermedia and the Web: An Engineering Approach

    £50.39 £55.99
    This work offers guidance on how to apply a systematic, disciplined and quantifiable approach to developing and maintaining online information with associative linking websites. Issues in the development process include application usability, cognitive management and productivity.

    Indesign CS2

    £9.89 £10.99

    Information Communication Technology in Organizations

    £46.80 £52.00
    How best can we understand why the application of information and communication technology in organizations succeeds or fails? Calling on technical, organizational, social, psychological and economic perspectives, this book provides a fresh and comprehensive framework for answering this question.

    Internet and World Wide Web How to Program

    £61.50 £68.33
    'Internet and World Wide Web How to Program' introduces students with little or no programming experience to the exciting world of Web-based applications.

    Internet is Not the Answer

    £9.89 £10.99
    In this controversial and explosive book, Andrew Keen argues that the Internet has had a disastrous impact on all our lives - and outlines what we must do to change it, before it's too late.

    Introducing Artificial Intelligence

    £8.99 £9.99
    Can machines really think? Is the mind just a complicated computer program? This work focuses on the major issues behind one of the hardest scientific problems ever undertaken. It explains the advances made, from Alan Turing's influential groundwork to cutting edge robotics and the New Al.

    Introduction to Information Services

    £42.29 £46.99
    Shows the contemporary use of enterprise-wide business systems. This text focuses on teaching the managers the potential effect on business of the various IT technologies such as the Internet, Intranets, and Extranets for enterprise collaboration, and how IT contributes to competitive advantage, problem solving, and decision-making.

    Introduction to Java Programming, Comprehensive Version: International Version

    £44.09 £48.99

    Introduction to Probability for Computing

    £49.49 £54.99
    A rigorous, yet accessible, textbook for computer science students learning probability. It covers topics of interest to computer scientists, including randomized algorithms, simulation, statistical inference, and stochastic systems modeling. Replete with engaging real-world examples, exercises, and full-color illustrations.

    Introduction to Security and Network Forensics

    £49.49 £54.99
    Presents information in forensic computing and IT security. This volume offers practical insight to security and its importance in design, implementation, and the maintenance of systems. It provides guidance on creating systems that allow data to be gathered for future investigation of an event.

    Java How to Program

    £51.17 £56.85

    Java How to Program (Early Objects)

    £69.29 £76.99
    H.M. Deitel's name appears on the earlier editions.

    Java: How to Program (Late Objects), Global 10ed

    £50.39 £55.99

    Learning Android Forensics

    £37.79 £41.99

    Learning Network Forensics

    £37.79 £41.99

    Learning Python

    £53.99 £59.99
    Based on author Mark Lutz's popular training course, this updated fifth edition will help you quickly write efficient, high-quality code with Python. It's an ideal way to begin, whether you're new to programming or a professional developer versed in other languages.

    Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

    £9.89 £10.99

    Life and Work of George Boole: A Prelude to the Digital Age

    £15.26 £16.95
    This book, aimed at the general reader, is the first full-length biography of George Boole (1815 - 1864) who has been variously described as the founder of pure mathematics, father of computer science and discoverer of symbolic logic.

    Linux Pocket Guide

    £17.99 £19.99
    If you use Linux in your day-to-day work, this popular pocket guide is the perfect on-the-job reference.

    Machines Behaving Badly: The Morality of AI

    £18.00 £20.00
    Toby Walsh explores how AI is here to stay and although it may not be the stuff of science fiction, but it will undoubtedly change the future of the human race, for better or worse.


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