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Clare Helen Welsh

Clare Helen Welsh's new book, Time to Move South for Winter, illustrated by Jenny Løvlie, explores themes of migration through the flight of an Arctic tern.  is a primary school teacher and children's author who lives in South West England with her husband and two children. Clare does her best writing by the sea, which is lucky because she lives close to many beautiful beaches and the salty sea air.  She is passionate about writing stories that help children deal with big feelings and difficult issues. When Clare isn't writing stories, she is inspiring children to write their own. 

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How Messy!

Paperback, 03/05/2022, £7.99
Dot and Duck are back! This time, the charming comedy double act are off on holiday together.

Poo! Is That You?

Paperback, 09/07/2020, £6.99
A stinkingly funny tale, featuring a whole range of REAL stinky animals! Blending animal facts with laugh-out-loud humour.

Slime? It's Not Mine!

Paperback, 26/05/2022, £7.99
A laugh-out-loud funny story, full of animal facts and . . . SLIME.

Time to Move South for Winter

Hardback, 02/09/2021, £12.99
A breathtaking picture book about incredible animal migrations, illustrated by the winner of the 2019 Waterstones Children's Book Prize, Jenny Lovlie. Over the cold, mirrored waters of the Arctic, a tiny tern sets off on the world's longest animal migration.

The Tide

Paperback, 25/06/2020, £6.99
Grandad doesn't remember things like he used to. But I love him as much as I always have. And I know that he loves me. A story about families, laughter, and how we can help a loved one with dementia live well.

The Perfect Shelter

Paperback, 13/05/2021, £6.99
Today is the perfect day to build a shelter, and be together. A powerfully told story from Clare Helen Welsh and Asa Gilland that explores the emotions we feel when someone we love is battling a serious illness.

Everything Changes

Hardback, 04/08/2022, £12.99
Playing together as a family on the beach, it seems the happy, warm days of summer will never end. But then Mum and Dad say they can't live together anymore, and everything changes . . . A lyrical and tender story about the difficult emotions a child can feel when their parents break up.

All the Animals Were Sleeping

Paperback, 04/08/2022, £7.99
A beautiful picture book about the ways in which animals sleep in the Serengeti, written by award-winning author Clare Helen Welsh and illustrated by the winner of the 2019 Waterstones Children's Book Prize, Jenny Lovlie. On the dry, grassy plains of the Serengeti, a little mongoose makes his way home to his burrow.

How Selfish

Paperback, 03/05/2022, £7.99
A simple, yet hilarious, story about manners and friendship which gets more and more ridiculous with every turn of the page!

Wee? It Wasn't Me!

Paperback, 01/04/2021, £6.99
A funny story, all about wee, packed full of animal facts! The follow-up to the hilarious Poo! Is That You?
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