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Chris King

Dr Chris King 

Houses and Society in the Medieval City 

Time and Date: Saturday 30 April, 16:30 - 17:30

Ticket price: £10 in person/ £9 online

Location: St Gregory’s Zg01 CT1 1QU 

Biographical note

Dr Chris King is Assistant Professor in Archaeology at the University of Nottingham, and a Council Member of the Society for Medieval Archaeology. He is an expert in medieval towns and particularly the study of standing buildings and the use and meaning of space in urban houses. He has worked extensively on buildings and archaeology in the city of Norwich, one of England’s most important medieval trading centres, which is currently in press as a monograph Houses and Society in Norwich 1350-1660: Urban Buildings in the Age of Transition (Boydell 2020).  

Event details

There are thousands of surviving medieval houses in towns and cities across England, and many large-scale archaeological excavations have taken place; together these provide us with an unrivalled opportunity to explore the social and economic lives of medieval townspeople. There was no clear division between ‘public’ and ‘private’ space in medieval towns as trade and craft production took place alongside domestic living, and people lived cheek-by-jowl in crowded urban centres. This lecture will use examples of houses from across the social spectrum – from wealthy merchants to artisans and poor widows – to explore how spaces and objects provide us with new insights about different modes of domestic life, social status and gender identities in the medieval city. 

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Archaeology of Post-Medieval Religion

Hardback, 15/12/2011, £30.00
Evidence gleaned from archaeology sheds dramatic new light on religious practices and identities between the later sixteenth and the nineteenth centuries.

Houses and Society in Norwich, 1350-1660: Urban Buildings in an Age of Transition

Hardback, 16/10/2020, £40.00
First full archaeological study of the urban environment of Norwich when its power was at its height.
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