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    Left Out: The Inside Story of Labour Under Corbyn

    £8.99 £9.99

    Live from Downing Street: Inside Story of Politics, Power and the Media

    £9.89 £10.99
    The relationship between those who wield power and those whose job it is to tell us what they are doing has always been fraught with tension. This title takes us on an absorbing journey through the hard-fought battles for the right to tell the public about the decisions taken on their behalf.

    Long and Winding Road

    £9.89 £10.99
    Tells, the Alan's early political skirmishes as a trades union leader, where his negotiating skills and charismatic style soon came to the notice of Tony Blair and other senior members of the Labour Party. This book takes you into a world which is at once familiar and strange. It also supports the struggle of his constituents.

    Lords of Parliament: Manners, Rituals and Politics

    £14.39 £15.99
    An arresting and unique portrait of the House of Lords. Its seductiveness and complex hidden structures are captured in a readable book for researchers, students and the general reader.

    Lost Decade: 2010-2020, and What Lies Ahead for Britain

    £4.50 £10.99
    An authoritative survey of 2010-20: what went wrong, what went right, and what's next for Britain.

    Loud and Proud: Passion and Politics in the English Defence League

    £13.49 £14.99
    This book is an ethnographic study of grassroots activists in the English Defence League. Setting the findings within contemporary debates on race and racism, Islamophobia, social movements and the far right. -- .

    Margaret Thatcher

    £14.00 £18.99
    Margaret Thatcher was the longest-serving Prime Minister of the twentieth century and one of the most influential figures of the postwar era. This title gives unparalleled insight into her early life, especially through her extensive correspondence with her sister, and recreates brilliantly the atmosphere of British politics.

    Margaret Thatcher Volume Two: The Iron Lady

    £3.99 £18.99
    The first volume of John Campbell's biography of Margaret Thatcher was described by Frank Johnson in the Daily Telegraph as 'much the best book yet written about Lady Thatcher'.

    Margaret Thatcher: A Life and Legacy

    £10.79 £11.99
    This concise, lively, and authoritative biography examines the life of Margaret Thatcher and sets it in the context of recent British history. Written by leading international historian David Cannadine, it covers her early life, political career, life after politics, impact, and legacy.

    Margaret Thatcher: From Grocer's Daughter to Iron Lady

    £13.49 £14.99
    Traces the life of Britain's only female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, from her upbringing in Grantham to her unexpected challenge to Edward Heath for leadership of the Conservative party and her eventual removal from power.

    Margaret Thatcher: The Authorized Biography, Volume Three: Herself Alone

    £17.50 £35.00

    May at 10

    £22.50 £25.00
    The book will lift the lid on this most enigmatic and secretive of Prime Ministers during the most tumultuous period in modern British political history.

    Mind The Gap

    £8.99 £9.99
    In this updated edition to his provocative and ruthlessly frank book, Ferdinand Mount argues that there is a new class divide in Britain which is just as vicious and hard to get rid of as the old one.

    Modern Britain: A Social History 1750-2011 3ed

    £26.99 £29.99
    Fully revised and updated, the third edition of this deservedly popular history book incorporates new currents in historical writing on matters such as the language of class, the position of women, and the revolution worked by the Internet and mobile technologies.

    More Sex, Lies and the Ballot Box: Another Fifty Things You Need to Know About British Elections

    £13.49 £14.99
    An absolutely fascinating look at the world of political polling, examining the fallacies that appear to drive our politicians, drawing conclusions, some obvious and some counter intuitive.

    My Hair is Pink Under This Veil

    £15.29 £16.99
    My Hair Is Pink Under This Veil reveals how a Muslim woman reconciles her faith with British culture to construct a successful political career against a backdrop of blame, bias, ignorance and misogyny - including from her own community. It shows how the hijab has become a symbol of the modern Muslim woman's personal style and strength.

    My Life, Our Times

    £11.69 £12.99
    Reflecting on the personal and ideological tensions within Labour and its successes and failures in power, he describes how to meet the challenge of pursuing a radical agenda within a credible party of government.

    Never Again

    £13.49 £14.99
    At the end of the Second World War Britain was in flux. It was an age of rationing and rebuilding; when hope for a better future contrasted with the horror of war. This title recreates the mood and feel of life in early post-war Britain.

    New British Constitution

    £29.69 £32.99
    This book is the first to describe and analyse Britain's new constitution, asking why it was that the old system came under challenge.

    New Snobbery: Taking on modern elitism and empowering the working class

    £15.29 £16.99
    But just as they seem to be important again, a new and insidious snobbery has taken root in society, which is aimed squarely at working-class voters.

    No. 10: The Geography of Power at Downing Street

    £9.50 £18.99
    Both fascinating and extremely revealing, this is an intimate account of power and the building at its core. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the nature of British politics.

    None Past the Post: Britain at the Polls, 2017

    £14.39 £15.99
    The latest book in the long-running Britain at the Polls series provides an indispensable account of the remarkable 2017 British general election. Leading experts explain why Theresa May and the Conservatives lost their majority, and analyse how the other political parties and voters responded to the 2016 Brexit referendum and ongoing austerity. -- .

    Over to You, Mr. Brown

    £10.49 £14.99
    Anthony Giddens sets out his agenda for the New Labour of today, who stand once again at a decisive point in its history. He argues that a change of leadership can help reinvigorate the party, but winning a fourth term of government will be impossible without reinvigorating Labours ideological position and policy outlook.

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