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    Bolshaw, Polly

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    Introducing Research in Early Childhood

    £24.29 £26.99
    Exploring research methods in the context of early childhood, this popular guide approaches complex ideas in a clear style linking directly to practice. It covers all students need to know about undertaking research in early childhood, including action research, ethics and carrying out a research project. Introducing Research in Early Childhood explains exactly what `research' is, and provides a clear understanding of its importance to an early years or early childhood studies degree. Understand what it means to think critically, and unpick childhood research. Appreciate the importance of ethics . Get to know how research is designed and carried out . Learn how to analyse, examine and understand the importance of others research . Get to grips with translating research into real life in a classroom setting. This title is co-authored with Jo Josephidou, Senior Lecturer in the School of Childhood and Education Sciences at Canterbury Christ Church University

    Understanding Gender and Early Childhood: An Introduction to the Key Debates

    £19.99 £26.99
    This book is a comprehensive and accessible introduction into the main issues around gender, and what these mean for our children. Students are encouraged to question why it is more relevant than ever to consider gender issues and reflect critically on their practice and on the practice of others.

    Understanding the Media in Young Children's Lives: An Introduction to the Key Debates

    £20.99 £26.99
    This book explores the impact of digital media on young children's lives and the role that it plays in the social construction of childhood. It highlights the pressing issues relating to young children's media use drawing on key research and examines the impact of digital media on their learning, development and socialization.

    Bolshaw, Polly

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