Biomechanics and Movement

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Kinetic Anatomy 3ed

Paperback, 01/06/2012, £61.99
Kinetic Anatomy, Third Edition, is created expressly for those who will work in physical activity fields. Ideal for learning structural anatomy and how it affects movement, the text systematically assembles each component of the human body from bones and joints to nerves and blood vessels.

Dynatomy: Dynamic Human Anatomy

Paperback, 01/05/2012, £63.99
Deals with the wonders of human movement and applied anatomy. This title is intended for students of human performance. It considers fundamental movements such as posture, walking, running, jumping, throwing, kicking and lifting, together with selected exercise and sport movements.

Motor Control, Learning and Development

Paperback, 07/02/2008, £21.00
Offers an overview of how the brain and nervous system control movement, and how new movements are learned and improved. This book covers topics that provide foundation knowledge needed for individuals working in the movement context as a teacher, coach, or therapist. It is suitable for students studying sports-related courses.

BIOS Instant Notes Sports and Exercise Biomechanics

Paperback, 11/08/2006, £21.00
Provides a comprehensive overview of the key concepts in exercise and sport biomechanics.

Fundamental Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise

Paperback, 24/03/2014, £34.99

Understanding Motor Development: Infants, Children, Adolescents, Adults 7ed

Paperback, 16/11/2011, £56.99
Provides students with both an explanatory and a descriptive basis for the processes and products of motor development. Covering the entire life span, this text focuses on the phases of motor development and provides a solid introduction to the biological, affective, cognitive, and behavioral aspects within each developmental stage.

Growth, Maturation and Physical Activity 2ed

Hardback, 01/01/2004, £64.99
This updated edition features three new chapters and current research findings. Topics include prenatal growth and functional development, motor development, thermoregulation, obesity in childhood and adolescence and more.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes

Hardback, 04/09/2001, £59.99
Presents a classification system of mechanical pain syndromes that is designed to direct the exercise prescription and the correction of faulty movement patterns. This book gives practitioners an organized method of analyzing the mechanical cause of movement impairment syndrome, the contributing factors and a strategy for management.

Principles of mechanics and biomechanics

Paperback, 30/07/1998, £31.50
Mechanics and biomechanics are essential subjects to a range of health care professionals.

Infant Motor Development

Hardback, 01/03/2006, £52.99
Describes motor development during the first two years of a child's life, focusing mainly on the first year, during which the greatest changes occur in relation to the entire life span. This text is useful for students studying motor development and motor behaviour, and also for motor development, motor behaviour, and early childhood specialists.

Athletic Body in Balance: Optimal Movement Skills and Conditioning for Performance

Paperback, 30/04/2003, £18.99
Great athletes make difficult moves look effortless with a combination of skill, strength, and balance. This guide shows you how to train for smooth, fluid movement and prevent muscle imbalances, mobility restrictions, stability problems, and injuries.

Life Span Motor Development 5ed

Hardback, 01/01/2009, £65.00
Uses the model of constraints (or dynamical systems) approach in discussing reasons for changes in movement throughout the life span. This title encourages students to observe and examine how the interactions of the individual, environment, and task affect changes in a person's movements.

Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise 3ed

Paperback, 26/03/2013, £85.99
Helps students learn to appreciate the consequences of external forces, how the body generates internal forces to maintain position, and how forces create movement in physical activities. This title also offers a link to an accompanying web resource that includes all of the problems from the book, separated by chapter, and 10 sample problems.

Developing Agility and Quickness

Paperback, 04/11/2011, £15.99
Contains more than 100 drills to improve sport-specific quickness and agility. This title focuses on improving athletes' fleetness of foot, speed of change of direction and reaction time. Applicable across almost every sport, it explains the purposes behind the training, presents tests to gauge ability and monitor progress.

Research Methods in Biomechanics 2ed

7, 01/11/2013, £67.99
In the highly technical field of biomechanics, research methods are frequently upgraded as the speed and sophistication of software and hardware technologies increase. This second edition features more than 100 new pieces of art and illustrations and chapters introducing various techniques and areas of research.

Introduction to Sports Biomechanics

Paperback, 13/01/2014, £40.94

Body Studies: The Basics

Paperback, 15/07/2014, £14.99


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