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    Ben Marsh

    Dr Ben Marsh: Commodities and Colonies: the Changing Face of Seventeenth-Century Empire

    Saturday 29 April, 10 - 11am, OS.0.01, Michael Berry lecture theatre, Old Sessions House


    This talk explores some of the commodities that were at the centre of British expansionism into the Atlantic World in the first flush of empire-building under the Stuart monarchs. It considers how and why American and Caribbean colonies evolved distinctive approaches to labour and landholding, and what some of the new products and fashions were that stimulated colonial growth. It looks at some of the great consumer commodities that dominated the commercial and physical landscapes, such as sugar and tobacco, but also explores some of the products that have garnered less historical attention – like silkworms and beaver – but which nonetheless invited considerable investment. The talk will convey a sense of the rapid pace of American settlement, and how improvised solutions and temporary expedients became institutionally fixed – among them racial slavery, environmental degradation, and ideas of power and sovereignty, as expressed in the Great Seals Deputed created for overseas royal colonies.


    Ben Marsh, Reader in American History, joined the University of Kent in 2014. He has featured on BBC Radio, given many talks and workshops to schools, museums and history societies, and is one of the leading historians for the Age of Revolution project which supports classroom learning on the period 1775–1848. Ben’s main research interests are the social and economic history of the Atlantic world c.1500–1820 and the settlement of early America, including gender and race history, the US South and slave societies, demography, the American Revolution, and latterly, textile history. His latest book, Unravelled Dreams: Silk and the Atlantic World 1500–1840 was published by Cambridge University Press in 2020.

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    Georgia's Frontier Women: Female Fortunes in a Southern Colony

    £24.00 £28.95
    Ranging from Georgia's founding in the 1730s until the American Revolution, Marsh's history tells a complex story of narrowing opportunities for women as the colony evolved toward stability in the face of sporadic warfare, changes in government, land speculation, and the arrival of slaves and immigrants in growing numbers.

    Understanding and Teaching the Age of Revolutions

    £35.96 £39.95
    To learn about the "Age of Revolutions" in Europe and the Americas is to engage with the emergence of the modern world. This book provides up-to-date content and perspectives, classroom-tested techniques, innovative ideas, and an exciting variety of pathways to introduce students to this complex era of history.

    Unravelled Dreams: Silk and the Atlantic World, 1500-1840

    £25.00 £31.99
    A fascinating account of attempts to cultivate silk across New Spain, New France, British North America and the early United States. Ben Marsh shows how commodity failure, as much as success, can offer new insights into the aspirations, environment, and economic life in colonial societies.

    Ben Marsh

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