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One Hundred Great Paintings

Hardback, 08/10/2010, £24.99
Presents one hundred great works from the National Gallery Collection, each by a different artist.

Sculpture Since 1945

Paperback, 30/04/1998, £12.99
In the OXFORD HISTORY OF ART series, a look at innovative and avant-garde sculpture in relation to contemporary events, festivals, commissions and the changing functions of museums. Explores Anti-form, minimalism, Earth Art, Performance Art and other forms, presenting a holistic picture of post-war sculpture which will stimulate future debate.

Cats Galore: A Compendium of Cultured Cats

Hardback, 07/09/2015, £14.95
Includes an array of cat characters take the starring roles in a variety of instantly recognizable settings. This compilation features feline re-imaginings of scenes from art, theatre, opera, ballet and films.

Vitamin D2: New Perspectives in Drawing

Hardback, 01/05/2013, £39.95
A dynamic overview of the best new contemporary drawing from around the world.

Body of Art

Hardback, 12/10/2015, £39.95
The first book to celebrate the beautiful and provocative ways artists have represented, scrutinized and utilized the body over centuries.

Body in Contemporary Art

Paperback, 28/09/2009, £9.95
Featuring work across a range of media, from painting and sculpture to installation, video art and performance, this book examines the different roles played by the body in art, from being the subject of portraiture to becoming an active presence in live and participatory events.

Performance Art: From Futurism to the Present

Paperback, 05/09/2011, £9.95
Surveys a full century of performance, from the Futurist manifesto of 1909 to the second decade of the millennium. This title explains how a medium once used only in sporadic outbreaks of artistic dissent has become, over the course of a century, a vital and integral part of the contemporary mainstream and a global phenomenon.

Why Your Five Year Old Could Not Have Done That: Modern Art Explained

Paperback, 01/10/2012, £9.99
Gives you an understanding of the ways in which modern art differs from realistic works of earlier centuries. This book examines 100 works of modern art that have attracted critical and public hostility from Cy Twomblys scribbled "Olympia", Jean-Michel Basquiats crude but spontaneous "LNAPRK", and more.

Sculpture Now

Paperback, 18/02/2013, £9.95
Surveys the dynamic developments in sculptural practice worldwide. This book explores such key topics as the use of the body in sculpture, the appropriation of everyday ephemera, the use of light and sound as technological elements, nature and ecology as dominant and pressing issues, and the huge impact of installation.

Dada Art and Anti Art

Paperback, 29/08/1978, £8.95
In this first-hand account, the author, closely associated with the radical and transforming movement from its earliest days, records and traces Dada's history from its inception around 1916, in wartime Zurich, to its collapse in the Paris of the 1920s.

Why You Can Build it Like That: Modern Architecture Explained

Paperback, 24/08/2015, £9.99
Examines buildings from the past half century or so that pushed the boundaries of what was architecturally acceptable when they were built. This book explores the history of these buildings and their makers, presenting relevant biographical factors and socio-cultural influences that impacted on the distinctive designs.

Why You Can Go out Dressed Like That: Modern Fashion Explained

Paperback, 01/09/2014, £9.99
Numerous designers have pioneered cutting-edge garments and collections throughout the evolution of fashion. But all too often a lack of obvious fit or purpose has been mistaken for a lack of design sophistication. This title champions the improbable, the provocative, the uncomfortable and the seemingly ridiculous.

London: Volume 6: Westminster

Paperback, 29/05/2003, £35.00
A guide to the architectural treasures of Westminster, covering the Abbey, Parliament, the Royal Parks, London's West End, Belgravia and Pimlico. For each area there is a detailed gazetteer and brief introduction. Maps, plans, photographs and an illustrated glossary are provided.

Landscape And Western Art

Paperback, 21/10/1999, £12.99
What is landscape? How does it differ from "land"? This book explores issues raised by the great range of ideas and images of the natural world in Western art since the Renaissance. Topics include landscape as cultural construct and landscape art as picturesque. Context is considered throughout.

Shadows: The Depiction of Cast Shadows in Western Art

Hardback, 01/10/2014, £14.99
Discusses the way shadows were represented - or ignored - by artists from the Renaissance to the 17th century and then describes how Romantic, Impressionist and Surrealist artists exploited the device of the cast shadow to enhance the illusion of realism or drama in their representations.

Complete Book of Silk Screen Printing Production

Paperback, 18/04/1998, £10.99

Rice's Church Primer

Hardback, 04/07/2013, £14.99

Social Sculpture: The Rise of the Glasgow Art Scene

Paperback, 07/06/2010, £14.99
Sarah Lowndes looks back at the rise of the Glasgow art scene through the decades.

Analysis of Performance Art: A Guide to its Theory and Practice

Paperback, 24/08/1999, £27.99
Artists as performers have radically altering our notion of what constitutes visual art. This text puts forward a method for teaching the subject as a discipline distinct from dance, drama, painting or sculpture.

26 Postcards from the Collections - A Bodleian Library A to Z

05/09/2014, £9.99
Structured around the alphabet, this book contains twenty-six detachable postcards, each featuring a rare or beautiful masterpiece. Presented in a handsome paper binding, these beautiful cards are perfect for you to display, or send to friends.

Leadership Material: How Personal Experience Shapes Executive Presence

Hardback, 18/05/2017, £20.00
Become a better leader by accessing the source of your professional influence.

HFT the Gardener

Hardback, 08/02/2016, £34.95
HFT The Gardener extends Treister's fascination with esoteric translation, the cybernetics of consciousness, and the hallucinatory aesthetics that radiate from real-world circulations of power.



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