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    Archaelogy, Pre-History & Ancient History pre-c.500 CE

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    50 Finds From Kent: Objects from the Portable Antiquities Scheme

    £14.39 £15.99
    A range of fascinating archaeological finds from the portable antiquities scheme, this time in Kent.

    A Grand Tour of the Roman Empire by Marcus Sidonius Falx

    £15.29 £16.99
    The first ever travel guide to the Roman Empire.

    A History of Ancient Rome in 100 Lives

    £11.69 £12.99

    A Short History of Tomb-Raiding: The Epic Hunt for Egypt's Treasures

    £18.00 £20.00
    A history of tomb-raiders in Egypt since antiquity.

    AD43 The Roman Invasion of Britain

    £16.19 £17.99
    This book assesses the Roman invasion of Britain in AD 43.

    Aegean Art And Architecture

    £12.99 £19.99
    Beginning with the Neolithic period, pre-3000 BCE, and ending at the close of the Bronze Age and the transition to the Iron Age of Hellenic Greece (c1000 BCE), this text is an introduction to the visual arts and architecture of the era. The historical and social context of the art is discussed.

    After the Pyramids

    £15.26 £16.95

    Against the Grain: A Deep History of the Earliest States

    £13.49 £14.99
    An account of all the new and surprising evidence now available that contradicts the standard narrative for the beginnings of the earliest civilizations

    Age of Conquests: The Greek World from Alexander to Hadrian (336 BC - AD 138)

    £13.49 £14.99
    Five hundred years of power, politics and culture in the Hellenistic period and the Roman East.

    Agricola and Germany

    £9.89 £10.99

    Alexander the Great: The Anabasis and the Indica

    £9.89 £10.99
    Arrian's account of Alexander's life and campaigns, published as the Anabasis and its companion piece the Indica, is our prime source for the history of Alexander, told with great narrative skill. This edition features a new translation of both texts, introduction, notes, guide to military systems and terminology, maps and a full index.

    Alexander the Great: The Truth Behind the Myth

    £10.00 £14.99
    The acclaimed biography of one of history's greatest icons, Alexander the Great.

    Amarna Sunset

    £17.96 £19.95
    Offers an account of the return to orthodoxy after Akhenaten's revolution. This study tells the story of the decline and fall of the Pharaoh Akhenaten's religious revolution in the fourteenth century BC. Beginning at the regime's high-point in his Year 12, it traces the subsequent collapse that saw the deaths of many of the king's loved ones.

    Amazons: The Real Warrior Women of the Ancient World

    £9.89 £10.99
    Since the time of the ancient Greeks we have been fascinated by accounts of the Amazons, an elusive tribe of hard-fighting, horse-riding female warriors.

    Ancestors: A prehistory of Britain in seven burials

    £18.00 £20.00
    How seven remarkable British burial sites reveal so much about our ancestors and how they lived.

    Ancestors: A prehistory of Britain in seven burials

    £8.99 £9.99

    Ancient Britain

    £7.19 £7.99

    Ancient Celts 2ed

    £22.50 £25.00
    Archaeologist Sir Barry Cunliffe brings up to date his classic work on the Ancient Celts, those bold warriors and skill craftsmen of barbarian Europe who inspired fear in the Greeks and Romans.

    Ancient Egypt: The Basics

    £17.09 £18.99
    Includes bibliographical references and index.

    Ancient Empires: From Mesopotamia to the Rise of Islam

    £40.49 £44.99
    Introduction to the ancient Near East, Mediterranean and Europe, including the Greco-Roman world, Late Antiquity and the early Muslim period.

    Archaelogy, Pre-History & Ancient History pre-c.500 CE

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