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Age and Aging

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Care of Vulnerable Older People

Paperback, 05/08/2016, £31.99
This comprehensive introduction provides nursing students and practitioners with a firm grounding in the applied ethics of caring for vulnerable older people, and a thorough explanation and application of the policies, frameworks, standards and laws that govern safeguarding and care in the UK.

Old Age in Modern Society

7, 14/04/1994, £76.50
This readable and thoughtful review of the present and future needs of the elderly, provides an overview of the position of older people in late 20th cetury Britain. Itexamines their social and economic circumstances and the main policy issues including pensions, housing, health and social care.

Gerontological Nursing and Healthy Aging 2ed

Paperback, 23/05/2005, £33.99
Providing thorough coverage of promoting healthy aging when caring for older adults, this book aims to facilitate the healthiest adaptation possible for any older adult, regardless of the situation and disease process. It discusses the significant problems that may occur and methods that nurses may use to make these problems more bearable.

With the End in Mind: Dying, Death and Wisdom in an Age of Denial

Hardback, 18/12/2017, £16.99
In this unprecedented book, palliative medicine pioneer Dr Kathryn Mannix explores the biggest taboo in our society and the only certainty we all share: death.

Gerontology Nursing: Competencies for Care

Paperback, 07/03/2006, £51.99

Little Black Book of Geriatrics 3ed

Paperback, 09/12/2005, £18.99
Thoroughly revised and updated, the third edition of this pocket-sized handbook provides comprehensive, concise, evidence-based information on diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the elderly patient.

Leisure in Later Life 3ed

7, 20/08/2004, £39.99
This is a comprehensive text for university-level students and lecturers in leisure, as well as service providers in the field. It will provide the reader with valuable activity ideas and programs for providing appropriate recreational services to elders of various are and vigour.

Bolder: Making the Most of our Longer Lives

Hardback, 13/12/2018, £16.99
Bestselling author of In Praise of Slow investigates one of the last taboos - ageing - and the 'age inappropriate' revolution that is taking place across the globe.

Happy Old Me: How to Live A Long Life, and Really Enjoy It

Hardback, 21/03/2019, £16.99
Happy Old Me is a moving yet uplifting account of one year in Hunter Davies' life, navigating bereavement and finding hope in the future.

Dying Well: A Guide to Enabling a Good Death

Paperback, 30/11/2003, £32.99
This text looks at the various ways in which people of different professions, cultures, religions and philosophical standpoints view death. It covers the hospice movement, euthanasia, living wills and advance directives.

Nursing Older People at a Glance

Paperback, 16/03/2018, £27.95

Oxford Hanbook Of Geriatric Medicine 3ed

Paperback, 29/03/2018, £36.99
The Oxford Handbook of Geriatric Medicine provides user-friendly advice in a field that has limited evidence, yet makes up a substantial proportion of the work of most clinicians.

An Extra Pair of Hands: A story of caring and everyday acts of love

Paperback, 31/03/2022, £8.99
A rallying cry for carers and the acts of love that hold families together, from bestselling novelist Kate Mosse.

Lecture Notes - Elderly Care Medicine 8e

Paperback, 15/06/2012, £29.95
Elderly Care Medicine Lecture Notes provides all the necessary information, within one short volume, for a sound introduction to the particular characteristics and needs of elderly patients.

SOCIAL CONTEXT OF AGEING: A Textbook of Gerontology

Paperback, 16/12/2004, £38.99
This book focuses on the social contexts of ageing, looking at the diversity of ageing and older people, and at different factors that are important to experiences of old age and ageing.

Understanding Quality of Life in Old Age

7, 01/06/2005, £28.99
This book considers key findings from the Growing Older research programme and presents these in a lively thematic format. It discusses topics such as environment, family, bereavement, identity, and social interaction and describes key concepts and measures.

Reminiscence and Life Story Work: A Practice Guide

Paperback, 15/02/2011, £24.99
Reminiscence is a valuable tool for the professional carer as well as those looking after a family member or friend. It enhances and enriches the care relationship, and benefits both the person being cared for and the carer. This fully-updated fourth edition is full of practical information on planning and running successful reminiscence work.

Key Concepts in Social Gerontology

Paperback, 18/03/2010, £30.99
Concise, accessible introduction to this expanding and interdisciplinary field of study.

Emotional Survival Guide for Caregivers: Looking After Yourself and Your Family While Helping an Aging Parent

Paperback, 20/04/2006, £11.99
Through an account of two sisters and their ailing mother, this book helps family members navigate tough decisions and make the most of their time together as they care for an aging parent. It urges readers to be honest about the level of commitment they make and emphasizes the need for communication with each other and their aging parent.

Old Age

Paperback, 16/01/2003, £34.99
This book provides an overview of the key issues arising from this demographic change, asking questions such as: * What if any, are the universal characteristics of the ageing experience? * What different ways is it possible to grow old?

Mature Mind

Paperback, 01/02/2007, £15.99
A renowned psychiatrist and gerontologist draws from more than thirty years of research to show that surprising positive changes in our brains have the powerful potential to enhance, not diminish, our lives after fifty

Cambridge Handbook of Age and Aging

Paperback, 01/12/2005, £63.99
A 2005 guide to the body of knowledge, theory, policy and practice relating to age and ageing.

Health Wellbeing for Older People

Paperback, 11/06/2002, £30.99
Addresses important issues such as choice, partnership and community development in order that health promoters can work with and alongside older people to ensure that their health needs are addressed.

Rehabilitation of the Older Person 3ed

Paperback, 21/01/2002, £50.99
This NEW edition now includes material on the implications from both the NHS Plan and the NSF for Older People.

Living with a Long-term Illness: The Facts

7, 26/01/2006, £14.99
This book looks at the practical, emotional, and social problems shared by most people who suffer from a long-term illness, and suggests a variety of ways in which they can do something for themselves to improve the situation. It could also be very useful to family and friends, as well as for health professionals.

New Culture of Therapeutic Activity with Older People

7, 25/11/2004, £34.99
Clarifies and illuminates the changes that have been taking place in the field of activity provision and offers a guideline to those who are endeavouring to catch up. This book is useful for the staff and management of care settings for older people.

World growing old

Paperback, 17/10/2003, £22.99
Thought-provoking account of how the world's aging population will impact on society, offering radical solutions.

Ways of Aging

Paperback, 15/11/2002, £40.50
A collection of ten original essays on the experience of ageing. Written and edited by social gerontologists, and focusing on everyday experiences, these essays draw from original case studies to look at some diverse ways of growing and being older.

Psychological Problems of Ageing: Assessement, Treatment and Care

7, 26/05/1999, £62.50
This book deals with the clinical psychology of aging, and the psychological treatment and care of the elderly. Many of the chapters are drawn from the Handbook of the Clinical Psychology of Aging, also edited by Robert Woods, with the addition of specially-written background information necessary for the intended audience.

Case against Assisted Suicide: For the Right to End-of-Life Care

Paperback, 29/04/2004, £23.50
Thoughtful and persuasive, this book urges the medical profession to improve palliative care and develop a more humane response to the complex issues facing those who are terminally ill.

Being Mortal: Illness, Medicine and What Matters in the End

Paperback, 01/07/2015, £10.99
From the international bestselling author of Better, Complications and The Checklist Manifesto and Reith Lecturer 2014, a revolutionary and emotionally searing account of death, dying and medicine.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Older People: Interventions for Those with and without Dementia

Paperback, 15/05/2010, £29.99
This book is a detailed guide to using CBT with older people both with and without cognitive difficulties. Reviewing its use in different settings, it covers both conceptual and practical perspectives, and details everything from causes and initial assessment to case formulation and change techniques.

CBT for Older People

Paperback, 15/12/2014, £30.99
Provides effective and practical strategies from gerontology to augment CBT techniques.

Quality of Life and Older people

Paperback, 01/09/2004, £28.99
Reviews the way that older people talk about their quality of life and how this differs from the ways that younger people, researchers and scientists, policy makers and professionals discuss it. This book challenges the traditional approaches to the meaning and measurement of quality of life in older people.

Growing Older : Quality of Life in Old Age

Paperback, 01/09/2004, £29.99
Provides an introduction to the work of the Economic and Social Reseach Council (ESRC) funded Growing Older Programme. This book focuses on ways in which quality of life can be extended for older people and offers short research-based summaries of findings on a variety of core topics with a major emphasis on the views of older people themselves.

Ageing Well: Quality of Life in Old Age

Paperback, 01/10/2005, £33.99
This book explores concepts of quality of life in older age in the theoretical literature and presents the views of a national sample of people aged sixty- five years or older. It offers a broad overview of the quality of life experienced by older people in Britain using a number of wide ranging indicators.

Growing Older in Europe

7, 01/12/2004, £30.99
Offers a European dimension, examining and comparing the quality of life as experienced by older people in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK. This book contains case studies by European authors that consider quality of life indicators such as income, housing, employment, physical and mental health, and family and social support.

Client Profiles in Nursing

7, 02/01/2001, £19.99
Addresses the needs of the undergraduate nurse by presenting a series of classic case studies in nursing.

Spiritual Dimension of Ageing

7, 25/06/2001, £19.99
What gives a frail and isolated older person their sense of wholeness and self? What makes later life meaningful? This practical text presents much-needed guidance for health and social care practitioners, as well as for religious professionals, seeking to identify and meet the spiritual needs of older people in their caring role.

Ageing, health and care

7, 01/07/2010, £26.99
The ageing of the population has enormous policy implications for health care. This important new textbook, written by a leader in the field, covers key questions such as the fitness of older people in the future, the widening inequalities in the health of older people and how health in old age reflects habits and behaviour in earlier life.

Ageing and Spirituality Across Faiths and Cultures

Paperback, 15/01/2010, £24.99
This book examines ageing in the context of the many faiths and cultures that make up Western society, and provides carers with the knowledge they need to deliver appropriate care to people of all faiths. Chapters are written by authoritative figures from each of the world's major faith groups about the beliefs and practices of their older people.

Wholeness in later life

Paperback, 01/07/1997, £29.99
Examining the care of older people from a holistic viewpoint, Ruth Bright argues that all of geriatric care is, or should be, intended to improve the overall quality of life for older people. To that end the book discusses the many different challenges that an older person might face.

Spirituality and Ageing

Paperback, 01/09/1998, £27.99
Spirituality and Ageing presents the experience of ageing as an opportunity for spiritual reflection and affirmation of life. The contributors are religious and spiritual leaders and ethical thinkers from a range of different backgrounds. They define 'spirituality' as the fulfilment of the universal human need for purpose, values and relationships.

Expressive Arts with Elders: A Resource

Paperback, 01/04/2001, £30.99
This engaging and practical book shows how older people who are disoriented or depressed by the process of ageing can experience a renewed sense of connectedness and life-affirmation through the expressive arts and arts therapies. The contributors combine an analysis of theoretical considerations around themes of aging, society and dementia.

Evidence Informed Nursing with Older People

Paperback, 18/03/2011, £33.25
Evidence Informed Nursing with Older People takes a unique case-study approach, with individual chapters presenting nursing practice-based case studies on some of the most common areas of care faced by nurses working around the world with older people.

Caring For Older People In Nursing

Paperback, 29/10/2013, £29.99
Uniquely focusing on person-centred, humanised care and physical care, this book helps students to examine attitudes towards older people in health care and combat negative stereotypes.

Geriatric Secrets 3ed

Paperback, 28/04/2004, £37.99
Provides a substantial knowledge base in geriatric medicine and provides a wealth of insights into the art and practice of geriatrics, featuring all the most important "need to know" questions and answers in the proven format of the Secrets Series[registered].

Managing a Care Home

Paperback, 15/02/2003, £14.99

Cultures of Care

Paperback, 11/01/2001, £28.99
Cultures of care uses an innovative biographical case study approach to compare caring situations and caring strategies in Britain and East and West Germany. The findings underline the significance of caring within social policy agendas and the need to change the parameters of comparative social policy.