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    Acca - F7 (int) Financial Reporting

    £21.60 £24.00

    ACCA Taxation (TX) (UK) FA2021 - Study Text - 2022-23 (ACCA - 2022-23)

    £31.50 £35.00

    ACCA Taxation (TX) FA2021 - Revision Question Bank - 2022-23 (ACCA - 2022-23)

    £22.50 £25.00

    ACCA Taxation FA2019: Study Text

    £31.50 £35.00
    Suitable for exams from April 2020 to March 2021

    Accounting and Finance for Business

    £48.59 £53.99
    Intended for non-specialist students of accounting and finance taking their first module in the subject, within courses such as business studies and management. This title includes: chapter on working capital management; extends the coverage of corporate governance, auditing and Activity Based Costing; and, more.

    Accounting and Finance for Managers: A Decision-Making Approach 3ed

    £31.49 £34.99
    Strengthen your decision-making processes with this interpretive approach to accounting and financial information. Specifically designed for the needs of MBA, EMBA and MA Business and Management students.

    Accounting and Finance for Non-Specialists 12ed

    £49.03 £54.48

    Accounting Custom Book with MyAccounting Lab (for Non-Specialist Accounting) 4ed

    £41.99 £46.99

    Accounting for Business 3ed

    £51.00 £56.67
    Accounting for Business provides a crystal clear, accessible introduction to the core accounting topics non-specialist students need to master, helping them to apply accounting concepts to real business decisions.

    Accounting For Non-Accounting Students 10ed

    £51.29 £56.99
    Revised edition of Accounting for non-accounting students, 2010.

    Accounting Simplified

    £55.79 £61.99

    Accounting Understanding and Practice 3ed

    £55.79 £61.99
    Accounting: Understanding and Practice by Danny Leiwy and Robert Perks provides a gentle introduction to the complexities of accounting.

    Accounting: A smart approach

    £49.49 £54.99
    An ideal companion to accountancy modules for business and management students, with a unique running case study throughout to help students visualize the practical applications of accountancy and demystify abstract concepts.

    Accounting: an Introduction 6ed

    £44.09 £48.99

    Asset Management: A Systematic Approach to Factor Investing

    £94.50 £105.00

    Audit Process: Principles, Practice and Cases 6ed

    £41.39 £45.99
    Updated to include the changes in international accounting, auditing and financial reporting standards, this edition features new questions from some of the most prominent exam boards including ACCA, IACEW and CAI and a new emphasis on corporate governance and responsibility.

    Beauty of Everyday Things

    £8.99 £9.99
    Long revered as the authority on craftsmanship and Japanese aesthetics, Yanagi devoted his life and writing to defend the value of craft. In an age of feeble and ugly machine-made things, The Beauty of Everyday Things is a call to deepen relationships with the objects that surround people.

    Business Accounting 3ed

    £53.99 £59.99
    This textbook provides an accessible introduction to accounting, giving a clear and concise overview of financial accounting, management accounting and financial management.

    Business Accounts 4ed

    £18.00 £20.00
    This essential introduction to bookkeeping and financial accounting is an easy-to-understand text with clear explanations, worked examples, case studies, questions and selected answers. Perfect for the complete beginner, yet suitable for A level and degree courses, this comprehensive text is supported by free online resources.

    Business Information Management : Improving Performance Using Informat

    £42.29 £46.99
    In every aspect of our lives we are suffering from information overload. But organisations and the individuals within them can develop strategies in order to manage information. This book explains these strategies, and takes a problem-solving approach, contextualising theory within examples from a range of organisations.

    Corporate Finance 6e with MyFinance Lab

    £59.38 £65.98

    Corporate Finance and Investment 9ed

    £76.12 £84.58
    Support your students' understanding of the principles of Corporate Finance from theory to practice. Corporate Finance and Investment: Decisions and Strategies, 9th Edition studies the discipline from an international perspective, helping your students develop the career tools they need to tackle Finance cases in a real business environment.

    Corporate Finance: Principles and Practice 8ed

    £57.59 £63.99
    Revised edition of the authors' Corporate finance, 2013.

    Accounting and Finance

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