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English for Academic Purposes: A Handbook for Students

Paperback, 01/10/2018, £24.99
Essential reading for all international students studying for a British qualification at university, providing a clear guide to researching and producing a well presented and cohesive piece of academic writing.

Introduction to Old English 3ed

Paperback, 17/02/2012, £29.00
Introduction to Old English is a leading text designed to help students engage with Old English literature for the first time. The 3rd edition includes numerous chapter updates, as well as expanded coverage of Old English manuscripts, runes, and other inscriptions.

Eats Shoots and Leaves

Paperback, 01/10/2009, £8.99
Anxious about the apostrophe? Confused by the comma? Stumped by the semicolon? Join Lynne Truss on a hilarious tour through the rules of punctuation that is sure to sort the dashes from the hyphens.

Practical introduction to Phonestics

Paperback, 22/11/2001, £25.00
This title is an introduction to general phonetics which explores the entire range of human sounds, systematically covering all types of modification of speech, articulation, and prosodic features. The entire range of phonetic categories is introduced in 124 "experiments".

Stories of English

Paperback, 05/05/2005, £12.99
This superbly well-informed - and also wonderfully entertaining - history of the English language answers all these questions, showing how the many strands of English (Standard English, dialect and slang among them) developed to create the richly-varied language of today.

Oxford Dictionary of English Idioms 3ed

Paperback, 08/07/2010, £9.99
Get stuck into this authoritative and entertaining dictionary of English idioms. Packed with over 6,000 entries from the whole of the English-speaking world, including figurative expressions, similes, sayings, and proverbs, it really is the bee's knees. Ideal for students, learners, or anyone interested in the English language.

Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar 2ed

Paperback, 16/01/2014, £11.99
This book is an accessible and authoritative A-Z that provides up-to-date definitions of over 1,600 current grammatical terms, with hundreds of useful example sentences and helpful quotations from the scholarly literature. An invaluable guide to all those interested in the English language.

Little Book of Language

Paperback, 01/03/2011, £9.99
From the first words of an infant to the peculiar modern dialect of text messaging, this book reveals language's myriad intricacies and quirks. It sheds light on the development of unique linguistic styles, the origins of obscure accents, and the search for the first written word.

Fucking Apostrophes

Hardback, 03/11/2016, £6.99
A hilarious, furious and profoundly useful short guide to the most maddening punctuation in English.

Elements of Eloquence: How to Turn the Perfect English Phrase

Paperback, 03/11/2016, £9.99
Mark Forsyth's 'sparkling' (Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph) and idiosyncratically brilliant third book.

Gwynne's Grammar

Hardback, 18/04/2013, £9.99
Mr Gwynne believes passionately that we must regain our knowledge of the lost science of grammar before it is too late. Formerly a successful businessman, Mr Gwynne has for many years been teaching and tutoring just about every sort of subject to just about every sort of pupil in just about every sort of circumstance. This title tells his story.

Oxford Dictionary of Word Origins 2ed

Paperback, 10/07/2010, £9.99
An accessible, lively A-Z of over 3,000 words and their origins, drawn from Oxford's unrivalled dictionary research and language monitoring. Ideal for language lovers and students alike, the Oxford Dictionary of Word Origins relates the fascinating stories behind many of our most curious words and expressions.

Researching English Language

Paperback, 31/07/2008, £24.99
Offers advice about research methods with reference to the various English Language topics including variation in accents, news discourse, forensic linguistics, child language development and more. This title guides readers step-by-step through the research process, from initial ideas to the submission of the dissertation.

History Of The English Language 6ed

Paperback, 16/08/2012, £37.99

Cambridge English for Nursing Intermediate Plus Student's Bo

Paperback, 30/10/2008, £24.99
A short self-study or classroom course (40-60 hours) for nurses who need to use English in the workplace.

Story Of English

Paperback, 05/05/2011, £12.99
Two thousand years ago English was confined to a handful of savage tribes on the shores of north-west Europe; and now, in one form or another, it is spoken by a billion people around the world. This title offers a tale of the origins and development of the English language.

English for ICT STudies in Higher Education Studies

01/04/2010, £24.00
A faculty-specific series for students in higher education.

English for ICT Studies in Higher Education Studies

Paperback, 01/04/2010, £17.00
A faculty-specific series for students in higher education.

English for academic study:Extended writing & research skills Teacher's book

Paperback, 18/05/2012, £17.00
A university preparation course published in collaboration with the University of Reading.

Oxford English for Careers: Nursing 2: Student's Book

Paperback, 24/07/2008, £32.40
Nursing 2 teaches pre-work students to communicate accurately, in English, with patients and colleagues.

Oxford Everyday Grammar

Paperback, 08/04/2004, £9.99
This accessible and unique approach to grammar comes in two parts: the first section consists of a practical guide on how to understand and use grammar successfully, and the second is an extensive A-Z glossary of grammatical terms. It is ideal for both language students and anyone wanting to improve their written and spoken English.

Vocabulary Organizer

Paperback, 13/03/2014, £9.99
Learn new words more quickly

English Language: A Guided Tour of the Language

Paperback, 28/03/2002, £9.99
Provides a survey of the English language in its various forms. This book describes the structure of the language, the uses of English throughout the world and provides a history of English. It includes a chapter on 'The effect of technology' on the English language.

Literature in the Language Classroom

Paperback, 17/12/1987, £28.99
A variety of imaginative techniques for integrating literature work with language learning.

English Phonetics and Phonology 4ed

26/03/2009, £41.99
This is a complete basic course in English phonetics and phonology.

Rediscover Grammar

Paperback, 30/03/2004, £30.49
The best-selling grammar reference - essential for all teachers and students of English. It provides an effortless tour through the structures and terminology of the English Language

English for Academic Study: Writing

Paperback, 16/05/2012, £10.00
A university preparation course published in collaboration with the University of Reading.
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