Yellow Peril!: An Archive of Anti-Asian Fear

Author: Tchen, John Kuo Wei
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 336
Pub Date: 04/11/2013
Publisher: Verso Books
ISBN: 9781781681237
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Quick overview Beautifully illustrated archive of "yellow peril" images, writing and ephemera.
Product description

The "yellow peril" is one of the most long-standing and pervasive racist ideas in Western culture - indeed, this book traces its history to the Enlightenment era. Yet while Fu Manchu evokes a fading historical memory, yellow peril ideology persists, animating, for example, campaign commercials from the 2012 presidential election. Yellow Peril! is the first comprehensive repository of anti-Asian images and writing, pop culture artifacts and political polemic. Written by two leading scholars and replete with paintings, photographs and images drawn from dime novels, posters, comics, theatrical productions, movies, polemical and pseudo-scholarly literature, and other pop culture ephemera, this book is both a unique and fascinating archive and a modern analysis of this crucial historical formation.

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