World of Children

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 656
Pub Date: 02/10/2009
ISBN: 9780205768264
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Quick overview Prev. ed. entered under: Cook, Joan Littlefield.
Product description

For the undergraduate child development course taught chronologically.


The World of Children is a  chronological child development textbook by Joan Littlefield Cook and Greg Cook that helps students connect the science and the practice of child development in a way that can positively change lives. This exciting new text features an active learning system that exposes students to real people facing real world child development challenges, and encourages them to think critically about issues from multiple perspectives.


The World of Children demonstrates the practical applications of child development through interviews with a diverse group of real parents and a variety of professionals who rely upon child development information in their jobs. Each chapter also spotlights the ways programs, laws, regulations, and other governing aspects of society can affect children.


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