Why Europe Matters for Britain: The Case for Remaining in

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 192
Pub Date: 18/01/2016
ISBN: 9781137576828
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Quick overview As Britain prepares to vote on its continued membership of the EU, this insightful and engaging book sets on the arguments in favour of Britain's continued place in the EU and shows how the EU, in spite of its problems, has made Europe a better, more peaceful, and more prosperous place.
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As Britain prepares to go to the polls to settle its European future, this accessible book makes the case for remaining in the European Union. It argues that in spite of the EU's undoubted problems, Europe is a more prosperous, peaceful and secure place as a result of political and economic integration. Not only does the book set out the countless ways in which membership of the EU has improved British lives, but it also takes on the arguments of the Brexiteers. It shows these are too often based on myths and misunderstandings, and shows how a more accurate picture of the EU can enable us to appreciate its achievements and address its challenges.

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