Whole Brain Diet: the microbiome solution to heal depression, anxiety, and mental fog without prescription drugs

Author: Kellman, Raphael (Physician)
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 320
Pub Date: 01/12/2017
Publisher: Scribe Publications
ISBN: 9781911344827
Availability: In stock
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Product description

Includes recipes and a 28-day diet plan!

Learn to heal depression, anxiety, brain fog, and other mental disorders without drugs.

Every part of your body affects every other part of your body, and if any one area is not functioning properly, other systems will feel it, too. There is a fundamental connection between the brain, the gut, the microbiome, and the thyroid - which Dr Raphael Kellman calls `the whole brain'. In this lively, accessible book, he reveals how this system works to keep us healthy, and how, by making small changes, we can use it to heal mood and mental disorders without drugs.

With a practical guide featuring meal plans, an exercise program, and a program of daily meditations and affirmations, The Whole Brain Diet will benefit people diagnosed with depression or anxiety, and those who just want to feel better in themselves.

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