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We Need New Stories: Challenging the Toxic Myths Behind Our Age of Discontent

Author: Malik, Nesrine
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 304
Pub Date: 05/09/2019
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
ISBN: 9781474610407
Availability: In Stock
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Quick overview A radical and thought-provoking polemic which examines the foundational myths at the centre of current culture wars
Product description

It is becoming clear that the old frames of reference are not working, that the narratives used for decades to stave off progressive causes are being exposed as falsehoods. Six myths have taken hold, ones which are at odds with our lived experience and in urgent need of revision.

Has freedom of speech become a cover for promoting prejudice? Has the concept of political correctness been weaponised to avoid ceding space to those excluded from power? Does white identity politics pose an urgent danger? These are some of the questions at the centre of Nesrine Malik's radical and compelling analysis that challenges us to find new narrators whose stories can fill the void and unite us behind a shared vision.

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