BBC National Short Story Award 2021
  BBC National Short Story Award 2021
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Emma's Lamb

Paperback, 26/03/1992, £9.45
One rainy spring morning, Emma's father brings home a little lost lamb. He's wet and cold and hungry. Emma wants to keep him and look after him herself. But in her heart, she knows that Lamb needs to be with his mother. Illustrated in full colour throughout. First published in 1991.

The Pig in the Pond

Paperback, 05/02/1996, £27.05
A picture book about a pig who gets very hot and jumps in a pond, much to the surprise of the resident ducks and geese.

Walking Through the Jungle

Paperback, 01/07/1998, £27.05
A small child creeps, runs, leaps, swings and finally wades through the jungle. As he goes he hears various animal noises, the perpetrators of which are revealed on the following page. The torn-paper collage illustrations offer an accompaniment to this traditional rhyme.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs

Hardback, 01/08/2005, £26.30
A spectacular new pop-up masterpiece about dinosaurs from two best- selling creators! Featuring more than 35 stunning pop-ups and including fascinating, up-to-the-minute information about more than 50 different species, this is an awe-inspiring tribute to the world's most celebrated extinct animals and their 180-million-year reign of our planet.

My Friend Harry

Paperback, 04/08/1997, £9.45
Like many small children, James has a special soft-toy friend. He's an elephant called Harry. He and James go everywhere together - around the farm, on holiday, to bed. Then, one day, James starts school - and Harry stays at home. Will James miss his special friend?

Walking Through the Jungle

Paperback, 09/03/1995, £10.80
An illustrated version of a traditional nursery rhyme. A small child is making his way through the jungle and as he goes along, he hears different jungle noises, after each of which the page is turned to reveal the animal responsible for the noise.

Curious George and the Fire-fighters

Paperback, 02/01/2006, £5.35
The inquisitive little monkey gets himself into trouble... again! George and the man with the yellow hat take a trip to the fire station, and George finds all sorts of new things to explore. When one curious monkey meets a company of unsuspecting fire-fighters, a big adventure is sure to follow!

Totally Wonderful Miss Plumberry

Paperback, 04/06/2007, £6.99
It is a totally wonderful morning and Molly brings Grandma's special crystal into school for Show and Tell. But when everyone is more interested in Russell's water-squirting stegosaurus, suddenly Molly's day becomes totally horrible. Luckily Miss Plumberry knows just what to do to make Molly's day totally wonderful again.
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