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walk write (repeat)

Author: Overall, Sonia
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 92
Pub Date: 18/01/2021
Publisher: Triarchy Press
ISBN: 9781913743185
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Quick overview Sonia Overall invites us to see walking as a creative writing method. She sets out a particular form which she calls walking-writing and suggests ways to gather materials, submit to the sensory, explore your home like a tourist, and scour the streets like a metal-detector in search of the hidden, the forgotten and the overlooked.
Product description

This is a manual for creative writers, but the approaches and exercises can readily be adapted by practitioners working in other media. All of the exercises included here have been foot-tested. Use the book to walk and work alone or in groups, together or separately. Use it to generate ideas, create text and read differently.

Walking outside, in varied environments, will offer you novel experiences to draw upon. Many of the exercises here can be carried out in your immediate environment, or if mobility or opportunity are an issue, in your own home. Rescale and adapt at will.

Inside the book:
Creative walking: ambulant writing exercises:
* Sparks. (Use a spark to get started on a walk or to switch things up during a longer walk. )
* Experiments. (Use an experiment to probe deeper.)
* Projects. (Use a project to develop a creative piece.)

Walking-reading practices:
* Walk Like (HG) Wells
* Wide Sargasso Walk (Jean Rhys)
* Walking with Riddley (Walker)

Creative walking-writing: DIY toolkit
* Catapults (Use them to help you drift, moving away from familiar routes)
* Writing prompts (Use them to see your environment through a particular lens).
* Distance Drifts (Use them to explore new spaces or freshen up the familiar).

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