Valuing Quality in Early Childhood Services

Author: Moss and Pence
Binding: 7
Pages: 192
Pub Date: 28/10/1994
ISBN: 9781853962547
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Quick overview This text discusses quality in early childhood services. It covers such issues as: involving parents and children in defining quality; research and evaluation; training and curriculum; and working in ethnically-diverse societies.
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'Not only does this book offer a great deal of insight into evaluating early childhood services, it also provides a focal point for those interested in establishing goals, objectives and evaluation criteria for their own early childhood programmes' - Early Years 'Quality' has become a priority issue for all concerned with early childhood care and education services. Starting from the premise that 'quality' is a relative and dynamic concept based on values and beliefs, Valuing Quality in Early Childhood Services examines how the definitions of quality are established and who is involved in their establishment. The book advocates that the process should involve a range of stakeholder groups, including children, parents, staff, care providers, researchers, employers and the community. A key issue that emerges is the need for new and creative approaches to the development of an inclusionary process in the definitions and attainment of quality care.

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