Understanding children & young people;development from 5-18

Author: Lindon,J
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 344
Pub Date: 25/05/2007
ISBN: 9780340939109
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Quick overview Covers the developmental issues from mid-childhood through adolescence to young adulthood. This book is suitable for those studying, training and working with individuals in the age range of 5-18 years. It offers an informative and comprehensive coverage of these important transitional years.
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Written by Jennie Lindon, the bestselling Early Years author, Understanding Children and Young People: Development from 5-18 Years is refreshingly clear and readable, and makes the links between theory and practice in a very user-friendly way - this is crucial for good practice. It covers every conceivable developmental issue from 5-18 years, providing excellent coverage of the mid-childhood and adolescent years, including topics such as: - Children and young people in society. What is growing up? What transitions do young people face? - Personal and social development. Identity; friendships and family; play and leisure activities; relationships; part-time work; social, cultural, faith allegiances and possible conflicts - Emotional development and patterns of behaviour. Feelings, thoughts, behaviour, brain development, emotional, moral and spiritual development; educational and other transitions; supportive adults - Communication and thinking. Spoken/written language; communication; cognitive development - Physical growth and development. Physical activity; healthy habits; puberty; pregnancy; sexual awareness/orientation; medical issues - Self-reliance and independence.
Responsibility and involvement, making life decisions, independence, transitions into higher education, the world of work, issues of unemployment - Vulnerability in childhood and adolescence. Personal safety and assessing risk; peer pressures, bullying, substance abuse, smoking, alcohol, child protection, legal and practical issues, looked-after children Understanding Children and Young People: Development from 5-18 Years covers all these key topics through broad developmental themes, making this an informative and valuable resource for students and practitioners involved with children, young people and families at all levels.

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