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Understanding and Using Challenging Educational Theories

Author: Aubrey, Karl
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 248
Pub Date: 21/03/2017
ISBN: 9781473955806
Availability: In Stock
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Quick overview Takes students to the next level in educational theories by giving a clear overview of a selection of thinkers who have offered challenging perspectives on education.
Product description

Some of the most important developments in educational thought have been put forward by theorists who have challenged existing notions about the aims of education and its role in society. But how do these ideas relate to today's classrooms and how can you use them to improve your own teaching practice?

This textbook gives you a clear overview of fifteen thinkers who have offered challenging perspectives on education, including influential sociological thinkers (Bourdieu, Foucault, Mezirow, Bernstein), those who have questioned the orthodoxy on schooling (Holt, Darling-Hammond) and other key names whose writing has helped shaped our views on teaching and learning.

Each chapter includes:

* practical examples showing how theories can be used to inform classroom teaching

* critiques of each theorist exploring opposing viewpoints and the strengths and weaknesses of different ideas

* reflective tasks inviting you to apply what you've read to your own educational experiences.

This is essential reading for anyone on university and school-based initial teacher education courses training to teach in different educational settings, including early years and adult education, or studying education at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

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