Understanding Trauma and Resilience

Author: Harms, Louise
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 228
Pub Date: 18/05/2015
ISBN: 9781137289285
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Quick overview From psychodynamic to narrative, systemic to feminist, the book takes the reader through a wide range of theories and their application to working with trauma. With a rich analysis of the histories, critiques and practice implications of each approach, it offers an invaluable theoretical grounding in the field for all those working with trauma.
Product description

This book addresses the multifaceted nature of trauma by bringing together the many theoretical perspectives that explain how people cope with traumatic life experiences. Practitioners working across the people professions frequently find themselves working with service users, patients and clients who are survivors of trauma. Ranging between attachment, person-centred and anti-oppressive approaches, this text will help students and practitioners widen their approaches to such clients' experiences.

Whether you are a student or practitioner of counselling, social work or mental health, this book provides the foundations for understanding people's responses and resilience against traumatic life experiences.

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