Understanding Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education in Primary Schools

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 296
Pub Date: 20/03/2014
ISBN: 9781446268759
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Quick overview This best practice, reassuring teaching guide will help to build trainees' confidence in teaching PSHE to primary children.
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Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEe) is a sensitive and complex subject. It encompasses sensitive issues, such as relationships, drugs, safety, and bullying, that need to be intelligently introduced in the primary classroom in an age-appropriate manner that allows children to meaningfully engage with them. This book, written for those training to teach and early career primary teachers, helps you to develop into a confident PSHEe educator, giving you clear guidance on how to tackle tricky topics and informed ideas to use in your teaching. Key features: * Full of practical strategies and examples from schools that clearly demonstrate how to discuss PSHEe topics with primary-aged children * A focus on best practice teaching giving you a flexible framework to work with in this changeable and delicate area of education policy. Nick Boddington (PSHE Association) is National Subject Lead for PSHE education, Adrian King and Jenny McWhirter are experienced PSHE authors and education consultants.

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