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    Fandom, Now in Color: A Collection of Voices

    £57.60 £64.00
    Gathers together seemingly contradictory narratives that intersect at the (in)visibility of race/ism in fandom and fan studies. This collection engages the problem by undertaking the different tactics of decolonization - diversifying methodologies, destabilizing canons of 'must-read' scholarship, and decentering white fans.

    Literature and the Child: Romantic Continuations, Postmodern Contestations

    £31.46 £34.95
    By historicizing the specific political, social and economic conflicts at work within the notion of Romantic childhood, the essayists in this book show how little these forces have changed over time and how enriching and empowering they can still be for children and adults.

    Queerbaiting and Fandom: Teasing Fans through Homoerotic Possibilities

    £38.66 £42.95
    In this first-ever comprehensive examination of queerbaiting, fan studies scholar Joseph Brennan and his contributors examine cases that shed light on the sometimes exploitative industry practice of teasing homoerotic possibilities that, while hinted at, never materialize in the program narratives.

    Squee from the Margin: Fandom and Race

    £52.20 £58.00
    Rukmini Pande's examination of race in fan studies will make an immediate contribution to the growing field. Until now, virtually no sustained examination of race and racism in transnational fan cultures has taken place, a lack that is concerning given that current fan spaces have never been more vocal about issues of privilege and discrimination.


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